07 Feb 2018 23:37:38
First of all this isn’t a bashing for Murty as I genuinely like the man. He’s brought a bit of identity back to us but the facts are the facts and points are what matter. He seems to be able to motivate the players for the so called bigger games but the teams we have dropped most points against are the bread and butter teams we should be dealing with, with ease. The fact is we have dropped 17 points since he took charge. Say what you want about mcinnes but the reason the sheep have stayed above us is they beat these teams. I think we got caught with our trousers down when he knocked us back and had no option but to appoint Murty.

1.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 01:14:50
How many of those games were without his singings though?

2.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 07:30:31
Spot on. Also murty 3 mcinnes 0.

3.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 11:37:30
"Spot on. Also murty 3 mcinnes 0."
But still behind them. Surely that's more important.

4.) 09 Feb 2018
09 Feb 2018 08:13:29
I think come the end of the season we'll know if murty is the answer as manager. 2nd in league and cup run, else bye bye.