30 Nov 2016 21:48:24
Who would fellow bears bring in as a new manager?

1.) 30 Nov 2016
30 Nov 2016 21:55:55
Harry rednapp if only we could afford him for me.

2.) 30 Nov 2016
30 Nov 2016 21:56:56
This may seem controversial but I'd be happy with any manager who has a tactical knowledge of the game and big enough balls to keep players in check.

3.) 30 Nov 2016
30 Nov 2016 22:11:28
Hein vanhaezebrouck gent manager in Belgium very tactical astute changes on a game to game basis if he needs to plus always wants play on front foot but doesn't neglect the defending side of game there always well organised with a game plan and not afraid give youth a chance either
This man seems like what we need
Could we get i'm that is a difrent question.

4.) 30 Nov 2016
30 Nov 2016 22:32:45
We need a manager that is a totally ruthless, that demands success and doesn't accept second best. I doubt that we would get that without some real financial commitment from King and I am not sure that the funds are there to make it happen!

We need a captain and that should be a major priority. Wallace is not a leader and tonight he was a pretty poor defender as well.

We are miles away from Celtic and drifting further away by the day. We don't appear to have a manager that is a winner that can pick the guys up when they are down and what Weir is doing defies understanding.

This is the worst centre half partnership we have seen in the top league in forty five years and the poorest captain that I can recall. He does not have one ounce of leadership quality!

5.) 03 Dec 2016
01 Dec 2016 22:07:33
We can't afford to pay him off. we are stuck with this until end of season unfortunately. This was always going to happen he is a mediocre manager with next to no football nuance on how to change his tactics to win a game. let's be honest our last 2 wins were bloody lucky and we have been sitting watching this "pish" with tinted blue glasses hoping we were wrong with what we were seeing? time to rip the plan up and start again. the way we should have from 2012 not looking for quick bloody fixes. long term and sustainable. the future is youths with a sprinkle of old head.