20 Sep 2017 21:44:50
Another unconvincing performance against Partick Thistle in the cup with the only highlight being young Ross McCrorrie's impressive debut.

Which gets one thinking?

Why not build a team of youngster from the youth set up i. e. The McCrorrie brothers, Barjonas, Burt, Hardie to name a few.

Squad of 18 players of which 5 are senior players (over 25) max.
Predominately British players (as speaking same language must be a huge advantage)

Manchester United built a team full of youth back in 1992 so it's proven to work.

If they can do it why can't we? We have the best training facility and a good academy.

Ally McCoist had the chance to do it when we were in Division 3 but he didn't. That really annoys me and I doubt we'd be in this position now if he had went ahead with it.

I just don't understand whoever has been the manager in the last 5 or 6 years, why we keep buying sub standard foreigners when we have a well established academy?

1.) 20 Sep 2017
20 Sep 2017 22:26:48
Was really impressed with the boy McRorrie does make you wonder how many other young guys would grab their chance if given it.

2.) 20 Sep 2017
20 Sep 2017 22:41:53
OK and if they start to lose games like feck wll they be given the backing and support. Get a grip.

3.) 20 Sep 2017
20 Sep 2017 23:01:20
I love how the neigh sayers want that I'm sure if someone within the club did it folk would be wanting blood granted mccoist had the chance to do it a bit but he went for over price second rate spl players

4.) 20 Sep 2017
20 Sep 2017 23:03:22
they would get booed off the park like anyone else. we don't have supporters we have glory hunters

5.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 00:57:30
@b&rsocks - like you say we missed that opportunity when Super Ally was in charge after demotion to Div 3. Unfortunately we have fans who can't go week to week with the odd blip, never mind 3 - 4 years whilst a team of youngsters blend together.
P. S. the Man Utd youngsters were also an extremely talented bunch who nearly all came through at the same time.

6.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 00:58:35
You can't win anything with kids.

7.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 00:52:02
Pedro has already opened the door to Hardie, McCrorie, Barjonas, Beerman etc all in the space of a few months. It takes time and patience to do this with kids, and to quote the sublime and unique Class of 92 is a bit much as no other club in British (or maybe even world) football has had such phenomenal success with youngsters. Even United have never got near to replicating that. And their team wasn't 'full of youth' there were good senior pros to help them develop as they joined the first team over a three-year period.

8.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 01:19:41
We should have done this when we got relegated to a division 3 instead of buying short term crap. We would have been reaping the benefits now. Also, there MUST be a left winger somewhere in the youth academy that can actually play the position. We don't actually have a left winger in our whole squad.

9.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 09:28:37

That ship has sailed.

When the inevitable happened and we ended up in the 4th division, THAT was the time to do that. A team of 17-21 year olds with a few old heads was the way to do it. Instead McCoist paid guys like Daly, Sandaza and Kyle 8 grand a week. A team of youngsters would probably have won that league and then the next one. By the time we were in the Championship they have 80 odd games under their belts and strutting about like peacocks.

Admittedly the right young lads would have had to be available at the time but this didn't appear to have been even considered.

10.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 10:33:02
To be fair to Ally, he did play boys like Hutton, Perry, Mckay, Crawford, Little, Murdoch and with the exception of Mckay they were all rotten and they've all went into the wilderness since.

11.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 10:38:46
If we don't have a left winger then why did we sell/ give away Mckay?

12.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 14:39:52
people seem to forget the likes of aird crawford fleck and quite a few other where given plenty of game time under ally but u can't have a team of just youth players as they wouldn't learn or win often enough.
second rate spl players where good enough to get us through tree devisions with the help of a lot of youngsters look back at the team when we played in the 3rd devision if u are still adamant that we didn't give youth a chance then you should have gone to specsavers.

and we are not manchester united in the 90's its not feasible to have a team of just youth as most in the spl would walk over the top of a youth squad.

i do agree we should maybe bring 1or 2 into the first team like mccorrie and atakiyi and barjonas but use them in the cup games

13.) 21 Sep 2017
21 Sep 2017 22:39:42
Bankie, we sold McKay because he had no heart, was inconsistent beyond belief, had a bad attitude and was sheite more often than not. Simples.

14.) 22 Sep 2017
22 Sep 2017 12:11:20
Likely because he was going to walk for nothing and we can't afford that.

15.) 22 Sep 2017
22 Sep 2017 12:12:56
@bankie - his attitude and form was rank rotten!
P. S. He's been on the bench for Forest as well last couple of games after starting the season well. Sound familiar?