10 Jan 2019 00:06:33
Be kind as its my first post. but I keep seeing folk thinking we should cash in on Tav. I think the lad is bordering on hall of fame status on merit. he joined us when when we were in the lower leagues and stuck with us, this could be a football/ sporting hollywood story. bears tell me. should we cut him loose, my bet is he would want to stay the course and captain us to 55. he is quality. with better players around him only provail and our squad is improving.

1.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 00:45:46
Cooperfan, Tavernier is going nowhere, he's highly valued by the manager and that's the only thing that counts.

2.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 00:57:03
Cooper Fan welcome. There's not many captains of the mighty that don't make the Hall of Fame. As for Tav in my opinion he has not progressed as much as I thought he should have. If a sensible offer came in in this window then I would sell. Shagger should have the armband or Davis when he signs full time after his loan.

3.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 07:14:04
Massive fan of Tav. Everyone entitled to their opinion but the guy has a great engine and is one of our biggest assets who brings so much to the table. Seems to be a scapegoat when things don’t go our way. Would never compare him to gough etc as a captain but obviously has a big influence on the team behind the scenes which the manager sees on a daily basis. Would be gutted if he left as he clearly loves the club but every player has a price I suppose.

4.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 08:57:44
When we get 55 this year all the team will walk in tae the hall of fame as for Tav he is a quality wingback and I think he will be our captain for a while yet.

5.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 09:13:28
No offence mate but nobody was looking him when he “stuck by us in the lower leagues” as for the hall of fame he hasn’t done anything to merit a place in it yet! If club was offered 7-8million i'd bite there hand off. That’s how we should be operating buying players for small fee and selling to England were the market is insane.

6.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 09:38:25
7 million for Tav maybe very difficult for Rangers to turn down from a business point of view. Money talks .

7.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 09:54:23
always feel Tav gets a hard time which is mostly un warranted. Going forward he is undoubtably one of our best players and gives the team another dimension

he gets stick for his defensive ability which again is harsh, yes a lot of our goals conceded come from down his side but this is due to the fact he is asked by the management to get forward at every chance to help create, so obviously he will get caught out of position

if you look at europa league group stafe stats after 4 or 5 games, the stats had Tav in the top 5 defenders in the entire competition

i would be gutted if Tav left.

8.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 10:15:19
Good luck replacing him with someone else who can even get close to his 8 league assists. For the clinically insane who keep replying with "he's not a wing-back" Just forget your all conquering FM prowess. If it looks like a duck, flies like a duck and Quacks like a duck chances are its a duck. His phenomenal assist stats are not just a blip for 1 season, he's always done it for us. His work rate is second to none and he obviously is a good enough defender for SG.

9.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 10:29:02
It's funny how people say he's done nothing great or he's crap but expect £7-8m for him. Windass was joint top scorer last season and we only got £2m.

10.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 10:58:03
Didn’t say he was crap! And what has he done.

11.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 13:26:32
Wasn't singling you out, just a general notice that a fair few people say get rid of him, but only if it's a high bid.

12.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 13:40:04
Whether we love tav or not, if any offer is good buisness for the club that would help put the club on a sound financial foundation then it has to be considered. I like tav, he has his flaws but to be fair anything round about the 7mil mark I think would be good buisness for the club. 👍.

13.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 14:32:58
EVERY player has a price if Tavs is met HE WILL BE GOING. That’s reality I’m afraid. I’m a big fan of Tavs but HOF? If he’s here long enough to win a few titles then yes he’d be in the discussion.

14.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 16:26:56
Tavernier is good enough player, who has some dodgy moments this season. I hope he stays. Think talk of the Hall of Fame is a bit premature though!

15.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 17:33:38
For me tavernier and Morelos will be sold and possibly 1 this window and 1 in the summer although I do hope it's the summer before both leave.

What people fail to forget is we are operating at a massive loss each season and those 2 players will help bridge that gap until the next morelos is found.

As long as the club feels its a deal too good to turn down then I'm happy if and when either leave as I'm sure we will have alternatives lined up.

16.) 11 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019 01:10:00
HOF? Give yourself a break. Couldn't lace the boots of Sandy Jardine, Gary Stevens or even for that matter Alan Hutton or Fernando Ricksen. He's an English Championship level player at best, those 4 were internationals and European level players. If you're saying he's Glasgow Rangers HOF standard then that is a sad, sad statement.

17.) 11 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019 05:44:16
Tavs confidence in hitting a dead ball has gone totally and the best thing he did all last year ( apart from the pens and that run into the box against the manks ) was give the kicking duty over to Andy halliday . infact I wish Andy had took the 30 yard free kick against the manks at the end of the game instead of tav passing it back to Gordon .