12 Nov 2016 10:51:25
No ross mcormack. no jordan rhodes. no allan hutton. no charlie adam. scotland could be soo much stronger.

1.) 12 Nov 2016
12 Nov 2016 11:39:24
Do you honestly think these guys would have done any better last night?

2.) 12 Nov 2016
12 Nov 2016 20:04:33
charlie Adam, Tom cairney and Matt Phillips should have at least been in the squad.

3.) 12 Nov 2016
12 Nov 2016 20:22:17
Charlie Adam has not done much for a while for stoke however is a premiership player as is Rhodes. McCormack is also a proven goal scorer at the to level so any manager that chooses to ignore those plus others is a fool. Philllips has been playing well for west brim yet does not make the squad yet he picks Morison who has hardly featured. We need a new manager who is open to all players and does not select player he fits a system that they are rubbish at playing to.

4.) 12 Nov 2016
12 Nov 2016 21:09:19
Strachan hasn't picked the best players simple as.

5.) 13 Nov 2016
13 Nov 2016 10:18:54
I agree Davie. The old pals act is never advisable in this game.

6.) 13 Nov 2016
13 Nov 2016 13:17:58
Not playing McArthur or Ritchie was stupid! Form wise they have to be the first down. Snodgrass played in a position where he couldn't affect the game! Darren Fletcher is a shadow of his former self and is no good whatsoever. Broonie has always been Tomas Gravesen in disguise, a poor footballer at best! As for James Forest, he's just utter gash! Strachan is a clueless buffoon!

7.) 14 Nov 2016
14 Nov 2016 12:07:50
look as much as i want Strachan gone and agree with most of yous about picking the wrong side .

i thought that we where the better team for a lot of that game just couldn't finish our dinner and centre backs are awfull.

as i was writing that that sounds just like us (rangers) play better most of the game but can't keep clean sheets and can't score.