22 Dec 2017 13:41:57
First part of my prediction came true, and next we will appoint a couple of Rangers men as coaches. This is the way it will be for the near (3-4 years) future.

1.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 14:25:05
First and foremost, i'd just like to take this opportunity in wishing our new 17th permanent glasgow rangers manager, graeme murty all the very best of luck, in his new wonderful unique position! I would like to think ALL bears would be right behind murts, by giving this very good humble coach, our total backing! I'm certainly right behind graeme murty, the new glasgow rangers manager! Sounds good saying that and i know murts is very honoured and proud to hold such a wonderful position as the manager of the greatest football club, in the world, bar none! This could end up being a tremendous appointment so let's give murty every chance of making sure it is! I would like to see either alex rae or butch wilkins coming into murty's backroom team, to work alongside him!

2.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 15:22:34
Bad news, cheap option and not who most fans wanted

3.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 16:23:25
Gregory Vignal arrives in January as a coach

4.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 17:03:06
Has the board decided to stick with Murty at present and let’s see what revenue we bring in following the passing of resolution 11 before deciding what manager to go for but let’s get behind Murty and let’s see if we can secure at least second

5.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 17:59:26
Gregory Vignal another LOCAL assistant then 😊

6.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 18:25:28
Agree with supercooper on getting behind Murty! Not sure I'm in agreement regards Alex rae right enough. Would like to see Ray Wilkins or big butcher

7.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 19:49:56
wish murty all the best he’s conducted himself with nothing but class so far but our board should hang their heads in utter shame if this is the best they can come up with were not daft this move screams out that once again as a club were skint woeful managerial appointments along with piss poor signings are too blame for this it all lands at the board they may have saved us from the easedale nonsense but this board is equally damaging our club in different ways no offence to murty but i’ll be surprised if we finish top 3 now because its clear january deals aren't going to be of any quality

8.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 20:14:49
The board without doubt haven't told us the truth or covered themselves in glory! NO transparency whatsoever! But i still predict that graeme murty will finish us 2nd in the league this season! Murts is a good competent coach who has tactical nous!

9.) 22 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 21:19:11
I like Murty and he has potential I think. It’s a pity he lost those 3 avoidable games. His appointment isn’t what annoys me it’s what his appointment hints at. It would appear there never has been a plan B to getting McInnes and that we never had a realistic chance of getting a Pulis, De Boer, Pardew etc not that many bears believed we did.

10.) 23 Dec 2017
22 Dec 2017 23:53:12
I have watched his interview another couple o times he speaks a lot of sense let’s give him an opportunity to show what he can do let’s see who he signs and if he develops as a gaffer and remember every great manager started somewhere remember Souness was our player manager with no managerial experience and he is now a hero so feck it let’s enjoy crimbo and do the Murty

11.) 23 Dec 2017
23 Dec 2017 02:06:44
Murty isn't the man to take us forward but there is no one that stands out currently. good luck to him! he speaks well and looks to have the backing of the players so who knows what he can achieve. hopefully he does well. he will go on to become a decent manager no matter what his record is at rangers

12.) 23 Dec 2017
23 Dec 2017 11:34:06
I'm going to be controversial here and say that I actually now think that this just might be the right call at this time. No doubt it is the cheap option but look at the positives, 1. The players like and respect him. There doesn't look to be any cliques. 2. He knows the club and the players inside out and what it means to be at Rangers. 3. He is a bright and articulate man and handles the media perfectly. 4. He is able to change formations and set us up differently depending on the opponent. 5. He took a piss poor squad to their place and came away with a deserved point and might have taken all 3 in the end. 6. He knows the under 20 set up and which players will be able to make the full squad. The problem seems to be setting up the team when we are expected to win ie Dundee Hamilton, St Johnstone, Inverness. If he can get that right and with 2 or 3 good additions in January, we just might kick on. I believe he has an eye for a player. Getting Declan John signed up was a good start imo. We just need to get behind the team and see where it takes us.