05 Mar 2017 02:39:08
We are now where near celtic unfortunately. But todays result proves we can do well. Our two loan players hyndman (what a player he has been since he joined) and toral who had a great game today. Can make the difference in big games (and today was a big game) its a shame garner is suspended for the old firm as I think he could do a job. The best we can hope for is a draw? And a good performance? If we do that and get a decent manager in next season? Then why can't we challenge for the league? Dembelle will be away. and big brenda will stay for another season at most. And what is the chance of them signing another dembelle for £500,000? Nae chance. Next season will be closer. We can only hope. Keep believing! Big marv.

1.) 05 Mar 2017
05 Mar 2017 06:21:35
Dunoonbluebear they don't need to buy another dembele for £500,000 if he goes. you forget they have the money to buy a striker for x millions if need be. People laughed on here at them spending 3.5 million on a nobody from Aston villa ( sinclair) 17 goals later and excellent performances shows what you get for that money. You say a new manager will have us close . not without a clear out and new players which we cannot afford as I said to you on the celtic posts take off the blue specs and see where we are and how far we have to go to be close and that's without them strengthening which they will. they paid millions for a young guy in Jan and he is a future project if we spend anything he has got to be good enough to walk into the team and make a big big impact and you don't get that with the money we can spend

2.) 05 Mar 2017
05 Mar 2017 11:01:08
Let's face it no one can mock any team buying a player for) £500k and potentially selling for £40m especially in Scotland that money will transform that team and last for years plus for the rest of the teams maybe we can sell our own players for a higher price, remember gattuso leaving we only got £2.5m within a couple of months he was £8m and that was because he played in Scotland and no one rated us plus they knew we need cash so there was no leverage for us to get more, so when I see what is happening at celtic with dembele only the most bitter or stupid would not see that as one of if not the greatest bits of transfer business in our country. If we signed the guy and could make that cash we would be wetting ourselves at the thought could you imagine the bull rumours of what we could do with that cash. Me I'm an optimist and I hope that maybe the next manager can find a few gems, maybe get more out of the team and guys like mackay, windass, rossiter and young Gilmour will become more valuable as our league will be in the shop window and with a higher profile. Players like snodgrass who hasn't just held his own but been a standout for his team over the last few years and even though Burke never played here he is still Scottish and they will make people maybe take an interest in buying our players. It will be a long road but selling players for decent cash if the way ahead for Scottish football. The one thing that holds us back is the anti old firm stance from other clubs and especially the media, we have our troubles but when celtic had theirs the media used to treat them just as bad, the BBC in Scotland would have Peter Pawlett and the likes rated higher than dembele, mackay or Gilmour and that kind of nonsense is one of the things that devalues our players that and their hatred of successful teams.

3.) 05 Mar 2017
05 Mar 2017 09:56:42

If you look at the clubs Sinclair has played for he is hardly a nobody.

4.) 05 Mar 2017
05 Mar 2017 14:38:16
Stewie25 the point I was making was on here people laughed at celtic spending big money on sinclair and big wages on dembele where as we were picking up gems via the hats contacts and the joke was we will destroy them with a team costing less than 1 of their players. well I am saying the joke was on us. Rossiter was wanted by epl teams but we got him for 250,000 bargain. played 3 games who the hell wanted him? All our bargain signings are just that. 1.8 my for garner 7 goals not a justifiable return. these players either have to improve drastically or move on but who will pay the money for them? Where do we get the money for replacements?