13 Apr 2018 14:36:13
Allowing or 'forcing' Wilson and Bates to leave is bad news for the club. Two Scots with the potential to play for their country, get the Rangers story and were coming into their game. I'd rather the two of them in our centre defence, McCrorie of course in the mix, than Alves and Martin. We need to look longer term than stopping Celtic win the league next season. I'm beginning to question Mark Allen. Hamburg are no fools and know they've done a good deal.

1.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 15:04:50
sorry k what evidence do you actually have that the club either allowed or forced either player to leave?

there are far too many people believing the utter tosh written in the press and have no idea what agents demands actually are

i personally know an agent who has signed players for both halves of OF and he openly admits he’s out to get as much money for himself and player as he possibly can regardless of form, stability, injuries, long term
career prospects, national team call ups, players well-being. you name it they want 1 thing. money

if their demands are ridiculous and refuse to allow player to sign a new deal how are club forcing or allowing players to move?

they aren’t it’s down to the agents

2.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 18:45:48
Is 7.5k really ridiculous?

3.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 21:20:35
No when Ian black Kyle . Clark. Etc etc were all on that sort of dough.

4.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 21:51:17
Bates was rubbish so was Wilson who cares that they have gone

5.) 13 Apr 2018
13 Apr 2018 22:06:29
Are Hamburg not getting relegated? Or on the verge. If they can pay more fair play all the best. Prefer soutter, mckenna and I'm sure there's many more to Bates. Did like him though.