08 Dec 2016 19:31:58
Is it just me or are the daily record touting Billy gilmore. He's a young lad with bags of talent and this sorry excuse of a paper seem to be putting his name out there in what I feel is an attempt to attract unwanted attention to this young lad. It's tough enough for us to keep our young talent as it is without them lot advertising him every other week.

1.) 09 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016 08:41:25
If I'm being honest they upped young Dembele fair more than Gilmour which annoys me. Gilmour has bags of potential, a sponsorship deal with Adidas already (Rarity for a young Scottish player) played with the u20's the other night, and will no doubt be in the first team in 2-3 years.

2.) 09 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016 14:42:02
In the team if he stays that long mate! Hopefully he does though! He certainly already looks an amazing prospect with half of all the big clubs in europe chasing his signature! Remember the name, billy gilmour, because everyone's going to know who this youngster is in a few years time!

3.) 09 Dec 2016
09 Dec 2016 15:21:30
Two words.

John Fleck.

4.) 10 Dec 2016
10 Dec 2016 10:17:46
John fleck has made a career for himself away from us good luck to the lad.