23 Nov 2016 09:02:13
Seeing as this is a rumour site I thought I would share a rumour with you all! I have heard that the Main Stand is riddled with asbestos and they cannot access/ maintain the heating pipes without removing the asbestos first. This could cost millions, but unless done, parts of the Main Stand could be closed in 2017 as the safety certificates will not be signed off. This is from a pal of mine who works with asbestos. Hope it's just a rumour, but thought I would share.

1.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 11:01:12
Sure this was a favourite rumour on the other mobs site. AGM coming up, maybe someone will ask the question.

2.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 12:03:06
It's a known fact Ibrox has Asbestos in it, which their is nothing wrong with. However if it was an issue that things couldn't have maintenance done due to the asbestos it would have been highlighted at some point in the last 16 years.

3.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 12:28:55
Bigad how have they been accessing/ maintaining the pipes up until now this is another filed under bs.

4.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 13:32:44
In response to Bigar, I have also heard a similar story regarding the roofs at ibrox. I have also heard that Glasgow City Council have been out to carry out an inspection, what the outcome was I don't know. So there may be some truth in this.

5.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 15:24:38
Asbestos is not an issue. We've just had it removed from our Church. Two options . if you can afford to, remove it completely. If not, use tradesmen who are trained and qualified to work in an area where there is asbestos. (i. e. with breathing masks, etc) .

Just another rumour from the dark side who are gutted that we haven't gone away!

6.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 22:37:05
Guys I have worked with asbestos and it can stay in place and be coated with a special rubber paint
Its only dangerous when its broken and gives off dust particles.
We boxed in an old asbestos garage roof last summer without any problems as we did not disturb the sheets.

7.) 23 Nov 2016
23 Nov 2016 22:56:27
I can assure you its not that simple Stuart.

8.) 24 Nov 2016
24 Nov 2016 09:58:19
Asbestos is only an issue if broken, I work with removal and management of asbestos daily. U will find asbestos in any plant room or pipework lagging of a building that age so totally not a problem, as long as it can be managed safely there is no need for removal.

As for the roof! That's not asbestos and y would Glasgow city council be checking it out? It's not a council building.

Crock of scaremongering nonsense.

9.) 24 Nov 2016
24 Nov 2016 10:05:01
I don't know anything about asbestos, just passing on what I've been told. thebear82, I hope it is bs.

10.) 24 Nov 2016
24 Nov 2016 10:55:00
Very much is BS, Asbestos is far more common than you think. it's also a lot more containable than people think. This is a bs story no doubt started by the darkside.

11.) 26 Nov 2016
26 Nov 2016 09:36:43
Asbestos is only harmaful once disturbed. easy option is put in new pipes and use alternative route. easy peasy people. cost peanuts.

12.) 28 Nov 2016
28 Nov 2016 22:46:34
Many, perhaps all, insurance companies will pay a chunk of asbestos removal as it is the cheaper of all of the options eg allowing it to downgrade to a dangerous state or the cost allowing so white van chancer to say they can do it, so I think the cost is manageable unless we has stinted on the insurance premiums!