01 Mar 2018 16:34:09
A bit of a red neck with Murty getting a slap down today over young Goss.
As I stated before we are back at square one at the end of the season because the players we have on tic need to go back to their clubs.

Everyone who thinks there are options to buy the players are in cuckoo land as options to buy have not been officially reported on any of our on-tic players.

The better these players play the less chance their rightful clubs have of selling them. We can only say if we are taking a player or not IF we do have the clauses. Clearly we do not!

1.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 16:55:13
Another undercover Tim Trigger. Poor effort at the wind up 😂.

2.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 17:33:00
Goss has 2 years on his current deal with QPR.
But he's enjoying his football here so who knows, if he wants to stay which I hope he does we will have to pay a significant sum. I would think in the region of 3to4 mil but time will tell.
murty has impressed with players he has brought in.

3.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 18:00:15
Original poster your wrong mate, as jamie murphy's current loan deal, kicks into a permanent deal, at the end of the season mate! that's all done and dusted! The fee and wages and length of contract, were all agreed before we announced his loan signing in january!

4.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 17:56:04
Undercover? I am a season ticket holder stating some facts. what's is the wind up?

{Ed033's Note - A Rangers season ticket holder?

5.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 17:59:30
The better these players play the less chance their rightful clubs have of selling them. so. you would rather they play bad so we have more chance of buying them? If they play bad why would we want to buy them? Aw man that is a belter like

6.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 18:03:52
coldo you can actually smell them before you read their posts. well smelled mate 😄

7.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 18:23:01
Another Tim going fishing in a frozen lake. Try again next time Timmy, or even better go onto your own site and make a rumour about Lustig doing a snow dance so he doesn’t get his arse handed to him at Ibrox.

8.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 18:33:52
Hahaha. which club have you got a season ticket for? . you have actually shopped yourself by using the word tic. get some therapy!

9.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 19:08:17
I’m starting to think more Tims visit this site than their own.
An odd bunch that’s for sure

10.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 19:22:27
Jealous, demented, paranoid, angry and frustrated. Why do they obsess about our great club and institution.

11.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 19:46:15
I'll tell you why they obsess so much about the famous glasgow rangers bankie! All through since the both football clubs were formed, we were ALWAYS regarded as scottish football's premier club, ie. our famous manager bill struth's famous quote, "WE WELCOME THE CHASE"! THEY can say what the like, but the truth is they've always felt inferior to us and of course they're correct, because their football club is most definitely INFERIOR to the famous glasgow rangers! They know it and everyone else knows it! Thus why they're so obsessed and very jealous! GLASGOW RANGERS ARE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL CLUB ON THE PLANET, FACT! WE ARE WORLD RECORD HOLDERS IN TROPHIES WON, FACT! Even at their agms they talk about us! FACT! I like the majority of bears don't care or bother a jot, to what they're doing! The same CAN'T be said for that lot! WE ARE THE TOP ESTABLISHMENT, INSTITUTION! Get over your undoubted jealousy BHOYS!
I feel sorry for you's in a way, as i know deep down, you wish you were us!

12.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 21:14:43
To the op. The only facts are that your facts are not facts but bull. Murphys deal will be a perm and the cummings one is the same so is martins so there's 3 right there. And hows it a red neck? He was asked a question abput a player he answered it saying he's one of a number we want

13.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 21:19:04
so reggirt if and when murphy signs on a perm, you’ll hold your hand up and admit you’re talking utter colin nish

id be interested to find out exactly how you claim to know this as wages fees agreements to turn loan to perm are all highly confidential contractual details which only a few are a party to, so who’s your source for all four players we have ‘on tic’ .

PS it was the ‘tic’ which was the giveaway for me.

14.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 21:29:04
a personally don't understand holloways beef about it. you don't loan players unless you're interested in them to some degree. The murphy deal is as well as being permanent right now. cummings and martin deals are first refusal only one to be worked on is goss and even if we don't get him there is still dorrans, jack and mccrorie to come back

15.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 21:49:45
Holloway has ALWAYS been a loudmouth - it's part of his 'thing'. He says it like he sees it and if he was any different it would be worrying.

Murty said the right thing, and Holloway responded in kind.

There's really not anything to get wound up about here.

16.) 01 Mar 2018
01 Mar 2018 22:33:50
amazes me how fans know what contracts have been signed

17.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 00:18:23
big blue bear agree, the only ones I know are Cummings £650 and Murphy approx the same don't see a problem as we are def going in right direction quicker than I thought let's enjoy .

18.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 08:32:48
I agree to a certain extent, We do have a lot of players going back to clubs. If they bring back the tennant 6's we will be ok!

19.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 08:38:36
Its too easy colster mate 👍

20.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 09:55:53
fraser 52 yes i agree they are an odd bunch! and so are Hemorrhoids! pain in the ass and hard to get shot of!

21.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 16:33:26
Trigger has a season ticket for Carstairs Pen! His post above is why individuals like him require supervised access to the internet.

22.) 02 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 19:01:59
like all loan players if they go to a club and find there form and starting to enjoy there football it’s up to them to put in a transfer request and I hope goss dose stay as he looks like a great player who is living his football at his great club

23.) 03 Mar 2018
02 Mar 2018 23:33:27
Holloway is a rocket.

24.) 03 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018 12:38:53
Infects where stated and goes is the only one of the players we have on loan that may well not be here is hardly say we are on Coo coo Land

25.) 03 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018 17:29:48
supercoop just concentrate on next sunday, no point taking the bait that is what Celtic fans want. Back in 90s the Rangers were the biggest in scotland and in top 2 in uk but now Celtic are bigger. We will get back to our deserved status but for now let's look at next sunday and I'm not comfortable with writing Celtic off. Could be a case of over confidence