19 Aug 2016 16:09:54
Joe garner agrees 3 yr deal.

1.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 16:53:34
How do you know this, is it common knowledge now? SSN, BBC, STV?

2.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 17:09:12
Could have saved a fortune and just kept Nicky Clark.
Both proven goal scorers until they stepped up in class and as such just an empty jersey.
Mark my words, this guy is a waste of money.

3.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 17:31:35
Difference is Nicky Clark was a proven goal score in a diddy league Garner was not.

4.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 17:32:26
What a insane statement.

5.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 18:05:28
We will see who's a waste of money gusman.

6.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 18:17:16
Gosman u need to stay off the Class a's mate. Why would a rangers fan? be so down on any player WHO has decided to come and play for the worlds most succesful club. hell score a barrowload up here. MARK MY WORDS.

7.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 18:28:46
Laudrup exactly.

8.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 19:06:55
Nicky Clark? Sombodys got ther weekend off to a flier lol.

9.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 19:26:22
Nicky Clark had 2 stints at Rangers and failed miserably and I really thought he would gave set the Heather on fire in the lower divisions!

10.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 20:46:30
You guys just made my point on nicky Clark.
An empty jersey when asked to step up.
Garner is and has been proved to be the same.
He can score in 1st division but when he plays in the championship he is a dud if you look at his goal to game ratio.

I have followed the Gers for over 50 years through thick and thin, home and abroad even when we have had a bad team.
However i can make my own mind up on someones ability and worth and this guy is not the answer. Especially at upwards of £1.5m.

11.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 20:52:36
Here, here Laudrup 86,I just can't understand the negative slant some of our supporters come out with when they should wait to see in this case joe garner playing for us! Very confident garner will be a very good signing for us and imo WILL bang in the goals for us, from what I've seen of garner he reminds me of gary hooper the way he finishes although he's much better in the air than hooper was when he played for them! What do all other fellow bears think regarding this and who does garner remind you of?

12.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 21:06:55
Gosman league 1 is a step up in class from spfl.
I remember a Wee ugly striker that plays in the east that couldn't get a game in league 1 not to long ago bang in 40goals last year. FACT
You my friend are clueless.

13.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 21:15:28
In case some of you haven't looked at his stats.
In the last 5 seasons, garner has played league 1 and championship.

League 1 approx 100 games and about 50 goals which is very good and is obviously his level.

Step up to championship and in 65 games he scores just 7

I hope our future won't depend on him being our main goal scorer that's for sure.

14.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 19:23:28
Go Joe, excited by this signing.

15.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 21:53:07
Gosman, you're setting yourself up here for a mighty fall, garner will be terrific for us in the scottish premiership my friend, mark my words, I've seen quite a bit of garner and he scores all kinds of goals, this guy can finish and will be a brilliant signing for us, even if you don't think he'll be good for us would it not be better as a bear to get right behind the guy and wait and see before mouthing off, I truly believe you'll have a big fat goose egg all over your face before the end of the season mate!

16.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 23:18:50
Warbs, i would be happy to be proved wrong as i only want the best for my team but in this case i don't think i will.

Strange how many bears seem to have seen this guy do the business. ? lol

Remind me again, how many goals did this guy score in the whole of last season?

17.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 00:19:50
He led the line in a defensive system as a lone striker and fought every inch. Why do you think the P. N. E fans are gutted he's leaving? i watch english football its on every weekend :) .

18.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 07:59:52
Gosman your logic is nonsense look at waghorn hardly scored at all plsyin for wigan his ratio was appalling comes up here and blooters defenses scores a shitload garner will do the same.


19.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 08:49:38
Waghorn is your benchmark? pmsl

You seem to forget half his goals were penalties against piss poor teams so hardly "blootering" defenses.

He was once a £3 million player that we picked up for nothing so still good business.

With garner we are paying more for him than the total we have spent on the rest of our team.

20.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 21:57:54
Been following this site for months and it's my first post. Can't believe the negativity with some people. Give people a chance and let them prove themselves when they pull on the blue jersey. Mr Warburton and McPartland haven't made many mistakes so far as far as signings go. I'm sure Garner will pose a threat to most SPL teams.