28 Dec 2015 12:05:08
Would like people's opinions on who if any from the top flight of the spl would you like us to sign in the summer if we get promoted, I would love us to sign these players if possible.

Kenny McLean
Andrew shinnie
Peter Pawlett
Sam Nicholson best young player in Scotland imo
Callum Paterson

Obviously not all of them but just a few that I rate, anyone agree of have their own wish list?

1.) 28 Dec 2015
28 Dec 2015 12:21:54
Every time I've seen jonny hayes I've been impressed with him quick direct and solid.

2.) 28 Dec 2015
28 Dec 2015 13:16:52
really don't think any of them the only 2 that i would be interested in o'halloran or greg stewart and at a push hayes.

3.) 28 Dec 2015
28 Dec 2015 14:03:19
Got to say cummings and mcginn.

4.) 28 Dec 2015
28 Dec 2015 15:50:01
Jackson Irvine,
Nicholson or king both impressive
Paterson is the best right back in Scotland so if we could sign him it would be hard to say no lol

Quite like kiltie and Slater at Kilmarnock

John souttar
Josh meekings.

5.) 28 Dec 2015
28 Dec 2015 17:32:58
Don't want the Hibs pair. Cummings is a corner boy and McGinn isn't good enough. They actually did us a favour rescinding the red card as he was about as useful as a man short.