01 Aug 2016 21:29:28
So Scott Loony thinks Aberdeen are going to be their main challengers next season! If this comment alone doesn't get us going nothing will! I think he knows how strong we'll be and is fishing for a war of words but I hope Barton especially let's the talking be done on the pitch! Let's keep our tact and work as the strong unit Warburton has built! Defender needed and I know people are calling for an out an out striker but I think we have enough from middle to front ( if we stop trying to walk the ball into the net every game ) to cause most teams a lot of trouble!

Broony comments will certainly come back to bite him on his a55 and I hope more than anything that starts to happen come September the 9th!

1.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 07:56:43
That's a bit unfair calling him a loony he's right Aberdeen will be their closet challengers for second.

2.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 10:34:28
Honestly, I feel he has to say this as all he is, or ever was, is somebody to get under the skin of opponents on and off the park. He's now struggling to do it on the park and coupled with the slating he's taken of Barton on Twitter this is his only response. As long as the media and dumb Celtic support continue to pander to this mug then he'll remain their Captain and this can only be good new for us. Long live Broony!

3.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 10:55:59
He's a loony alright and so is anyone else that thinks Rangers and Sellick won't be 1st and 2nd (in that order! )

Brown is obliged to be sellicks motormouth to keep up a persona, even if he doesn't actually believe the nonsense that he spouting himself!

4.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 11:01:31
Scott Broons opinions are like his playing style, dated. I don't think I've seen him hit a team mate with a pass once in the 3 games a watched them last year. Woeful player. Ball, Halliday and Holt taught him a footballing lesson last year. Barton, Halliday and Rossiter will embarrass him in September. He is a yesterday's man struggling to hold on.
I honestly don't care who they play against us in the middle of the park, we have better regardless.
Broon thinks the Sheep are a good team because they ran them close for a while, I personally just think it shows how bad Celtic actually were.

5.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 14:00:09
I know Brenda isn't done in the window but I think with the style of football we have here coupled with the fact that loony broony is there we will have the best midfield and that will dictate how the game pans out

that being said I think without a solid fast cb we will get hurt by the likes of dembelle and the wee rat.

6.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 15:12:39
Got to laff at the loony broony stuff, comedy gold.
By the way for school playground reasons if he is loony Broony where does that leave Barton lol.

7.) 02 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 16:03:27
We have a good midfield and a good attack, (even if Warburton wants another striker), but we have major deficiencies at centre back, (and Rogers has strengthened Celtics defence with the capture of the Liverpool guy. We will struggle with Kiran and Wilson at centre back and Hill is a long way short of match fitness. If we want to win this league we need at least one top quality centre back alongside Crooks.

8.) 03 Aug 2016
02 Aug 2016 20:35:07
thebear82 with a class response I like it.