26 Aug 2018 10:13:44
Apparently rangers are in talks with Osijek about their winger bockaj, he was another standout against us so hopefully!

1.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 10:33:20
Yip daz also seen this on other rumour pages there was rangers fans in proper conversation about it. I wonder if there's any truth in it.

2.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 10:52:55
also seen this around wouldn't be a bad signing at all. if we did would he be eligible if we progress into the group stages?

3.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 11:16:40
Cant really remeber him. Any good?

4.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 11:57:10
Aye boy was good.

5.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 13:47:58
Ye he would be eligible mate.

6.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 16:13:45
Also rumoured that we're interested in taking Gauld on loan. Apparently it's in the Portuguese press.

7.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 18:50:12
Wait a minute though dutycalls, did Stevie G not say he wasnt signing anymore midfielders? What possibly could be going on 😲.

8.) 26 Aug 2018
26 Aug 2018 21:50:56
He did say that, Snell, I'm only commenting on a press rumour, not claiming it's true or that my insider pal told me. What could possibly be going on? How about more mhedia nonsense?

9.) 27 Aug 2018
27 Aug 2018 11:15:10
Gerard must be encouraged by the performances of Halliday who is like a different player under the new management team but with Murphy injured and very little creativity other than from the loanees he must realise that in the West of Scotland Rugby League with teams like Motherwell and Kilmarnock, we will need a few more quality players to have any chance of the league. Players like Gould will be good in general but we need a couple of bruisers or guys that can look after themselves for playing against the hammer throwers as out two Croatians proved yesterday.