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21 Apr 2018 19:47:46
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21 Apr 2018 11:25:14
A rumour I heard was the board will back murty and give him a 2.5yr contract. He will have money to spend in summer.

I would prefer an experienced manager myself. Just what I heard don't shoot the messenger.

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21 Apr 2018 11:48:31
Can’t see it after the statement and subsequent performance last week, a new manager and fresh start for fans and players alike is very much required and I’m sure the board will not alienate the supporters further by appointing Murty beyond the season.

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21 Apr 2018 12:45:30
I agree we need a new high profile manager to get everyone onside. Murty doesn't inspire fans to dig deep to renew their season books.
Although my source tells me the board will back murty with a new contract and money to build his team. I very much hope he is wrong!

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21 Apr 2018 12:48:22
If rangers stick with murty then u can say celtic will clinch there ten in a row and it will be interesting to see how the team line up tomorrow and I would like to see Alnwick start for a change what about use blue noses what use think

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21 Apr 2018 13:06:59
Absolutely no chance in hell!

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21 Apr 2018 13:08:07
This hibs and celtic game is well been fixed

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21 Apr 2018 13:21:26
It's definitely not fixed. There's just no incentive for Celtic to win today when they can win the league against Rangers so Hibs want to win much more tyan Celtic

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21 Apr 2018 13:24:24
Fixed? Rubbish Hibs are ahead because they have went after them they are a good side with love him or hate him a good manager that get his teams playing for him, if they win this we will have to go to parhead with them a win from the title absolute nightmare, also Hibs would be flying with us having to go there I really fear the worst in the run in but hey “we’re ahead of the curve” aye right

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21 Apr 2018 13:53:40
I remembered a quote from souness years ago he said show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser sums up our mob majority seen to have no real issue with dropping points we have no natural leaders on or off the pitch we gave statements like ahead of the curve further alienating the support a chairman / owner who causes more bother than he fixes an assistant chairman we've never heard a peep from during the last week contradictory stories about what or if anything happened in the dressing room
We are a shambles totally ruderless BTW wait till next week if we do drop points against hearts on Sunday
Then by look of hibs celtic game we are going to parkhead next week as the big daft clown at the party absolute joke
Never been as low as this being a gers fan

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21 Apr 2018 14:13:58
The way I see it, it could be a blessing in disguise. Lennon will want the win today more than anybody, not only to finish 2nd buy to see the title won against us next week. But our players should use this as motivation (lol) for next week. One can dream.

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21 Apr 2018 14:15:52
Well fixed

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21 Apr 2018 14:19:33
A just wanted to start a rumour well it is a rumour page

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21 Apr 2018 14:39:13
It’s looking like we may end up 4th which means we need them to win treble to qualify for Europe, an unpleasant dilemma

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21 Apr 2018 14:56:38
But we’re ahead of the curve

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21 Apr 2018 15:10:44
Don't understand the comments about murty not selling season tickets?

Why not many on this page alone have stated they will blindly renew regardless of manager so why would the board need a big name manager to sell them? Unfortunately many of our fans are gullible and our board know it.

One things certain if this was happening across the city things would be very did and fan power would win yet we claim we are the world's best fans. Pfffttt cannot see it myself

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21 Apr 2018 15:14:48
Celtic NEVER lay down to Hibs, Lennon has Hibs well drilled and set up properly. Hibs were HUNGRIER it certainly wasn’t set up!

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21 Apr 2018 16:26:47
2nd and 3rd go into 1st qualifier round, cup winners go into 2nd round. If Celtic win cup and it goes to 4th place do 4th place to in at 2nd round?

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21 Apr 2018 19:09:14
If Celtic win the cup Why does it not go to the cup runners up? It used to I remember falkirk got into it that way back in 2009 has this rule changes? And when did it change?

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21 Apr 2018 10:35:06
More good news - Cruz Azul are ready to rip up Pena's loan contract and send him back to us. This just keeps getting better.

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21 Apr 2018 10:58:16
When it rains it pours

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21 Apr 2018 11:02:06
Sir struth makes no difference can't play and no doubt will be moved on

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21 Apr 2018 12:46:08
Hes more interested in beer pong than football get rid

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21 Apr 2018 12:56:29
The only way were getting shot of that donkey Pena is by paying him the full value of his contract. Worst ever Rangers signing?

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21 Apr 2018 13:00:38
Makes no difference? We would have to pay his wages again

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21 Apr 2018 14:44:22
We can definitely spot a donkey player (Pena) and put him on big money and a long contract right enough we are the shizzle at that

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20 Apr 2018 21:10:43
The biggest disappointment in recent weeks is we have no backbone, right from the top. To succeed we must tackle the problems, but from dk down everybody covers their butt, or tries to, they do not admit where they are lacking.

Our team have a few good players, and if organised correctly could be a reasonable team. However, to compete we need backbone not fickle promises, we need honesty and stability. We do not need the promise of false dawns when it comes to season ticket renewal.

Surely if the "supposed" bankers of our club should put up, say £20m and ask us to match it. Then we would have a platform to move forward. Forget these silly loans, as it will get to the stage that we will have no real assets but will end up in "murrayland". i.e. nobody knows who owns what.

Anyone that has been in business knows about juggling and snowballing accounts, with murray being instrumental in our demise by using these tactics. Just have a good look at limited liability companies that went down the swanny and he stilled smelled of roses.
Our club is rotten to the core and will struggle to re-group.

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21 Apr 2018 07:22:13
Hi Billy hope you are well
One problem with your theory 'our so called bankers' are Close Brothers and for their £20m they would want back at least £25-£28m. Their rates are Wonga like.

{Ed001's Note - Wonga's rates are over 1000% per annum. If you were borrowing at Wonga like rates, you would be repaying over £250-£280m after a year.}

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21 Apr 2018 11:12:58
All the gossip I have heard on Gers loan deals was that they are interest free loans, or is that more guff from the directors. By the way how much does the board sponge off the club in salaries, would like to know the truth.

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20 Apr 2018 18:32:39
Don't shoot the messenger - just passing on what I've heard through a friend of a friend. Jimmy Nichol went for Murty at half time on Sunday as he and the players weren't happy with how the team was set up and there's been arguments all week about it. Nichol told Murty it was his fault and he along with Miller and Wallace were disgusted with what Murty did with Halliday before HT. At FT, Miller told Murty exactly what he thought and was backed up by Wallace - there was no blows between them just a massive barny. I'm told it's been brewing for weeks between Nichol and Murty as they don't get on with each other and Miller has definitely played his last game for us. I'm also told Alistair Johnston has 3 backers lined up and holds all the aces regarding funding. Again, don't shoot the messenger.

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20 Apr 2018 18:53:59
Disgusted that Dave King hasn't even had the decency to speak to Graeme Murty. Utterly pathetic and we definitely need someone hands on!

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20 Apr 2018 19:51:24
Sir struth do you think the problem is because Nicol was not murtys preferred choice, rather put apon him? And would this explain how Nicol rarely ventures from dug out?

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20 Apr 2018 20:26:55
Heard this too from one of my mates, sent it to me in a text today. Sceptical to believe it happened like any sort of physicals between Nichol and Murty. Same with him and JJ just stood and watched Halliday going nuts and credit to Alves he put an arm around him, and Candeias later. Shambles overall but it must’ve been bad for Miller and Wallace to get suspended when Halliday had a public meltdown. Regardless of whether you believe it or not you’d rather have passion while retaining respect.

As for AJ, his statement aside if he does have backers then needs to back up or have dialogue with the fans connected to that. Heard since this board took over we would have investors from Hong Kong, Middle East and the US.

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21 Apr 2018 07:22:40
thing i’m most concerned about re new manager, and it’s not really been covered on these boards, is what experienced man wld be prepared to work under DoF?

in terms of recruitment i’ve always thought that’s key to any managers success, recruit well regardless of size of budget and you’ve got half a chance but who exactly wld be scouting / signing players; is it DoF or the manager

worrying times bears as I don’t think a Moyes or a Bilic or a Warnock or whoever we go for wld work like that

hope i’m wrong

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21 Apr 2018 10:19:53
Good point Trev and I feel that would come down to how conflict the 2 roles would have. For me DoF should be overseeing the development squads right down to the under 8’s or whatever, handle contract negotiations and forward planning in that regard. They should be overseeing the scouting department and make sure that the manger is being provided with a constant supply of players to be assessed by him as whether they would fit into his team or not. All in all it should be a positive role for any manager to see as an assistance and not a hinderance. Hopefully these are some of the things which Mark Allen provides and not interfering in first team affairs in the “here’s what you’ve got to work with” sort of fashion

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21 Apr 2018 10:29:12
If Jimmy Nichol was guilty of the same as KM and LW then surely he would have been suspended as well. Especially since you claim that Murty didn't want him as his number 2 so therefore has no loyalty to him?
Sorry for those reasons alone I'm calling bull!

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21 Apr 2018 10:41:21
The only people who do know is the group of individuals who were in that room at that time.

And anyone else who says otherwise is pure and utter speculation. And just adds to the bull and negativity coming from the press and the club.

Hopefully the investigation will get the truth out there and get this club moving on the right direction.

As for these so called silent protests, why not rally the troops and back the players and the club even in these troubled times. We have 5 massive games, give the team the backing and support and let's gets this second place nailed.

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21 Apr 2018 11:04:02
Most top managers across Europe and in England work with a DoF

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21 Apr 2018 11:15:14
Well said. We have risen from the ashes and have moved through the leagues and are now vying for 2nd in the top league again, last year 39 points behind, this year 13. Ashley is gone, kit deal done, investment in team, it's not all rosy but we are doing good. I have said before, this is a long game we are playing and we need to get behind the board, manager and team, we are the people. C'mon the Gers.

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20 Apr 2018 14:38:22
I was reliably informed today that FDB is boards top target as Murtys replacement, however, another name that is being considered is Graham Potter. Neither of those names fill me with much hope tbh. FDB brand of football won't work with the calibre of player we have and can attract.

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20 Apr 2018 15:22:08
What's his brand? And who is your source Scotty?

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20 Apr 2018 15:24:16
Any one reliably informed from his source. Some amount of leeks at Rangers and all the info ends up on here PMSL Take a day off

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20 Apr 2018 15:27:03
Be better off with Harry potter

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20 Apr 2018 15:37:39
De Boer has a philosophy that he sticks by, it worked at Ajax and has failed everywhere else. The way he sets a team up and the passing style they play would fail in SPL.
My source is a development coach. I caught up with him this morning and thought I’d share it on Rumours page, think some need to chill the f*ck out lol mind this is a Rumours and not a Facts page. Again FDB name might be getting mentioned to sell season books. Potter def wouldn’t do that!

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20 Apr 2018 16:01:59
Both big gambles and not sure that we can attract either However this is the Calibre of manager that most fans crave and we need to unite for next season. For me, I’d prefer Steve Clarke if he could get us working as well as he has with Killie this year plus sprinkle in some transfer dealings I think we could be a good side at this level. The defence needs serious work but our goals tally this season is decent and there is definitely something to work with there for a good coach.

There are 102 points to play for outwith the old firms lads and while we look miles off Celtic judging by last Sunday we will be defined by our results against the rest next season.

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20 Apr 2018 16:57:09
I'd love De Boer to work - but he'd need to have a plan B in matches where the total football isn't totalling it. Not sure if he's programmed with a plan B though.

That said - a dutch coach would be the perfect excuse for an orange away kit. so I'm all in. Bring on De Boer!

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20 Apr 2018 17:12:02
Whoever comes in as manager it will be the biggest name we can afford and the one that will get bums on seats again. The usual from this board. Also whoever comes in has a helluva work to do. The champions league money Celtic will likely coin in again puts them another 5 years ahead of us. So unless the new manager can work miracles or another wealthy Rangers fan with money to burn comes in we are still I hate to say it miles behind them. I am getting sick of the comments or lack of from the current board. The direction of the club is awful. De Boer is the name I’m hearing as well. Rangers man, big name equals bums on seats whether its the right choice or not.

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20 Apr 2018 17:18:35

So what your saying is that FDB who hasn’t been offered the job will fail already? What players would he bring in that would fail? No one knows what kind of players he would attract to sign so to say he would fail is utterly ludicrous.

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20 Apr 2018 17:53:11
Tbh I completely forgot about grahame potter but he'd be a great choice. What he's done for that team with their budget is nothing short of a miracle.

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20 Apr 2018 18:06:06
Bindo I don’t believe we have the financial clout to match what FDB would need to even attempt to bring the Dutch football philosophy into Scottish game. Personally I think we need an old school approach and a coach that can improve what we have and add a few decent players. It would be someone in mould of Warnock or I’d be happy with current St Mirren manager with Walter Smith in a mentoring capacity.

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20 Apr 2018 18:51:23
Glenn middle anyone

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20 Apr 2018 19:52:51
Never heard of him 2017

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20 Apr 2018 20:53:05

Fair enough mate however I think he might be able to attract some players we might not have got with another Manager. He had torrid times at Inter and Palace however I think he would be a good choice.

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20 Apr 2018 21:01:20
Think he meant Glenn Hoddle, for me that’s a massive no, far too long out of management and will know next to nothing about Scottish football.

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20 Apr 2018 21:32:42
Graham Potter would be a good choice. His team will want to hang on him

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20 Apr 2018 13:45:44
What is everyone's thoughts on the Alistair Johnston statement?

Said we are ahead of schedule and if we keep backing the club as we have then we will hopefully see success. Also commented that a decision on Murty hasn't been finalised.

Shows how either out of touch or blatantly arrogant the board are for me.

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20 Apr 2018 14:29:22
On field with the funds made available by the board we should have a better product on the park so I think we are behind in that department. Off the park I think we are making progress in terms of strips, sponsorship commercial deals etc although I still worried a wee bit about our board, more concerned about James traynor and s Robertsons roles

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20 Apr 2018 14:30:12
I think he as made it at a strange time, almost to prepare fans for a 3rd place finish by saying its still progress!

The board have some serious decisions to make in the next few weeks, and it will be an interesting watch.

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20 Apr 2018 15:55:19
He’s chosen his words correctly in the sense that he says we are ahead of where we were 5 years ago. Unfortunately that doesn’t wash with the poor manager / player recruitment over the last couple of seasons. The next managerial appointment is critical for the board to keep the fans onside and that we are finally heading in the right direction.

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20 Apr 2018 15:56:49
Im sure leanne dempster isn't saying that hibs are ahead of the curve. They'll be saying that's exactly where they expect to be. Why would we settle for anything other than a proper title challange.

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20 Apr 2018 16:45:37
UJ, I admit that I haven't read the full statement, but when you use a term like "ahead of the curve" you are implying that you are doing better at this point in time than you expected; not that you are doing better than you were five years ago.
If he thinks that we are doing better than they expected, they must have started out with pretty low expectations.

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20 Apr 2018 17:08:23
Traynor left rangers year's ago

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20 Apr 2018 17:21:41
Union Jack

Would have to disagree that he has been clever with his words as since the interview he has been openly ridiculed on every social media site and media outlets.

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20 Apr 2018 17:30:44
Regarding my above post about traynor I was told he was still employed much to my horror . thankfully as Marco c says this was not the case

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21 Apr 2018 11:13:25
Marco C Traynors company Level 5 media are still
doing Rangers PR and media and he is still found in Auchenhowie on occasion. I saw him last week whilst picking stuff up from Ross McC.

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21 Apr 2018 11:15:15
Level 5 is owned by Walter Smith and Murdo McLeod also.

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21 Apr 2018 11:20:13
bgate w Jim Traynor and level 5 media ARE still at Rangers. Traynor has NOT left he still has a role.

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20 Apr 2018 09:32:52
I have no knowledge about who will be the next Rangers manager but I have been told that Alec Neil will NOT be the manager. I respect my source to much to ask for more than clarification that Neil will never be at Ibrox.

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20 Apr 2018 10:07:06
Every poster on here has a “source” none of you have the same source. We are all guessing no one knows a thing probably cause the board doesn’t know at this stage.

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20 Apr 2018 10:34:18
LDM i can assure you I have a contact who is a world class agent. I understand everyones frustration. i'm in the same boat as you. All i did was clarify that Neil will not be at Ibrox and i did it to allay our fears. We need the right man who holds life, truth and victory as his watchwords.
Aye ready.

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20 Apr 2018 10:39:38
You and hundreds of others!

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20 Apr 2018 11:04:20
Jaques I heard the same thing, my friend is friendly with the owners of Hamilton fc, I saw it as an opportunity to have a wee flutter, I asked him and he said he wouldn't waste his time even asking, therefore I didn't put a dollar on it, ps I also have no idea who it will be however I know we'll all get behind them whoever it is,

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20 Apr 2018 12:28:02
Loyalist, funnily enough i got a phone call from a well known face at Hamilton yesterday and although i wouldn't quote his info as A1 he did say the same thing.
GM is still the manager, forget Miller and Wallace, let's get behind the team and support them for the next five games.
Stand tall, we are the people.
Aye Ready

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20 Apr 2018 13:49:50
As the board have went a wee bit Leftfield with the last 2 appointments expect the unexpected, possibly even underwhelmed.

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20 Apr 2018 13:49:19
LDM your on the wrong site bro! Try:


The word here is rumours mate, rumours!

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20 Apr 2018 14:52:30
I'm willing to take the job got bigger all else to do couldn't do much worse than the previous muppets, super Cooper can be my number 2

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20 Apr 2018 15:26:37
Are you sure its no I’ll just make up rubbish and say I have a source. com Blue Genius lol

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20 Apr 2018 07:49:32
Alright guys, followed the rumours page for ages but only just signed up, first time post.

Wanted to put in about he full "Hummel kit deal"

Hummel was a deal in desperation, they are one of the harder manufactures in terms of UK contact as they are run abroad and don't have a UK base.

The contract deal is supposedly worth less that £1million per year, if anything at all! The only real profit for Rangers will be in the kit sales.

With the Sports Direct deal up in the summer we will be struggling to get a retail base apart from the megastore. Apparently our biggest sales base will be through online sales unless Rangers and SD can come up with a new deal which both parties are happy with.

This is just some of the information I heard but take it as you like.

Any questions and I'll try to answer/ find out what I can.


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20 Apr 2018 09:39:16
Didn’t they say 10million over 3 years?

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20 Apr 2018 09:57:14
Deal is 3.4 mil a year, i can see a deal with sports direct be mad not to as long as it suits us, hummel would obviously quite fancy it aswell i would think

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20 Apr 2018 10:26:32
Southend - Didn’t who say? The only people speaking about this publicly are fans. Nothing from Rangers, nothing From Hummel. So it’s fans making up figures.

Stmonkey - Same as above, where have the figures actually come from?

We got nowhere those figures from Puma so what makes people believe we will get more from a lesser brand?

Reality is, Hummel don’t have enough money to justify paying anywhere near £3 million per year.

My source is realiable but can’t say who it is. Has given me multiple information in the past regarding Rangers kits and other kits and has been spot on.

Sad truth is we need to accept what we can get as the boycott of Rangers Retail has been enough to scare off the big boys of the football kit world. If we succeed with Hummel it opens future doors. That is the plan. A stepping stone if you will.

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20 Apr 2018 10:41:15
Utter NONSENSE! Your making it up as you go along!

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20 Apr 2018 10:42:37
And for the record rkid26 they DO have a UK base in Bedfordshire! Time spent on recce is seldom wasted!

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20 Apr 2018 11:16:18
No one will stock the new rangers kit? what a load of rubbish, for a start it will be in sports direct they stock every make under the sun, then there will be lots of other retailers stocking it, fans will be queuing up for it. can you imagine going into any town centre in Scotland only to find that none of the sports shops have the Rangers kit, they would be cutting their own throat and committing financial suicide,

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20 Apr 2018 11:33:27
If you choose not to believe me then so be it.

They 100% don’t have a contact in the UK. The only contact is through a Danish gent.

By saying the Rangers Megastore and online I mean that benefits rangers. As t stands, any company outwit the megastore and sports direct that sell rangers strips keep the profit. So wether they sell it or not had no benefit to rangers financially.

As I’ve said, my source has been spot on with many clubs in the past, and it has lead to me seeing rangers kit designs weeks, sometimes months before leaked images appeared. The source has also lead to me gaining hospitality matches at several grounds around Britain over a 5/ 6 year period.

As I say though, I can only pass on information, wether you believe me or not is up to you.

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20 Apr 2018 11:56:26
Careful rkid26, folk on here don’t like the truth, very good points, rangers supporters need to accept where you are at this moment, stabilise, then move forward slowly and within your means

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20 Apr 2018 12:52:26
Just saying.

hummel UK Ltd
Unit 5
Crowbush Business Centre

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20 Apr 2018 14:32:28
rKid26 if this was the case why would we enter into a 3 year deal I think not why wouldn’t we do a 1 year deal see how this goes then as you said the so called big names will want us can’t see us entertaining a 3 year deal

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20 Apr 2018 14:38:15
rkid26.anyone outside of Rangers who sell the kit will need to buy it from an official wholesale supplier i. e. Hummel, Rangers will then get money in Royalties from each kit sold by Hummel to whoever as Rangers are a trade mark brand. that's how it works in business,

{Ed001's Note - erm no, that is not how it works. Hummel will have paid a fee to be able to use the trademark, there will be no royalties from kits sold. You would get the merchant's cut from any sold in the club shops that is it on top of the fee they pay.}

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20 Apr 2018 15:30:30
He’s making it up! Two of us very quickly and with ease found out that Hummel do have a UK BASE. He’s stating utter nonsense as truth. Probably suspended from school and just casually found out the ins and outs of a commercial deal with Rangers and Hummel, very good. Its like an episode of X Files on here the day lol

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20 Apr 2018 15:56:44
1 - Been no confirmation yet to it being a 3 year deal to be fair, that is all speculation as well.

2 - Bug difference between having a base somewhere and having a contact. By a contact I mean someone that can sign off big deals, ie to sell vass numbers of stock.

3 - Thanks Ed for confirming what I already New regarding what the club would get through other outlets. Maybe other will believe it now that you’ve agreed.

4 - LDM, I left school a long time ago mate, not a daft child.

5 - As previously said, what I’m saying is just information I have been told from a very reliable sorce. What you chose to believe is up to you. I believe what I’ve been told as I’ve been told plenty of information in the past that has turned out to be true.

I’ve also said if you have question to ask them and I’ll find out what I can. May be more worth while doing that instead of just shooting me down.

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20 Apr 2018 16:28:48
rKid26 I’m pretty positive most of what your “source” has told you will be rubbish!

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20 Apr 2018 16:59:52
I can only go on what I’ve been told. Had the source not been as accurate in the past then I’d have my doubt. But with the other things he’s told me it’s hard to doubt him this time round.

If any information comes out that proves any of my points wrong I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say I’ve passed on false information, but until then I have no reason to doubt my contact.

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20 Apr 2018 17:56:16
Mate are you up there? Rangers announced the deal today so not really any point in arguing with anyone

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20 Apr 2018 18:16:31
Thanks - if you look at the timing of my posts majority were before the official announcement. Although it’s had been announced they will supply kits we still haven’t seen what it’s worth to the club and probably never will.

If you read back you’ll find what I’ve said is valid. Not so much of an arguement as me saying what I’ve been told from a reliable source.

I could reel off a few of the other brands that approached Rangers but I don’t see the point as that’d be shot down also.

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21 Apr 2018 00:07:25
So rKid26 what have you been right about everyone knew it was a 3 year deal way before you broke your rumour can you enlighten me to what your correct about we all knew it was Hummel and a 3 year deal. So if you don’t mind letting me know

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21 Apr 2018 10:42:52
The deal is worth less than 1 million a year - Rangers obviously won’t come out and say this as financial figures remain in house.
Hummel was picked ahead of other brands purely because the profit margins per sale will be higher as its cheaper to produce Hummel kits in comparison to other.
The part about a retail deal will be out soon. Our contact with Hummel would
be through a Danish guy.

Ive already got prototype access to 5 teams in the English prem as well as the mob from the other side of our Cory, so once I get the rangers ones in I’ll share info with you once that it’s proven right.

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19 Apr 2018 19:46:19
Board meeting with Nigel Pearson next week about becoming manager, only one name on there list but I think he would be a good appointment.

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19 Apr 2018 20:17:26
I think he'd be a good appointment takes no mess

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19 Apr 2018 20:40:03
Media would love to hate him. No messing with him.

I heard Michael Appleton has been approached - which was hugely underwhelming. But it’s what I heard.

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19 Apr 2018 20:40:13
I can’t see it to be honest . Nigel person? How do u know this 😂

Agree1 Disagree4

19 Apr 2018 20:45:12
Nigel Pearson found vardy etc for Leicester, big jock Wallace type, would bring presence, knowledge and s no nonsense approach, would like to see he would bring in to deal with broonie

Agree3 Disagree8

19 Apr 2018 20:54:51
No thank you jog on and keep signing on Nigel haha never rangers class

Agree5 Disagree6

19 Apr 2018 21:13:38
I know most disagree but that Neil Harris from Millwall has done great with them this year. Hasn’t spent loads of money either.

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19 Apr 2018 22:05:59
Should only be one man for the job and that's Stevie Clarke.

Agree7 Disagree7

19 Apr 2018 22:41:41
Stevie clarke would be a good appointment Harhun! The thing is do you think this board of ours could convince him to take the rangers manager's job? Clarke has a lot of experience within the british game, with good contacts! The job he's done at kilmarnock with buttons, is quite stunning!

Agree9 Disagree6

20 Apr 2018 01:29:40
I honestly don't know why some folk disagree with the fact that Clarke has turned around a club in total free fall and made them a far stronger team. All this crap about DeBoer the mans last 2 jobs have been disasters. as for Pearson kudus we are really scraping the barrel. just my opinion.

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20 Apr 2018 10:49:08
Just one name are you trying to tell us our DOF and Board only have 1 name? Must be rubbish according to the many in the “know” on here with “Sources” there must be more. Lol more made up nonsense

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20 Apr 2018 11:18:46
Marco Silva should be considered

Agree2 Disagree0

20 Apr 2018 11:58:34
Managers like him are dinosaurs nowadays, would it not be better having a manager that gets respect through hard work and success instead of bullying and fear

Agree1 Disagree0

20 Apr 2018 11:59:52
Pearson that only joined his Belgian side a few months ago? Don't think so

Agree2 Disagree0

20 Apr 2018 13:47:24
Pearson had more success in England than Clarke had. So why wouldn’t he do a job up here? Not that I want either.

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20 Apr 2018 14:31:39
Nigel Pearson isn't the worst name I have heard over the past few days.

Glenn Hoddle's name seems to be picking up some sort of pace around the grounds? Anyone else heard this?

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21 Apr 2018 09:08:56
Pearson was in the directors box a few games ago, can't remember which one, sitting beside the directors, is that where this is coming from?

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19 Apr 2018 18:39:12
Heard today Alex Neil is our next manager
I've never really speculated with sources etc on here but been told a deal has been done behind the scenes not sure if it's true or not but someone I know seems to think his source is very reliable
Suppose we will need to wait see if any truth to it.

Believable3 Unbelievable18

19 Apr 2018 19:03:25
God I hope not not big enough for the post has not achieved anything

Agree8 Disagree5

19 Apr 2018 19:18:50
source i know told me it won't be alex neil, don't know if its reliable though, but i hope its true would not want him anywhere near ibrox unless its in the opposite dugout

Agree2 Disagree9

19 Apr 2018 20:55:32
It’s frank de Boer is gonney be the manager

Agree5 Disagree6

19 Apr 2018 21:42:11
Don't get the fascination with FDB to be honest, the guy has done nothing since Ajax and we do not have the quality of player needed to play the way he'll want to play. I don't know who might be in the frame but as Davie Weir has said, the Rangers managers job is no longer coveted and due to working with a DoF, we can forget about a big name manager. A no nonsense old school British manager who'll go back to basics is what's needed.

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