25 Apr 2018 19:00:03
Regarding Warnock as possible next manager, he just signed a new 2 year contract in Feb’18. This may make it quite expensive to take him on. I think the board may look at the cheaper options. This may include van Bronckhorst (last year of contract), Alex Neil (1 year rolling contract), De Boer (not in a job), Michael Preudhomme, who I think would do a decent job. He has good record with clubs he has been at.

1.) 25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018 19:39:32
Shaft1690 correct and he’s on the brink of taking Cardiff to the premier league or compete in the play offs. I’d bet my house on it he’s not the next Rangers Manager.

2.) 25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018 19:52:45
@gazzarobertson who’s rankled now eh?

I’ve not got a problem or attacking any fellow bears but your posting on here it’s a done deal, he’s calling the shots on player signings, he has a house in inverkip and oh Stuart McCall has said no to being no 2 really?

Tell us all how u know this did an ex player tell u? Someone in ibrox or Neil himself?

I might be wrong but I doubt it

3.) 25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018 20:35:13
You are rankled. clearly. My source works closely with certain things. His information is usually spot on previously. I will share any information he gives me with fellow rangers fans and I certainly won't be stopping because of wee bitchy comments from the likes of yourself. Behave. All I've done is share information given to me.

Regardless of contracts signed for all we know Neil resigned or has agreed to walk away at the end of the season from his contract. Or we have funding in place to allow for these expenditures.

4.) 25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018 20:49:30
I have no idea who our next manager will be but surely if we are targeting Arfield and Mcarthur there must be some kind of verbal agreement in place with someone to take the job, I know we have Allan the DOF and he targets players for the manager, but a new manager might not like them it just seems another back to front decision like us appointing Pedro then getting a DOF, suppose time will tell

5.) 25 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018 20:56:44
😂😂 ok then

If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to say ✌️