29 Nov 2016 15:33:45
well by the sounds of king at the agm the 5 year plan could come to end sooner than wee think king wants second spot for europe if this not acheived there will be serious questions getting asked of warburton
i see warburton saying we need give garner achance today saying he will come good the reason lad is getting critised is he does not suit this formation and warburton should nes this before he bought if he plays with a partner and wingers providing crosses he will score a barrel load but this will not happing till warbs changes his style.

1.) 29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016 16:08:10
warbs won't change his style mate that's why garner is a flop we have got to give the boy dodo a chance and miller supporting him.

2.) 29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016 16:15:55
Warburton is useless.

3.) 29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016 16:49:56
I want us to bring in a leader that can captain the team n the pitch and has a track record of winning. Who that would be I have no idea but it is what we need. Wallace is a good defender but he is not a leader!

4.) 29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016 17:16:10
Couldn't agree more, but the problem is he won't change his formation even when we can all see it needs changed.

5.) 29 Nov 2016
29 Nov 2016 22:38:15
We are second in the league in our first season back. Some fans stuck in the 90's.

6.) 30 Nov 2016
30 Nov 2016 08:42:12
The most accurate statement i've heard on here for ages RfcChris.

We've been spoiled and only now people realise how lucky we were to see some of the players we've had from the 90s to the early 00s as well, hell even up until 2010 we've had some class acts.

I think we'll just have to be patient and hopefully rough out on some of the younger gems we have, bit of confidence will do them the world of good if they go on a run.

7.) 30 Nov 2016
30 Nov 2016 11:34:09
It doesn't matter if we're 2nd or 102nd. The performances have been dire!

We are going backwards and any supporter who isn't worried by our performances since the second half of last season is in serious denial.