10 Jan 2019 09:17:29
Ryan kent on another season long loan i'm hearing.

1.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 13:03:01
also heard this, would be great business for us!

2.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 13:50:54
We need to do whatever we can to keep kent as long as possiblešŸ‘.

3.) 10 Jan 2019
10 Jan 2019 15:12:38
Just yesterday Mark Allen said we still have to have that conversation with Liverpool. I posted it here but it was taken out of my post. There has been nothing agreed with anybody.

4.) 11 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019 08:31:22
Don't get me wrong, I like Kent, but he seems to have been elevated to another player since the old firm game.

He certainly has potential, but for me he has to prove he can be consistent.

5.) 11 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019 12:47:22
Mols, I feel he has been fairly consistant - almost every game he plays he's our stand out player and is clearly missed when he's been out.