1.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 12:29:39
I can tell you categorically that Barry Douglas won't be coming to Rangers.
I grew up with the lad and still speak with him. I can assure you he isn't looking or a move back to Scotland.

Pure baws!

2.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 13:02:37
I may get hammered for this but I think left back is one of the weak points for us just now.

I just don't see it in Lee Wallace. Gets great credit for staying and obviously loves the club but I'm not entirely convinced by him either attacking or defending.

I'm not saying he's rubbish or anything but I think we can do better going forward.

3.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 13:40:51
I actually agree with you. Can't remember the game but it was this season and he got turned inside out and thon Sutton boy was trying to blame Wilson for it but for me it highlighted his positional sense and his tackling (lack of) abilities.
Don't get me wrong lads, have utmost respect for him but just not convinced by his aforementioned abilities.

4.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 13:45:31
If the chance came a couldn't see Barry Douglas saying no to rangers to stay at a Turkish team hardly anyone has heard of got better chance of getting a Scotland call up as well if he moved to rangers as far as a know zeki fryers is the main target right now. Douglas is plan B.

5.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 14:07:12
He won't be playing against Linfield obviously. Will be great to see how the promising Lee Hodson does in that position.

Think every fan seems to rate him highly. Can't see him get a run of games unless there's an injury to either full back though.

Could have signed Andy Robertson or Graham Shinnie before their moves to Hull and Aberdeen. Great players, don't know if they're better than Wallace though.

6.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 14:35:11
I'd say Robertson is far better now. Not sure there was much in it when he moved though but he's improved a lot since then.

Shinnie maybe slightly but nothing to write home about.

7.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 14:37:36
Wallace is an ok full back and is totally committed to Rangers but he is not an out and out defender, (but then we know that Warburton does not want out and out defenders) . Where he does come unstuck is that he is not a leader. He cannot lead from the front as a team captain should do and he can't grab the game by the scruff of the neck when necessary. In the past we have always had great leaders, Ferguson, Amoruso, Gough, Butcher, Greig etc., and in the Souness era we had a team full of leaders. That is a major problem for us and one that needs to be resolved.

8.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 14:53:38
Are use lot sniffing the glue again. Wallace has been our most consistent performer for a few years now. what more do use want.

9.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 15:42:18
Konyaspor are in the Europa League, if Barry Douglas was to come back to the UK it won't be to Rangers. Most likely be to the English Championship. That said I know he is happy and doing well in Turkey!
Also I don't think he is as good as Wallace, Robertson or Tierney so the Scotland call probably won't come!

10.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 15:43:33
We want him to perform at the top level in Scotland! A huge amount of our goals came down the left last year but him and McKay have been poor so far this year! If they can't improve they aren't good enough, pretty simple.

11.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 15:46:03
Only the pritt stick as it's still a wee bit early for the evo!

12.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 16:07:26
Some on here imo are being too harsh on our captain, just because lee wallace is going through a wee lull and not playing at his best just now doesn't make him a bad full back, some people think he's a robot and should play well every week, give the guy a break, his form will return, when wallace is at his best there's not a better left back in scotland than him imo! Some are far too quick to judge because a player has lost form, it happens to every player you know at some point in the season.

13.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 20:11:39
Well said w15, nothing worse than a fickle Rangers fan. Wallace is a great LB and is simply looking for his form. Well deserved the captaincy.

14.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 20:15:47
Aye Wallace isn't the answer for us at left back.

15.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 20:35:57
Lee Wallace has been absolutely outstanding for Rangers over the past few seasons and it's hard to believe his ability as a LB is being questioned.
Be interesting to see how Lee Hodson slots in to the LB position against Linfield if selected.

16.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 21:07:59
The Campbell I agree have been saying it for 2 years now he is rank rotten and last year tav always got it in the neck from fans and Wallace done the same
As him and got off Scott free because he stayed for the fight and never a captain either.

17.) 02 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 22:54:59

You're right Lee Wallace is not an out and out defender. When you say he is an all right full back you're wrong. He is never meant to be an out and out defender as you say he is never meant to be a full back. He is meant to be a complete wing back. An out and out defender is a thing of the past which you should let go of, they don't excist.

Letting go of the past is tough I know. We used to shout at Hansen for not punting it.

Move forward. Ferguson ha.

18.) 03 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 19:57:37
Wallace has slowed down a bit tbf and isn't a leader. Love the guy though.

19.) 03 Sep 2016
02 Sep 2016 23:15:42
I've said since the signing of Barton Wallace should be replaced as captain but to be honest Bartons not filled me with confidence
But I'd still give Barton the arm band he's a player that would demand respect on the pitch and in the dressing room we need a leader Wallace has been great so far but we need that in the middle of the park and someone with more experience as a all rounder Barton fits the bill
Plus might make him work harder.