25 Sep 2018 13:40:29
Anyone know where I would be able to watch the game tomorrow in Barcelona?

1.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 16:50:59
hi zikos i'm not sure of any rangers bar but there are a few scottish bars around the place.

2.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 17:50:09
Barcelona is a cold place for Rangers fans. In more than a dozen visits I've never found anything closely resembling a Rangers pub. However, some sports bars might show it if you ask.

3.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 20:32:31
It was very cold on 1972.

4.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 20:39:32
Flaherty's at the bottom of la Ramblas behind burger king, has 3 different rooms, you might get it on the backroom.

5.) 26 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 23:15:47
I was there, Bankie, and it certainly was a cold place for us even in our famous victory. Attacked by police, not just inside the ground but in the city centre too, where many bars refused to serve supporters. We were staying in Lloret de Mar so we didn't hang about for long. Since then, business, pleasure and Rangers have taken me back there at least a dozen times and I've yet to find any bar that is in any way 'Rangers minded' but plenty of the other kind.

6.) 26 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 23:24:17
Thanks gents, I didn't think I would find a Rangers bar but there always seems to be a Scottish bar so will hopefully find something. I'm not far from la ramblas so will checkout. the backrooms as dodgy as it sounds. Thanks again.