22 Feb 2016 19:06:29
Some facts for those lauding Hibs as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Firstly, we are 8 points clear (9 with goal difference advantage) and points on the board are better than games in hand. Secondly, we are unbeaten in 7 league games and unbeaten this year. We've only conceded 2 goals in these last 7 league games. Add 3 Scottish Cup ties this year and that's 10 games unbeaten.
In Hibs' last 10 league games their scores have been:
2-1, 1-0, 1-1, 1-0, 2-4, 1-0, 1-1, 3-1, 1-0, 0-0.
Rangers last 10 league games:
2-2, 1-2, 4-2, 6-0, 4-1, 2-0, 1-0, 1-0, 1-1, 1-0
I don't think Hibs have exactly been hammering other teams and we beat them 4-2 back in December. I recall a few of Hibs' results were last-minute wins or equalisers. If that's us top of the league by 8 points and playing poorly then God help the rest of the league when we start playing well again!

1.) 22 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016 21:16:29
Well said Doiger. What a difference to read a post from somebody who is prepared to put a positive spin on things. I don't know where this sudden Hibs love fest has come from tbh. Anytime I have seen them this season they have been mince. Somebody even said that they were most impressive at home against Alloa. I know we drew with them last week but we did everything else but win the game. Nobody would have complained had we won 8-0. And yes, points in the bag are always best. Unless some of the negative posters can mount an argument about games in hand building momentum or similar crap.

2.) 22 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016 21:35:22
Next 3 games at home and we will start to pull away. To be honest I feel the guys are playing at 70% ish and can rise to the occasion, aye there's complacency there's a feeling they just want this season over as they have had enough of this league and the crappy grounds, big push on now and we will relax a little, kinda wish we were playing hibs in next few weeks so we could kill them off.

3.) 22 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016 22:02:34
Doiger also look at our games that we just scraped it by a goal. not saying hibs are beilliant or anything but we need to look over our shoulder. could have easily been a draw or even loss against queen of south. i hope we got the league but defo not champions yet.

4.) 22 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016 22:11:36
Doiger, I agree with the basis of your post, but where in the last 10 games do you show Hibs 3-0 v Alloa, on Sunday?

5.) 22 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016 22:45:04
Billyb. Sorry about that omission. However doesn't alter anything! Why focus on that?

6.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 00:26:27
I agree Doiger. In reality we would need to loose twice and draw once and them to win every remaining game. Never going to happen. We will finish the 8 points we are above them or more. Every time we have had a little blip in form it's taken us to have one really bad one, like the last game (albeit we still won) and then we've usually had a reaction and destroyed a few teams afterwards.
Also agree with whoever said Tav should be rested, I'd play Ball in there a few games just too give him a rest. He has been outstanding most the season though.

7.) 23 Feb 2016
22 Feb 2016 22:30:11
the facts that you've stated doiger are there for all to see mate and I back you to the hilt on this! Rangers are better than hibs as our current league position suggests and we will win the league, we've also got to remember this is only the start as warburton and weir are building imo something special at rangers and have only just started their rebuilding job in june, so doiger and the seeker you guys are like me ie. positive and believe in what our management team are building at our great football club, I'm with you guys

8.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 08:14:23
Well said everyone (or nearly everyone! ) . I'd imagine like me you've lived through the bad times and the good times. The first Rangers goalscorer I remember seeing was Max Murray at Dens Park in 1960-ish. Ralph Brand and Jimmy Millar were also about then. I remember too the Celtic 9 in a row years and they were tough to stomach. Then we had our own 9 in a row spell which was magic. Who'd have thought we'd be dumped into the bottom tier of Scottish football thanks mainly to the crooks how are now about to get their just desserts. I've no beef with Ally McCoist. I think he was given a well nigh impossible task and sadly he proved to be an inept coach and manager. We are nearly back at the top and I for one will relish the day when we play Celtic again and stuff them!

9.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 10:13:27
Great post DOIGER! everyone is quick to point at how well Hibs are doing and how badly we are playing, reality is that we are winning and even recently when we have slipped up and drawn Hibs have done likewise.

10.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 11:07:01
An interesting point I noticed in a similar vein was how it keeps getting mentioned that Hibs are tight at the back and don't let may goals in, wheras we're seen as a bit soft at the back.

Goals against for both teams in the league is exactly the same. Go figure!

11.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 11:27:34
I agree that hibs aren't as good as people say. They aren't thrashing teams and are scraping though some, but if you look back we have got away with a few things.

If I recall, start of the season St Mirren could have equalised with a pen which was then skyed over the bar. We went on to win 3-1 but that couldve went either way if that went in. Kings 90th min goal against Falkirk more recently. A bit of luck from Millers beauty at the weekend, and Tavs freekick against Hibs at Ibrox. All these games could have ended as draws or worse. Of course it's impossible to tell how the game would play out in the case of Tav and Millers goals, but hey that's football.

You could argue that teams play completely different when playing us though (I haven't watched any Hibs games to compare how teams setup against them) at the end of the day 3 points is 3 points and I can't wait to get out of this division.

12.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 00:13:37
hibs were lucky to draw with livingston, they don't impress me they are on par with dundee utd ( 2 nd class )

13.) 23 Feb 2016
23 Feb 2016 14:49:37
Border Ranger: True, but these aspects apply to any game of football, many times we have been on the wrong side of it.

14.) 24 Feb 2016
24 Feb 2016 14:51:51
This is the acid test 6 games coming up 5 at home Falkirk away, if get past them I, ll be confident, keep the faith in our team, we are the people let others worry.