10 Sep 2016 17:18:14
At what point do we as rangers fans start to question mark warburtons tactical naivity . his stubborness to keep playing 4.3.3 is frustrating and his lack of sorting out a defence that stevie wonder could see was bad from last season 2 CB should have been a priority and today he picked the wrong team in my opinion . Mckay should not have started nor krancjar . o, halloran should have started as should halliday and forrester we should have played a 4.5.1 keeping it tight and hit them on the counter attack . wallace needs dropped he's not done enough for me this season and hodson deserves a chance at LB . beating too easily today gave away cheap goals . however we move on and keep rebuilding and hopefully in january the board find the money to buy a CB who can defend.

1.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 17:23:19

Do you think Warburton is the man to take us forward?

2.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 17:29:28
I think he is a good man manager but his stubborness to keep playing 4.3.3 without changing it to suit each game is frustrating . teams are learning to play against us and we don't have a plan b and the defence should have been sorted . jury is still out for me i don't buy this magic hat crap he won the scottish championship . we never kicked a ball after semi final last season he needs to change his tactics when needed.

3.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 17:37:09
We played a 4-5-1 the day not 4-3-3 so whys your point?

4.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 17:37:24
No not if he refuses to adapt his game plan to change a game.

5.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 18:12:00
Spot on. Bigt time for 4,4,2 m. o. h needs a start.

6.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 18:13:49
Celtic fan here - I thought McKay was good today, I would have him in our team/ squad.

7.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 18:26:36
Warburtons war cry is "we will learn and move on "

Well he should listen to himself because we don't and we haven't.

We can blame and be critical of the players but he signed most of them and continues to pick them.
We have let better players go.

As to the other warcry "In warbs we trust"?

Aye right, good luck with that.

I am a truely disappointed bear that seen this coming even before the season started and unless you are blinkered, then i am sure many of you would agree.

8.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 19:09:25

Some are very blinkered on here and still can't see what is obvious too many fans. If you question the team your considered a Tim in disguise or not a proper Rangers fan.

9.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 21:22:49
McKay is shocking and has been all season. Needs dropped. Niko wasn't as bad as some are making out. Great dig and got in about it. Much sharper than previous games. Distribution wasn't the worst. Progress. Defence is brutal but we knew that. Windass is going to be class. Halliday may be a Ranger but he's not good enough IMO. Tav was best player on park today. Wes done the best he could with what was in front of him. Barton isn't a flair player so don't know what people expect from him. He does the unattractive part of football. Win the ball and move it on. He was ok but nothing special. He'll kick on from today and be better. His ego won't allow anything else. Wallace is in decline. Don't like seeing it because I'm a huge fan of his. Needs a good shake. This is the wake up call we needed. We'll kick on from here. £26.5 million versus £4.6 million. Speaks volumes.