09 Dec 2017 19:09:29
I really think we need to speak to someone like alex mcleish and get him in until the end of the season. He would steady the ship, knows the club and what it takes to manage and will give to players a kick up the back side!

1.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 20:06:42
i’d prefer to stick with murty, he’s doing fine just now maybe he should get a chance til the end of the season? pretty sure pep guardiola and luis enrique and zidane were all youth team coaches before taking over barca/ real. i’m not saying it’s the same cause they have dyno players but i can’t think of a similar example in britain

2.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 20:07:58
Steady a ship that’s won 3 games in a row . Murty doing well enough to be given till end of the season re asses it in January for me if still going well give him the transfer window and give the man a chance

3.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 20:16:08
totally agree

4.) 09 Dec 2017
09 Dec 2017 20:38:04
If he keeps winning why not give him the job on a permanent basis!