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25 May 2017 18:35:42
Reports suggest the Pena deal is over the line. Can't be a bad first signing, and got to add quality to the MF.

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25 May 2017 19:04:48
I've heard that but I'm not sure what to believe.

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25 May 2017 19:30:19
Ye suppose we should wait til official confirmation at our end before we learn he's off to Turkey PCP

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25 May 2017 19:30:35
Good deal if it happens.

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25 May 2017 19:45:56
Was he not bought for 7 million about 2 year ago? We would need to get him pretty cheap if it is true.

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25 May 2017 20:55:54
7 million euros yeah, apparently never settled there and went back to Leon on loan - i'd imagine the club would be willing to let him go but it's just a matter of how cheap.

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25 May 2017 21:49:00
Was it not 7 mil us wich is about 4.5 in our economy and there wanting rid just like we are with some of our players tbh i welcome the change an international instead of bread mans fab 7 . looming forward to the new season for a long time

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25 May 2017 22:28:42
Don't know much about him doe's any of you guys know much about him?

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25 May 2017 17:16:04
Rangers transfer budget is 8m; top secret source.

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25 May 2017 18:03:02
Not saying I believe you but that was the figure I was thinking I could be. But anyway is that Including what money we get from transfers or will that be extra on top?

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25 May 2017 18:38:19
Not enough if we are going to challenge next year. Net £8m might do, as long as we get 3 or 4 mil back from offloading the dead wood

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25 May 2017 19:36:07
A lot depends on the quality of players brought in on free transfers and for £450k / £500k.

If we secure the Portuguese centre back + Alves, and the Mexican attacking midfield player + the two Hearts players and the boy from Aberdeen and a striker + Weiss, and offload McKay, Halliday, Kiernan, Waghorn and Hodson then we should have a decent quality team for next season

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25 May 2017 20:49:10
Why offload godson?

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25 May 2017 20:49:35
Why offload hodson?

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25 May 2017 20:58:46
Is the godson signing 😳?

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25 May 2017 21:39:10
Tails 1873, Because Hodson is not good enough. He is a mediocre defender and non existent as an attacking fullback. Assuming we sign Patterson and retain Tavernier we have two better right backs and with Wallace and the young lad we have two good left backs. Better that we cash in on Hodson and use the money for positions we need.

If we sell Tavernier for £1.25m then we can most likely acquire a good back up player for less than what we can get for Hodson.

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25 May 2017 21:49:26
Never let the team down anytime I'v seen him, I'd say tavernier has let us down more by nt being where he's meant to be at times, I'd get rid of tavernier and keep hodson. i like my defenders to defend, something sadly lacking this season, just my humble opinion

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25 May 2017 21:51:22
Hodson is an international, how many internationals have tab and Patterson played?

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25 May 2017 21:53:31
Tav sorry predictive text lol

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25 May 2017 17:03:47
Jamie walker is looking at houses in Glasgow because he wants to move to rangers heard from a source and his agent wants him to come as well because he is a rangers man.

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25 May 2017 18:16:30
Jamie is a hearts man through and through and i grew up with him in westerhailes. Its a fact he want to go to england and i can tell yiu now he's on holiday.

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25 May 2017 18:16:42
His agent would want him to move so he gets a cut of any fee.

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25 May 2017 21:51:36
Believe what you want I'm not saying it's 100 percent going to happen but he wants to come before he heads down to England

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25 May 2017 22:04:41
Yep he's in Dubai the now .

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25 May 2017 22:30:52
Defo hearts fan

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25 May 2017 10:01:02
My mum works with a bookies and a guy came in and put a grand on Jack to Celtic she said she didn't have a price for him so I dunno if the bet went through. What's everyone's thoughts on that?

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25 May 2017 10:09:01
That's interesting.

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25 May 2017 10:24:02
Well my Bookies said that a boy came in and put 2k on Leicester to win the Champions league. Boy even said he inside info they would win the BPL aswell. Poor bastard lost 2k.

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25 May 2017 11:07:19
My thoughts are that your maw is talkin pish

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25 May 2017 13:06:55
'My mum' brilliant 😂😂😂😂

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25 May 2017 14:31:00
@motherwellbear I'm a teenager I'm a teenager mate gimme a break 😂 why would I make that up. I just thought it was worth a post

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25 May 2017 14:48:01
Yer maw sells the Avon. 🤔

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25 May 2017 18:29:50
Reasonable bet?

Remember they have a record of buying Ranger's targets - remember Scott Allan?

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25 May 2017 19:30:57
No one remembers Scott Allan! Threw his career away

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25 May 2017 20:38:59
Scott who?

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25 May 2017 22:32:37
Exactly scott who! Deserves everything he gets? TRAITOR

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25 May 2017 08:44:46
We have apparently taken Fabio Cardoso on trial. If we want the player it is believed it would cost us around £1.2mil.

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25 May 2017 10:31:26
You sure you didn't read the headline wrong? "Rangers Trail Portuguese Defender"

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25 May 2017 11:34:55
Nobody costing that amount goes on trial

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25 May 2017 12:34:57
Fraser, Probably. I still haven't woken up properly yet.

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25 May 2017 14:20:16
I'll let you off this time :)

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25 May 2017 07:37:54
According to reports in mexico we are signing mexican midfielder carlos pena from chivas.

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25 May 2017 10:44:55
I'll drink to that. Hopefully any deal doesn't end up on the rocks.

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25 May 2017 10:47:19
From what I've read about Carlos Pena I think he would be a very good signing. Tough, Latin American midfielder and good on the ball and alongside Rossiter and Kranjcar it sounds great!

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25 May 2017 12:08:53
Kranjcar is not the answer. Good squad player but he'll get injured again.

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25 May 2017 12:29:35
Apparently not with chivas and just signed with Leon so I call NAW

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25 May 2017 12:37:23
WeAreRangers, He is on loan at Leon.

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25 May 2017 12:40:55
would love pena to come n shove brown about

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25 May 2017 14:25:48
Aye, if he comes he'll earn a Royal Salute.

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25 May 2017 16:51:09
This is one I'd like us to see get over the line £1.25m shows at least a glimmer the board are willing to step up for international players

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25 May 2017 16:56:44
He's a 5'8 unknown, its this type of transfer (if true) that gives me the fear.

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25 May 2017 19:39:01
He's not an unknown in Mexico and how many of our current players are known there. Indeed, how many of our own players are known outside os Scotland!

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24 May 2017 23:09:18
A newspaper is saying we now want Jamie walker i'm sorry but if we really are going for him along with patterson moult and henigen we have absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near Celtic these players are not any better than what we are trying to get rid of. Personally I think it's all just paper talk Pedro has a vision and believes he can catch Celtic so I really don't think he will go for any more than two spfl players I think he will know there not good enough . How are we going to attract players like Bruno alves when he looks at it and sees that this is the standard of player we are bringing in we need better a lot better.

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24 May 2017 23:22:26
Jamie Walker is a step above every single player in our team. He is a stand out in a very very poor Hearts side. 15 Goals this season, can't see how he wouldn't be a great signing if true

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24 May 2017 23:38:00
If he is way above ever player we have at 23 why is he not ever in the Scotland squad? Barry mackay gets in there along with English championship players so he is not good enough for a poor Scotland squad not better than English championship standard players yet we should sign him because he is a great player?

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25 May 2017 00:02:05
Every time I make the point about the standard of players we are being linked with not being good enough I get shot down in flames. Pedro had better pull a rabbit or two out the hat but I for one are not optimistic going forward under this guy!

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25 May 2017 02:03:24
A don't see the problem buying some scottish players . there's good deals out there. Look what price celtic got armstrong for. i'm not saying sign lots of scottish players but there are some good players to be found

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25 May 2017 06:32:12
One step at a time guys all the players mentioned above are better than what we have and will improve the squad, and as long as there IS improvement going forward we can't complain! Too many English league 1 players in the squad currently who are delighted to be here picking up the kind of wage they could only dream about, adding players who know the league can only be a good thing look at guys like Neil McCann, Billy Dodds, Kenny Miller, Marvin Andrews, Kevin Thompson, Steven Thompson etc all done a job for Rangers!

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25 May 2017 06:57:56
We used to take the better players from other Scottish clubs all the time, strengthening our team while weakening thiers. Celtic have been doing that a bit recently and I'm happy we are going to start doing it again. Add in a few decent "Pedro" signings and we will start to close the gap to the sheep

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25 May 2017 08:38:00
Walker doesn't get in the team because Chesney has no idea what he is doing. McKay has had a sub appearance and was poor, hasn't been near the team since.

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25 May 2017 08:51:04
Hopefully create a gap between us and the sheep.

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25 May 2017 08:52:38
All this nonsense about the players being linked its insane, we brought in players who didn't know the league and struggled so what's the problem with being linked with moult who is one of the top scorera in the league in a poor motherwell side, walker who has ripped us and almost every other team in the league to shreads in a dreadful hearts team ( also one of the top scorers in the country) ryan jack the captain of the team 9 points ahead of us who are constantly praised for the battling midfield.
But then people are also complaining about the possiblity of signing a euro winning but hey we are the rangers support we know better than a football manager eh?

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25 May 2017 10:47:04
You joking?
Moult 18 goals
Walker 15 goals
Patterson 8 goals for half the season

We need proven goal scorers at this level. Jack is a carbon copy of Brown, doesn't waste a pass. We need this in the team.

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25 May 2017 10:52:02
Walker would be my top signing. I really think the boy has serious ability and would improve further in a better team.

My flatmate is friends with him and tells me that the lad isn't surprised to be overlooked by Strachan and doesn't expect a call up with he's in charge.

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25 May 2017 14:03:32
Where do I start? Kevin1984, most of the players you mention were already internationalists. None of those we're linked with (Walker, Moult, etc) are. There's a reason for that. Blueshaun, that was many years ago when Scotland was producing real talent. TheElginHun, by your logic, we should sign the highest scorers from leagues rated above ours, like Ecuador, Poland, Australia or Switzerland. Being a high scorer in a poor league means little. And I will automatically disagree with anybody who styles himself with that foul name 'Hun'.

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24 May 2017 13:27:54
Rangers have had an offer accepted for siem de jong. was on loan at psv from newcastle last season.

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24 May 2017 13:42:04
What's that smell? Is it dog? Cat?
No it's bull. t

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24 May 2017 14:27:14
Why because he's not played fur pedro b4 or an ex ger

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24 May 2017 14:54:00
Don't think Dave King is going to give Mike Ashley any money! He is rotten anyway, PST turned down their option to sign him.

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24 May 2017 14:55:05
Not at all. I just simply don't believe it.

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24 May 2017 21:56:51
Stirlingbear you told us the other day that weiss was at ibrox signing a contract but we've never heard a thing about that either so I don't believe the de Jong one either but I suppose it's a rumours page after all

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24 May 2017 12:20:25
Bruno alves been offered to galatasaray 😒 hope we don't miss out on him also.

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24 May 2017 13:58:56
We won't miss out on him. It's probs his last big contract and he was never coming here to build up his pension.
& there lies the problem, we are so far behind in salary (never mind the state of Scottish football ) that it will be freebies and end of career pension seekers with no sell on value

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24 May 2017 14:18:14
If we lose out on Alves and don't sign someone of the same calibre then our defence will be a shambles next season again and Pedro will be the next sacrificial lamb.

Only time will tell whether there really is a serious transfer kitty for Pedro that would be £13m+ all the transfer fees received or whether the Rangers support is being conned yet again by King and his Bullsh1t!

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24 May 2017 14:51:37
TOMUSA no offence here mate, but what do you mean 'conned yet again'?

Do you not remember what our club has been through the past 5 years? King is running the club within it's means and he is the only chairman to have done so since David Murray and has stabilised the clubs finances. And let's not forget the small matter of Mike Ashley which prevents us from making any money from merchandise.

If it was not for King and Co it would have been game over for Rangers Football Club. If it was up to some of our supporters the club would have been in administration again long before now.

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24 May 2017 14:55:58
Sound like they are trying to bump up the transfer fee by creating a bidding war!

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24 May 2017 16:50:55
Bearmode91, King has from day one, talked about how he would invest his children's inheritance acquiring players for the Club and how he would see us returned to where we belong. Rule Number one for me, if you don't plan to do it or financially can't do it then don't promise it!

For me, having looked at the monies that other have put into the club, (not the purchase of stock, at a knocked own price to gain control), then, in comparison to others he is a minor investor.

I see nothing that he is doing other than with his mouth to take the club forward, and unlike Lawrence Marlborough all those years ago, I don't see the guy that he has put in to run the club on a day to day basis being all that dynamic.

Rangers, like their counterparts at the other end of the City is a Club with massive potential, especially given the potential for the right Investor to redevelop the surrounding areas to both generate jobs and generate significant income.

King is not the man to take us forward!

In the short term we will see whether the season ticket money + income on the sale of players goes to Pedro to enhance the playing staff or whether this was just more bullsh1t

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24 May 2017 16:59:43
Well said bearmode👍

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24 May 2017 17:24:43
Spot on Bear.

TOMUSA has an agenda against King.

He manages to have a go at King in virtually every post and cannot quite bring himself to acknowledging the fact that King and only King put his money in to buy a controlling stake (along with the other current supporting shareholders)

I have asked TOMUSA and other similar detractors on many occasions who or what is the alternative (based on at least a smidgeon of reality) but oddly science is always the loud reply.

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24 May 2017 18:18:32
BR65, Until he puts his money where his mouth is I will continue to question him. In simple terms, unless he was genuinely going to invest the funds in the team then he should have kept quiet.

Now, he has come out and stated that all season ticket money, and that should be circa £13.5m will be invested in the team, and I don't believe that it is a simple coincidence that it has been season ticket renewal time.

Let's just wait and see, the quality of players at the Club has been pretty awful of late and big changes are needed, changes that will only be of the appropriate quality if Pedro has serious money to spend. If he gets the players of the right quality then hopefully he will succeed, if he does not get the financial backing then we cannot blame the manager.

In terms of replacing King, that is a good question, he is only a minority shareholder so would he sell his shares and if so for how much, and if so could a new investor take the club forward. and would that Investor be acceptable to the majority of the Rangers support?

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24 May 2017 18:49:33
Tomusa you are correct that King is a minority shareholder. What I do not understand is why you expect him to pump millions of pounds of his own money into Rangers when he is only a minority shareholder. Why are you not moaning about the other shareholders who do not want to invest their money. The money would not benefit him, it would benefit others that are only here to make money. I do not hear McCoist offering to put money into the club and he is a shareholder who did not back King at the last AGM. I believe King is willing to invest given the right circumstances but did not get the support he required at the last AGM.

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24 May 2017 19:48:46
I think people should lay of DK he has put money in now and before when Murray was in charge. But let's be realistic he ain't going to pump £20m in every season we already know how that ends he's stabilising at the moment and once we we're making money as a club again then we can start spending again this is the only way forward. Dave King will be to rangers what fergus maccan was to ceptic

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25 May 2017 08:40:53
Hi, I read with interest how your fans are divided on the D King issue and from the outside I think that you are both correct but also both wrong!
Yes, DK stepped forward and bought shares to get control of the club but the backing he received from you (the ordinary fan) was based on promises of OVER investing in the first few years in the playing squad and a suggestion that hew would happily spend his family's inheritance however to date all of the money that he HAS put into the club is in the form of a LOAN. someone above stated that his has the club living within its means. how can this be when the club is due anything from 7-13M (various figures being banded about) is loans just to get to the end of this season?
I really hope that this mess can be sorted and that you, the fans, get clarity of what is happening at the club because at the end of the day YOUR club means as much to you as MY club does to me and I really do feel for the ordinary fan.

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25 May 2017 12:36:07
JHW, have you not been listening?

"What I (JHW) do not understand is why you (TOMUSA) expect him (Dave King) to pump millions of pounds of his own money into Rangers when he is only a minority shareholder. "

Ehhh, because he said he would. Is that not a good enough reason to expect it?

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25 May 2017 14:45:43
to me so far king has tried his best to live up to what he said he said we will be in the top devision this season we are

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25 May 2017 16:40:10
some people like tomusa are wanting a sugar daddy to fix things but they won't get it.
king is doing everything he can to get us back to where we belong

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25 May 2017 19:53:50
James, I don't necessarily want a wealthy investor to hand over funds to Rangers, because investing in Scottish Football will never bring financial reward however what I do want is honesty and a strategy to take us forward.

Lawrence Marlborough did not have £billions but he did have a vision for the future and in David Holmes he had a capable CEO to implement his strategy. When Souness was brought in it met with some questions but Souness and Smith delivered and when Lawrence Marlborough no longer had the financial capability to take the club forward as he passed the Club over to someone that was committed to continue his strategy.

Right now all I have seen is empty promises, if you cannot or will not keep the promises made then as Chairman you should not make those promises in the first place. I do not see a strategy for the future and I do not see a CEO with the Acumen of David Holmes.

As for Pedro, I will give him the opportunity to emulate Souness and Smith, right now he is a breath of fresh air. He is giving the young lads a chance, he has quickly identified that most of our current squad are not fit for purpose and he has by all accounts identified players that he believes can take this club forward and challenge our enemies in the East End of Glasgow.

Only time will tell but given the financial resources to secure the players he wants I have a significant degree of confidence that we will have a team that will play for the jersey and give that lot across the City a run for their money.

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24 May 2017 10:42:12
on rangers fc news that ipswich are interested in signing garner. it says that they're offering a third of what rangers paid. must be in the region of 600k

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24 May 2017 13:30:07
Sell sell sell. we could start buy 1 get 1 free kinda deals lol

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24 May 2017 14:00:11
YES sell but not for £600k Ipswich tragically have more money than we do despite being a non history club lucky enough to be luving in second richest keague in UK and many other countries. If thecwant Garner its because they think he can do them a turn. If that's the case even in the championshop stroker prices range from £2m ipwards. We should try get our money back at least or stick with the giy for start of next season and give him a chance

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24 May 2017 14:13:40
Sorry for spelling. Cannae type lol

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24 May 2017 17:18:41
What's a non history club?

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24 May 2017 21:34:35
a club with not a great deal of history?

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25 May 2017 15:34:12
So winning the Uefa cup makes them a no history club? You can also add in the FA cup, English League and managed by the two greatest English football managers in Ramsay and Robson. They might not be the most fashionable club but most clubs in England would be happy to have those achievements. They are my English team so felt I had to comment.

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25 May 2017 13:25:43
i bite their hand off for that as he is not a goalsscorer.

this is one area warburton didn't have a clue. he couldn't tell a goalscorer from a pole vaulter.

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