10 Aug 2018 21:31:33
I know it’s very early days fellow bears, but the way we have conducted ourselves over the summer since SG’s appointment is reminding me of how we were under Walter.

By that I mean, how we’re keeping our council, going about our business, there is a professionalism now which wasn’t there under PC or Murty, as I don’t think certain members of the board or players were happy under either stewardship.

We have struck gold with this appointment and it will only get better as we gain momentum.

I feel and our club is being led from the inside again, by good decent footballing brains and also Gentleman as was the rangers I knew and respected.

If we can progress in Europe and reach the stages where we’re getting a turnover again, this already would be a remarkable and significant step forward.

I am sure under SG and GMcC we have a great chance of reaching a level, that once again, will have us a the top of Scottish football.

Really looking forward to this season, unless Klopp loses his first 6 games lol.

1.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 22:02:43
Breathe of fresh air, totally agree jardine72.

2.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 22:34:37
There is no doubt Rangers have pulled a master stroke in pointing Steven Gerrard as manager. His name alone has pulled some class players. Gerrard is a winner and will not want to fail. He and his team is bringing the feel good factor back to Ibrox. He and Mark Allen have bought/ signed well. And so far they have spent less than Pedro did.

3.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 23:04:31
Absoulutly buzzing. we all are ibrox was a brilliant place on thurs. no seen that for a while. beating them at hampden and knocking Motherwell out cup wi the deano goal was good but this . this is the real mcoy. Thank the lord we never got mcinnes. Thank you Derik from the bottom of my heart.

4.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 09:20:19
We are looking good but let's wait to see where we are after 12 games before getting carried away. I’m optimistic the banter years are over as well but let's see where we sit in December at the break.