15 Aug 2018 15:34:32
Martin Odegaard has been linked with Rangers, Derby County, Aston Villa and QPR.

His wages are reported to be 40K a week, I'm assuming Real pay a substantial part of that considering he was at Heerenveen last year.

Apparently he wants to work with either Lampard or Gerrard.

1.) 15 Aug 2018
15 Aug 2018 15:58:14
Linked by who? Can't see him linked with is anywhere. Just to the English Championship.

2.) 15 Aug 2018
15 Aug 2018 17:18:36
Cant see anywhere that he is linked to rangers prob go to derby.

3.) 16 Aug 2018
16 Aug 2018 12:50:15
not seen this anywhere but that would be a superb addition.