20 Jul 2016 18:41:24
Hearing that rangers are in advanced negotiations with under armour to take over from puma as our new kit makers starting next season which cuts our original deal with puma a year early, the team will still wear our new puma kits for this season and then its over to under armour for next season which I've heard is a 4 year deal, also heard the fans won't be able to buy the new kits from any sport shop this season due to conflict between our current board and sports direct, its a legal wrangle between lawyers for both parties.

1.) 20 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016 19:02:52
Hope you are correct - a pretty impressive outfit that only began 20 years ago in Baltimore, by a guy called Plank. Hope he is not a lummp of wood like our last supplier!

2.) 20 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016 19:10:03
This would represent solid move as part of strategy to re-establish the club retail brand globally.

3.) 20 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016 22:15:42
Put better posts and correct ones than you'll ever have my friend, I heard this at ibrox last night from a fellow rangers fan who sits 4 rows behind me, he got it from a guy who actually works within the rangers retail side of things ok mate, don't question my posts until you have a very good look at your own, without being arrogant here over the last couple of years I've contributed quite a bit on these pages some things I've got spot on and other info has been wide of the mark, what drivel as you put it do you contribute?

4.) 20 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016 22:48:29
A little bit, my dad's bigger than your dad, but alright. In fairness you're right about rumour contribution, Almost everything I'm aware of I've read somwhere before I hear 3rd party. So without a tangible source of my own it has no likely substance. I'll try take your word on positive rumours you've posted first hand. What I will say is anything I've read with your name in the past couple of months has been way off the mark and deserving of scepticism and a bit of ridicule! Had I seen anything of substance amongst it, I wouldn't have felt the need to post my friend.

5.) 21 Jul 2016
20 Jul 2016 23:26:57
Warbs15.A lot of haters recently for your comments. Site wouldn't be same without them, keep up the good work. don't come on here if you don't like rumours.

6.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 05:29:49
Kingcooper your obviously relatively knew on here otherwise you'd have known that a good few of my posts have been bang on the money and of course some have been wide of mark that's what happens on rumours/ banter pages, contribute more instead of berating good 'gers fans who share info with fellow bears to see if they've heard the same info you're posting or info of they're own, if you can't accept what these pages are all about then maybe you shouldn't look or be on elsewhere.

7.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 05:33:23
LifelongGer, how do you know it isn't true, it may not be but it could be, I've passed on info, try doing it yourself Instead of having a chip on your shoulder and trying to question my integrity mate!

8.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 08:19:29
No chip at all. I work in commercial. This isn't happening. Nothing to do with integrity.

9.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 08:30:04
The clue is in the name of the site 'Rangers Rumours'. Don't wanna hear rumours then don't log on. Simple.

10.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 10:01:33
I think some of you coming on just to give someone a bit of stick is wrong. By all means, question a the source and validity of the rumour. But don't write things like " i was interested in this rumour until i seen the poster". If your not interested don't write anything at all instead of getting on a guys back who has provided good talking points on this site. As eezyeez said, keep up the good work warbs15.

11.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 10:06:36
Again gents! This is a rumours site, if u don't want rumours correctly or incorrectly then read the newspapers. some folks apparently have a personal vendetta against others on here.

12.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 10:07:05
Guys if it is not Under Armour it will be because we obtain a better commercial deal from their competition.

13.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 10:20:05
no one says you can't think peoples rumours are garbage but listen guys like you king cooper just berate people for the sake of an argument or something.
w15 has been on the money quite a few times mate and a lot of us don't hear rumours until we hear it from these sites and guys with sources for the rumours. I for one am loving this transfer window its the most exiting one rangers have had in years! all the haters stay away! life long ger what is your job in commercial and is it rangers commercial u work for? just asking mate.

14.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 10:51:53
It is a rumour site, but when you read certain folk posting multiple things in a relatively short time period, all without substance you become cynical. For the record I think most folk on here post the right way, providing a source and making sure it's realistic (not obvious nonsense) . I find it hard to ignore posts by the same folk (bear necessities has been the worst lately) that come across so sure and factual. To me it smells of folk just enjoying attention. Finally I think I'm speaking for most when I say, some on here are like old sweetie wifes, They don't care even if the poster is creating the 'rumour' themselves as long as it creates a buzz. Which is just daft and defeats all purpose.

15.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 10:54:55
Holy feck lads. Calm down. The clue is in the name of the site. We are all supporters who hope to hear a bit if news here before it becomes public so to speak. We only pass on what we've heard and some of it is pure crap and some of it is spot on. None of it is drivel as it's all worth a read, especially the garage sightings! Which leads me to my true rumour, I have it on good authority (The Hat himself told me this) , the forward we are getting in is none other than Messi. Should that fall through then it's Ronaldo or Zlatan or Podolski.
You heard it here first. Keep up the good work 15!

16.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 11:14:20
there IS a never ending litany of drivel on this site which would go along with the concept of rumours, surely. any limit would damage subsequently required banter. Personal attacks damage all.

17.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 11:26:39
Under Armour would be superb! Indeed I would be happy with any quality company, maybe we could even get Ralph Lauren!

More important than the label on the jersey will be getting away from Ashley since then we can start seeing the financial benefits of purchasing replica kits for the Club!

18.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 12:37:01
Totally agree Tom 42 and WB15 keep posting. LifelongGer, hope you noting all of the commercial opportunities on here. Think in last week alone have seen: premium priced real team shirts, naming rights to MP, Gers TV, Stadium pies, and now Ralph Lauren purple label. Onwards and Upwards.

19.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 13:02:53
Will give warbs15 his dues he called the moh deal about 3 months before it happened.

20.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 13:48:42
does ashley/ sports direct not have ties with under armour?

21.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 13:57:31
If someone wants to rant, then rant away, if they want to rant at me - lolololol

PS - don't make it personal, it shows more about you than the person you are trying to denigrate.


22.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 16:14:11
I have never berated (attacked/ trolled angrily) anyone on here. I tend to post constructively if not with occasional sarcasm. I am not trying to start a war of words with anyone. I have however mentioned 2 posters who in my experience have been repeatedly posting nonsense. AGAIN, (sigh) yes it is a rumour site, but these guys are craming nonsense repeatedly and I think need to be called out. It's the old boy who cried Wolf, I'm sure a lot of folk see the 2 names I've mentioned now and immediately dismiss the rumour. I genuinely enjoy this forum and respect and appreciate folk who contribute. I however can not ignore when folk are posting as I've stated above.

23.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 17:08:04
How do we get out our original contract will Puma, do they just walk away? After all they must have warehouse full with this year strips. How much has that cost Puma and who will pay it?

24.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 17:14:39
There's no more global than Puma

And this would suggest that they also are not happy with such circumstances.

And question why any brand at this time would be interested at all.

I'd score this a 1 as I don't believe it to be credible.

25.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 16:56:47
Kingcooper - "I'm speaking for most when i say some people on here are old sweetie wives". I am confused as to why you want to come on here just to give your fellow rangers fans abuse. Can you elaborate on that statement? Speaking for most? that in itself is "obvious nonsense". I think the website you are looking for is slagpeopleoff. com. I must say though, all this stuff has entertained me this morning haha.

26.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 17:24:06
You started it, so you did, you invaded Poland.

There are those at can laugh at themselves, and those that laugh at others. I am of the opinion if you can give it out you must be man enough to take it.


PS - some people just need a wee moment tae calm it doon tae a riot, so they do - lolololol.

27.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 17:20:08
Frustration noted.

28.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 19:44:57
Always felt WB15 was credible although its just word it sounds like the right idea.

29.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 20:17:55
Hope you're right w15, but I tend to agree with king cooper, you've come out with some absolute whoppers recently. And as I've said before, there's not a lot you've said on here I haven't read on another page before hand. Always from a credible source right enough! This is a new one to me though.

30.) 21 Jul 2016
21 Jul 2016 21:55:00
Great posts today guys. Nothing unites like passionate sharing of opinion and discussion.

31.) 22 Jul 2016
22 Jul 2016 09:27:44
The under armour rumour has been around fro 2 month now so its still hanging around for a reason i hope your right warbs15 i meen people are saying puma is big under armour is a business that developed i line of clothing to be worn under sports kits during the cold season to help keep the sportsman and woman warm everyone calls the second skin clothing under armour even if its by carbrini so sorry but again hope its true because i believe there name has more recognition just now than puma and that the type of sponsor you wants hence why that mob went with nb.

32.) 22 Jul 2016
22 Jul 2016 12:42:19
forza I could guarantee that as soon as its possible we will have a number of sponsers wanting to be on our tops as ranger and celtic have the highest viewing games four times a year and its all about advertisement for them aswell as having a load of tops being sold over the world in one of the most supported teams in the world.