08 Nov 2016 12:50:58
Has anyone got a clue, to the barcelona youth attacking midfielder, we're supposedly looking to bring in, on a 6 month loan deal in january?

1.) 08 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016 14:46:56
Only news I know is Barcelona r looking at our youth lad Billy Gilmour. No seen or heard anything else.

2.) 08 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016 14:59:08
Aye, Messi's laddie.

3.) 08 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016 16:47:31
Apparently Barton signed off with stress.

4.) 08 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016 16:48:25
Another thing I have to get of my chest think its ah absolute joke that Barton is getting punted because he was passionate like myself bout rangers he spoke his mind and now getting punished for it this is another reason I can't stand Warburton joey was right to speak his mind what because he plays terrible tactics picks his favourites most time and plays horrible 433 that just doesn't work then on the other hand u have a little jerk and wessil Andy halliday total lightweight and can't play the defensive midfield and thinks he can walk straight in our team cause he's born and bread Glasgow rangers well it doesn't cut it with me I would have Barton in there any day least he would stick the boot in were it hurts. Really pissed off with this whole fiasco Ed we are a laughing stock now mate, this is were warbs really lacks experiance he can't handle any off his players properly I would happily see halliday leave with warbs and a few others because they don't deserve to wear and play for rangers and as long as rob, who can't defend, kiernan plays every week then we could kiss good by to second place and Europe simple as that absolute joke oh ah club now.

{Ed039's Note - I'm glad you got that off your chest Barry but I cant agree with everything, the bottom line is you have no idea what went on between The gaffer, Barton & Halliday, and in that I mean you don't know exactly what was said. I never liked Joey Barton so I have no time for the guy, Andy Halliday has played better than any midfielder we have in that position and I believe we will finish 2nd in the league. You make some good points about the formation and the gaffer not handling situations properly (personally I would have sacked Barton on the spot) and Rob Kiernan but I think the rest of it was just ranting for the sake of ranting)

5.) 08 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016 18:49:44
That's, easy for you to say. but what's your point Barry?

6.) 08 Nov 2016
08 Nov 2016 20:19:43
ed your 100% correct knowone knows exactly what happened ut another compelling reason was his statements to the media and match betting how little it may have been the rules are the rules or in his case joeys rules which does not cut it and finally going a w o l on the sick.

7.) 09 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 09:25:42
ed your right but what did rob keirnan do?
I didn't hear anything about him, would love to see the back of him aswell.
only cb I know that grabs a hold of his team mate (clint hill) in the defending of a corner, always shows goal side to opposition and is slower than ma wee 75 year old nana.

{Ed039's Note - I agree regarding Kiernan)

8.) 09 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 12:57:54
to think that Keirnan has davie weir to look to for advice and training and he's still making shocking errors.

9.) 09 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 14:08:29
I think our defence has been playing well recently, the goal at County was bad ok but there were more players in that box than Hill and kiernan.

10.) 09 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 16:49:47
come up against good opposition and they will rip our defence apart but I think seders and Wilson would be the best of the bunch and I don't think they are good defenders.
Wilson on his day is good with the potential to be a great defender but never puts in a 100% shift. and can't stop a cross from coming in its like he is scared to get hit with the ball at times.

really need new centre backs as if we have a solid defence it give the rest of the team confidence to go forward without worrying if they idiots at the back f*ck up again.

11.) 09 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 16:51:31
I know my last post was bit negative so to balance it out I still think with how good the rest of the spl are we will finish second comfortably.
will be hard though if we stick to this failing formation.

12.) 10 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 18:21:06
Barry, barrymiddleton are you for real? Get shot of andy halliday you say? Away and bile yir heid! What do you actually watch when your supposedly watching rangers? Andy halliday would NEVER be out my rangers team. He's without doubt one of our most consistent performers!

13.) 14 Nov 2016
14 Nov 2016 06:42:37
Our central defence is poor. Kiernan is a big guy but for his height and strength he is very weak. Tackles are soft doesn't command aerial attacks when he should be winning every ball that comes in. I really struggle to see what Weir is doing. The whole team with few exceptions has no fight, they lack a winning mentality and they don't play as a team like the Smith and Souness sides did. That is part of course might be down to the fact that we lack leadership on the park.

14.) 15 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016 16:11:15
Correct ed, the only people that know what Barton actually did was the players and the gaffer, he must have crossed the line because training ground spats go on all the time, so he has done something worse than that.