24 Dec 2017 20:36:46
Pound to a penny Derek McInnes becomes the manager at the end of the season.

1.) 24 Dec 2017
24 Dec 2017 21:42:58
No chance will derek mcinnes EVER be the glasgow rangers manager! I for one am glad about that, as delboy mcinnes hasn't got it to be our manager! He had his chance and knocked it back! Unfortunately for him he'll never be asked again! The guy is an absolute choker and our job is too big for him!

2.) 26 Dec 2017
26 Dec 2017 00:37:29
Supercoopereleven. . what a load of pants! The guy is a choker? On what grounds? He is streets ahead of Mr Murty. absolute streets ahead. Just because his Aberdeen team can't beat a Celtic team which cost millions to assemble doesn't mean he is a choker. Its not the players fault then? They can beat everybody else but when they are rubbish against Celtic it's the managers fault. I cannae believe I'm answering u. I must be just as daft as you. You must have been a great team player. When u win u r magic, a brilliant player and when u lose its the managers fault. does that even sound normal in your head before you put it doon in writing?

3.) 26 Dec 2017
26 Dec 2017 03:18:35
Mcinnes had his chance, He doesn't deserve to be given another. I hope it all works out with Murty. The guy is very knowledgeable on the game you can tell that in his interviews, has a good relationship with the players and looks to be blooding youngsters into the first team. Something we should've done 5 years ago in division 3. Not paying stupid money for Ian Black and John Daly ect.

4.) 26 Dec 2017
26 Dec 2017 10:44:06
OK Dutch! How many big games has delboy mcinnes won? Graeme murty our UNDER 20'S COACH, was tactically too good for mcinnes in our double header against the sheep! He has said time and time again how fabulous celtic are and how he just can't beat them! If that's someone you're wanting at ibrox as our longterm answer to catching celtic, then good for you! I certainly don't because like i said and i stick by it, delboy mcinnes chokes/ bottles it in the must win bigger games! Graeme murty imo is a better choice at this particular time, than mcinnes is, to be our manager! Not i'm not for 1 minute saying murty was originally my no.1 choice but in our current system with a DOF murty is a better fit than mcinnes, simple as that! Check mcinnes's big game record out for yourself and for that matter his record as bristol City manager, its deplorable mate!

5.) 26 Dec 2017
26 Dec 2017 15:01:16
Maybe, just maybe Supercooper he had a wee look under the bonnet and realised there was NOTHING any good manager could do with the team and the plans the board had? Is that not possible? He didn't want to be the next Mcoist / Mcall/ Warburton etc, basically every manager since The Rangers started in the lowest division .