27 Jun 2016 23:04:06
Warburton has came out and said someone should sign early this week and that he won't train because he's been at the euros so most likely someone from Northern Ireland, rumours are that its Conor McLaughlin but I've been told that it's Aaron Hughes that's coming in this week to sign for us.

1.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 00:07:51
Lee hodson mk dons full back.

2.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 00:09:45
But again I've also been told that Paddy McNair could sign on loan from Man Utd.

3.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 00:52:47
Doubt we'll get any loans until the end of the window.

That's why the full back cover, starting eleven centre back and starting eleven centre forward will all be permanent deals. We may question who's coming in, but there's no question any of the next three players through the door will be permanents.

Hodson, Mariappa and hopefully a striker who will be as exciting as the Barton, Kranjcar and Rossiter deals.

4.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 05:30:57
Wigan striker will grigg would be a fantastic signing for us although I do have to say with the transfer money involved there in trying to buy him would make it highly unlikely that we'd be able to sign him.

5.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 07:16:05
Heard it going to be be wayne rooney he will be unveiled as the new janitor.

6.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 07:25:26
Mcnair on loan would be a terrific signing heard him mentioned a couple times and think mourinho would want to bring his own defender in.

7.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 08:41:28
McNair would be a great loan, can't see him getting much game time under Jose. He can play RB CB or DM.

8.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 10:37:32
IMO, Rooney would be first choice janitor all day long . if he signs.

9.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 10:53:51
If will grigg can't get on in front of josh magennis for northern ireland he must not be as good as we all think. Magennis is rank rotten.

10.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 11:04:20
I honestly think some people want grigg just to sing the song.

11.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 11:07:10
The only reason anyone knows his name is that daft song, hopefully Celtic sign him.

12.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 11:16:37
Wayne Rooney would be an amazing addition to the janitorial team. Still don't think he wouldbe first choice janny.

13.) 28 Jun 2016
28 Jun 2016 12:01:27
defo not first choice anything but he can serve the food on match days as long as he bucks up his ideas.