12 Jul 2017 19:33:32
I was at a wee 'function' last night with a former playing legend who told me JJ had been trying to entice a Dutch right back called - Pele! - but he decided to go to the USA instead. Never heard of the guy, just passing on info. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

1.) 12 Jul 2017
12 Jul 2017 23:37:54
Pele Van Anholt. Just signed for L A Galaxy.

2.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 00:02:21
Thanks bluegenius. Looks like the story had legs after all. He also mentioned a Portuguese full back whose name I can't remember, as drink was taken. I suppose it will happen or it won't.

3.) 13 Jul 2017
13 Jul 2017 01:02:01
Only two options wee ecky. It'll either happen or it won't.