28 Jan 2017 14:08:28
I really like hyndman,,he has been very good plus he creates lots of chances,,but we still don't score enough goals
Ffs why are we taking miller off,,this game isn't done yet,,,and he is the one player i rely on to score

1.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 14:16:01
Hyndman is going to b a great player for us. He has it all and his touch and vision is exactly what has been missing in engine room. Hopefully Rossiter will get some game time soon and Halliday can drop out.

2.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 14:21:36
Looks like a young Messi, let's hope he plays like him 😂

3.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 14:23:33
Hyndman is class

4.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 14:23:58
I wonder were that ranks in Fat Mghees list of defeats😂

5.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 14:31:01
Hyndman by far the best player on the pitch however think Halliday must have set a world record for the amount of times he gave the ball away. Toral looked good too once he gets up to speed sure he will be an asset

6.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 14:40:46
Both of warburtons signings look very good, not bad for a gaffer who only signs DUDS. we looked very good today, after we got over the red card, we never started the game well, but after the first 15 mins we totally controlled the game, very good 3 points

7.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 16:57:21
Surely no-one is giving MW credit for those two signings?

That would be like saying he might after all know what he is doing. can't have that on here after all it's a site for Rangers fans!

Good day today. more of the same please

8.) 28 Jan 2017
28 Jan 2017 17:49:14
delboy1979 ----- Our manager presumably took Miller off as the result of the horrible tackle on him and the fact that he was given a pain killer on the field of play

9.) 29 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017 15:50:06
thought the lad hyndman was head and shoulders above anyone on the park - ran the game for us today good touch great weight of pass I would luv to see rossiter fit and start in engine room with hyndman and windass or harry halliday is a trier but gives it away too much and caught in possession way too often.

10.) 29 Jan 2017
29 Jan 2017 16:01:57
Defo think when we're at full fitness Halliday could struggle to get into the team and i would also like is to b more clinical as some of the attacking posistions we get into are really dangerous