31 Dec 2017 09:20:32
Said when we signed Niko he was passed it. Still has passing ability but that's about it. And yesterday totally backed that up. His passing was shocking aswell to be fair!

Great result considering the rest of the team carried him.

He shouldn't be near the team sheet again.

Apparently there are funds available to sign players. Probably 2 I would imagine. Doubt we could get Murphy as 1mill might be out our reach. think walker would be a decent signing and if the board dug deep and found the funds Murphy. Naismith. Davis (would love this) . and maybe 1 or 2 loan signings. caulker would be good for the defence. Just his wages would be a problem. Not saying we can or would sign all these players but couple would deffinetly strengthen the team.

1.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 10:30:46
Niko is never the player he once was however and I know anyone who's played football will understand that a player at niko age and considering his lack of games and niggles he's had over the past season then the only way he will show his ability is to be given time to get match fit! An hour or so in the next half dozen games then I reckon you would see more of the old maestro back

2.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 10:43:59
Think it depends on departures too. So far the papers have speculated about Foderingham, Tavernier, Alves, Cardoso, Pena, Windass and Herrera

3.) 31 Dec 2017
31 Dec 2017 11:43:06
All can go apart from fod n tav.

Maybe Herrera could get a run in the team and see how he is given a chance.

I think Murty rates windass

4.) 01 Jan 2018
01 Jan 2018 11:57:47
Think Foderingham will remain . it was Warburton wanting to sign him and he's been bumped