29 Jul 2016 09:50:40
Big Lafferty in my opinion would not be a bad signing. He will do a job for us and he will give his all. And we also get to sing the song
Kyle Lafferty Kyle Lafferty
He's 7 foot and he plays the flute
Kyle Lafferty.

1.) 29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016 10:48:08
Feel as if it was going to be laff it probably would have happened by now and MW has said again it's not someone being reported.

2.) 29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016 12:33:07
Hope to god not! Nor McGregor and especially not Naismith or Whittaker. I for one will never forget this lot joining the queue to kick the club at its lowest ebb. We can do better imo.

3.) 29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016 13:05:48
If we got a player better than Naismith I'd be gobsmacked.

4.) 29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016 15:26:16
Kyle Lafferty, Kyle Lafferty.
He's 7 foot, he ran away for loot.
Kyle Lafferty.

5.) 29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016 16:49:06
just like nearly every other footballer in Scotland who has left, it was for cash.

6.) 29 Jul 2016
29 Jul 2016 18:31:18
True. However, normally it's a mutually beneficial arrangement for both player and club.

7.) 30 Jul 2016
30 Jul 2016 00:31:10
He's a big pleb. No thanks.

8.) 30 Jul 2016
30 Jul 2016 03:19:20
Now being investigated for betting irregularities. Definitely not what we want at Rangers. Last time round he was on the front page more than he was on the back page and it looks like we would have the same again. He can stay as far away from Rangers as possible.

9.) 02 Aug 2016
31 Jul 2016 14:49:39
Jimmybear, good info mate, i didn't know he could play the flute, what i do know is he can't play football, and he is the one player that should never, ever, be allowed to put on a rangers strip again, imho, he would maybe wear the shirt on holiday, as holidaying is much what he done first time around, until new contract were spoke of, then he would try, never in a million years rangers quality, .

10.) 02 Aug 2016
31 Jul 2016 15:54:11
Naismith knew if he resigned the or transfered over the cash was going in Chas Green pocket. I know a few lads who play golf with Naismith and he is Rangers daft. He was gutted at how it ended we need to move on from this position of hate when looking at these guys.
Ranges were a disaster zone and like you and me these lads have bills to pay.
Naismith. McGregor and Steve Davis would be welcomed with open arms.