21 Jun 2018 20:26:53
Just my opinion here like.

So Katic looks like a big strong laddie who can handle himself and likes a physical challenge so he said and can also play in midfield

What about playing him in CM? He can control the centre of the park and also put a tackle in and break down thebefore the attack

1.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 20:35:42
Ross mccrorrie does that very well

2.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 20:38:21
Sorry bud but he's been signed to play defence it's good that he CAN play in midfield but his natural position is centre back

3.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 20:50:32
He’s played centre mid as much as centre half for his old club. Read his old managers comments. Posted it a week ago

4.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:13:45
We finally get a big strong centre half and folk want him in midfield

5.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:16:06
I don’t understand why a lot of people are wanting Katic to play in midfield. We have McRorie, Jack and Rossiter who can all play CDM but we hardly have any decent centre halfs.

6.) 21 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:21:43
Katie has been signed to play centre back, end of. We only currently have two real CB’s, him and Gouldson. Cardosso will be gone as soon as he can find another team and Albee won’t be available after the World Cup until around The end of August, by which time we’ll have played a number of European games (hopefully) and started the league and will have a settled centre back pairing. We actually have 3 players who can fill the defensive midfield position, Rossiter, Jack and McCrorie. It was just unbelievable bad luck that all 3 of them spentvthe majority of last season injured. However currently they are all fit so we shouldn’t have a problem in that position.

7.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:36:11
I repeat, lad has played as much at centre mid as he has centre half. This is what his old manager did with him. Purely correct information. Let’s just trust in Stevie. If he wants someone to play a cm that physically dwarfs the oppositions then I guess we should question his actions?!? . We need ideas v Brown I’m sure you’d agree amigos

8.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:45:13
Ger78 the world cup finishes in mid-July so why would it take another six weeks for Alves to return?

9.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:46:21
Has she aye

10.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 21:52:00
Ger78 who is Katie, Gouldson, cardossso and Albee morning confused? Lol

11.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 22:51:23
Katic will play where he's told!

12.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 22:55:00
PLay him in CM. the role we have several players to play while the centre of defence is shocking. great idea

13.) 22 Jun 2018
21 Jun 2018 22:57:30
End of August? How long do you think the World Cup lasts? There will be players who will pay in the final that will be playing long before the end of August

14.) 22 Jun 2018
22 Jun 2018 07:31:02
Sorry about spelling was writing that half asleep. My point about Alves was that he’ll need a break after the World Cup A’s unlike the rest of the squad hasn’t had one. We’ll of already started our games while the World Cup is still on so will need a settle back two. I’m guessing we won’t see Alves ready to go until well into August. That is if he still wants to be here at all!

15.) 22 Jun 2018
22 Jun 2018 08:41:03
I've been saying for years that we should sign some gigantic Balkan psycho with a face like a bag of hand grenades to play in the heart of our defence. We finally sign one (sort of) and folk want to play him in midfield. Chuffing hell.