06 Mar 2017 19:04:21
What is going on at our club ment to have director football in by end last week new manager wanted to be in by monday tuesday at latest to prepare for celtic match yet we still not got anyone in so far if the club are not prepared to pay conpension to clubs for there manager or director of football why bother going for them in the first plus due dilgence should be done first on the targets

1.) 06 Mar 2017
06 Mar 2017 21:06:31
Geez a break Craig. at least try to give the board the benefit of some intelligence

2.) 06 Mar 2017
06 Mar 2017 21:22:17
we will soon see how they plan on taking us forward this summer is a big summer for our board and these appointments are crucial to it so main targets need to be secured to help us

3.) 06 Mar 2017
06 Mar 2017 22:44:45
I would rather they took they're time and got it right cause this is important we get it right. Weve got to trust the board on this one.

4.) 07 Mar 2017
07 mar 2017 14:17:15
if no real investment is put in this summer, then we will know that the board have no money as they say they do.