28 Jul 2019 20:14:05
Couple of online rags say loan deal for Kent off the table - perm only
Don't think we really need him personally.

1.) 28 Jul 2019
28 Jul 2019 21:13:48
Time to move on . unless we get a crazy bid for either Tav or Alfredo.

2.) 28 Jul 2019
28 Jul 2019 21:27:20
There are other left wingers that we can get as well the Kent thing isn’t the end of the world never worth 10 million.

3.) 28 Jul 2019
28 Jul 2019 21:37:32
Unfortunately that's the going rate down in england with a player of kent's ability mate.

4.) 28 Jul 2019
28 Jul 2019 22:14:18
Just reading there that he’s deleted all things to do with Liverpool from social media.

5.) 29 Jul 2019
29 Jul 2019 02:07:35
For me even if we get the fee what we want for Morelos and Tav I wouldn't spend more than £5m max the money could get us 4 to 6 big signings rather than paying £10m for 1 player. We have to be sensible in how we reinvest the money properly not over spend on a player who might not get us a bit of a profit.

6.) 29 Jul 2019
29 Jul 2019 08:21:44
If gers do sign kent i think it would be for around £5 and £7mill with add on's

Plus they would not want a 1 off payment for deal there not a money orintated club who say give me the money now (incase we get paped out of europe early) .

7.) 29 Jul 2019
29 Jul 2019 09:13:55
It appears that Kent is on the verge of leaving Anfield, as he has taken all Liverpool-related pictures off of his Instagram account.

Leeds United are among the clubs linked with the winger, and he has also unfollowed Liverpool on the social media platform.

Wherever he goes, good luck to the lad.

8.) 29 Jul 2019
29 Jul 2019 09:49:58
No team in Scotland will bring in a Player for more than £5m in the current financial climate. I would say the the only deal possible would be £3m plus a 50/ 50 share of any future sale. He ain’t worth £5m in the Scottish market

Looks like his time with Rangers has past.

9.) 29 Jul 2019
29 Jul 2019 10:01:08
I for one would love the boy back, he's only going to get better. We need to do it the Arsenal way, pay in instalments after we win the league and gain entry into the champions league. I still think we need a striker in because if Defoe or Morelos pick up an injury we have nothing to back them up with.

10.) 30 Jul 2019
30 Jul 2019 08:51:46
Eh Mols! Celtic paid over 5 for Julien! LOL.