01 Sep 2019 14:00:17
Gaffer got it totally wrong today. This game was crying out for Jones and Morelos to start. We were two men down with Aribo and Defoe. Handed them our arse on a plate today. Katic and Shags only pass marks for me. Woeful.

1.) 01 Sep 2019
01 Sep 2019 14:06:53
totally agree, they did to us what we did to them at ibrox in May. Think aribo was totally shocked by the occasion, we needed an attacking set up from the start and gerrard was too cautious there. We played with no width and were second best to most balls.

2.) 01 Sep 2019
01 Sep 2019 14:21:21
I can see Helander taking Goldson's shirt. Fair play to them, they earned it but we never put up a fight. Tav was s**t, Davis was off. Couldn't play from the back. Hoof ball all day.

I'm on the night shift. Should've stayed in my scratcher. Good night.