08 Dec 2016 11:29:26
Rangers want Hepburn-Murphy Young Aston Villa striker Rushian Hepburn-Murphy is set to quit Villa Park in order to sign with Rangers. The 18-year-old is on Mark Warburton's wish list and could be signed on a pre-contract in January. The move would cost Rangers only £220,000 in compensation. (Daily Record)

1.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 14:30:42
That's one for the future tho tbh were needing players who are ready to cum n play now and wots required to play for rangers we don't have time to bed in youngsters were already miles behind Celtic we need to be at the level we once were and that's winning trophies n playing in Europe every season if we are to get to the same level as Celtic then going for 18 year old at this level is no use to us right now we don't have time for bedding and gelin as we have found out this season. No disrespect but our team is mostly championship n league one players it best right now and that is the reality right now whether we like it or not, iv heard were after Jason Cummings now that makes sence he's 25 goal a season striker were missing that badly n he knows Scottish football plus ali crawford is being linked would be amazing buy again he's SPL player and has proved his worth with Hamilton remember the nutmeg any one then his cracker off a goal it Ibrox. Hate to say this but I don't think halliday n Holt are SPL standard there to lightweight go missing in games sumtimes if anything championship at best.

2.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 15:13:27
Jason Cummings that can't get a game for Hibs and has hardly any premiership experience. No thank you!

3.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 15:22:02
Nonsense. Cummings and especially Crawford aren't close to what's required.

4.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 15:31:10
we have enough development players who we have paid for the players to sign in january must be able to hit the ground running warburton has been unlucky with barton and krankar because neither had reached match fitness beore their demise.

5.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 15:47:21
Not sure on cummings. Crawford is quality, one of the best, if not the best, creative midfielder outside of Celtic in SPL. Young players will play a big part if we are to challenge Celtic in the future.

6.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 17:47:34
I would take wee Crawford but wouldn't touch Cummings. The guys trouble off the park and we don't need that.

7.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 18:16:05
If we are going to splash some cash I would rather we went for big Vuckic he could play anywhere in the front 3 or attacking midfield role and he is a goal scorer.

8.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 18:27:48
Cummings, no thanks. Crawford is more appealing but we still need more than just him and I don't think the rest of scottish football is where we will find them.

We need a foreign scouting network as well. We also need a couple of players of genuine quality someone you know will perform most games and make the difference. It can be done without spending a fortune free agents just need to be sold on Rangers and the deals done early.

9.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 18:46:30
Crawford yes cummings can do one.

10.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 20:00:37
Would push the boat out for wee akichi anya or aluko.

11.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 21:29:42
What about the big guy from Kilmarnock Collibally big strong pacy and has an eye for goal.

12.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 22:18:01
I'm don't think you get the same quality/ value in the UK market.

One of the biggest mistakes Warburton has made is not to scout the European market.

I just watched Hapoel Beer Sheva knock Southampton out of Europe, quality team. They should have knocked that mob from the east end out as well.

A lot of free transfers I'm there team and the Israeli league can't pay much wages so why are we not attracting players of this quality?

13.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 22:34:00
Crawlord seems to be a good player and there has been a lot of quality coming from Hamilton recently that moved south of the Border. Why we would want Cummings is beyond me!

I tend to agree that we should be looking outside of the UK, there are some good quality players to be found in Eastern Europe and in the lower Italian leagues. Surely guys like Amoruso and Porini can come up with some decent young players for us to look at.

14.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 22:04:37
It's all very well, getting attacking minded players, however we need to deal with our suspect defence first, it was poor last season, we all saw it, however this season it's been exposed more often, can we clone gough.

15.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 22:05:51
Wouldn't touch jason cummings with a bargepole! I would truly like us to sign ali crawford and louis moult! They both would be very good aditions to our team. Moult has a goal ratio at motherwell of 1 in 2 and i've been impressed everytime i've seen him play. The same with young ali crawford, he would add something to out team!

16.) 08 Dec 2016
08 Dec 2016 23:19:52
I agree dad0prs0 I don't think down south is the right market at all england is so over priced for any player and that filters down even to league1 clubs and there prices are huge for what these players are. i'm sure if you look around Europe you will find the biggest bargains. Like mahrez kanta wanyama there are bargains out there every championship league1 club down south just want silly money for average crap. And as for Crawford Cummings there both not good enuff for were we need to get to we need the next step up in quality if we continue to Sign these type players we will just stay as we are. And for me barton and kranjcar were that and would of come good Imop think warbs have just been unlucky there rubbish happens I surpose.

17.) 09 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016 01:17:41
Spoc I take it you've not seen Crawford much. He's nowhere near the standard we require and never will be!

18.) 09 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016 08:59:14
How did the comment by agbroxi about Vuckic get down voted? Yet people on here want to yelp on about Windass is laughable.

Haris Vuckic is 10x the player Windass is. He is Genuine quality and exactly what we need someone capable of changing a game. Windass is another bang average player who is posted missing 80% of the time. When MW came in and had the chance to snap him up on a free he missed out big time. More indication his signing policy is poor.

Seems like him and McParland have no idea what so ever of the Standard we need. Too often they are bringing in 17-18 year old players and parading them like they are Messi.

19.) 09 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016 23:12:03
Young Ali Crawford? Compared to who? Barton, Niko, Miller and Hill?

20.) 10 Dec 2016
10 Dec 2016 16:30:32
Can't believe people are touting for vuckic! Nowhere near good enough.