22 Aug 2018 21:48:35
With regard to another backup central defender, and another winger to replace murphy. We could move McCrorie to back up central defender and spend the money on a winger and possibly another striker.

1.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 02:58:52
hoof harted, even after Gerrard has said McCrorie is not a central defender? I think I'll stick with the manager's assessment. And we don't need a replacement for Murphy, that area is adequately covered for now.

2.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 03:32:19
McCrorie is absolutely shocking at centre half so not sure that be such a good idea. Am sure Barisic would be better in there then still have Tav and Flanagan right and left back.

3.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 08:36:53
Totally agree McCrorie is much more effective in midfield.
SG is looking at Joe Worall according to the media.

4.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 08:46:44
Barisic can play all along the back 4.

5.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 16:07:30
McCrorie should only play there in emergencies against poorer opposition.