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08 Nov 2018 19:54:59
That’s why Katic hasn’t been playing! Worral is better. Need Barisic back ASAP squad isn’t big enough for all these matches. Very unlucky tonight with the disallowed goal, just individual mistakes has cost us tonight,


1.) 08 Nov 2018 22:09:20
Flanagan and Goldson were the culprits for me not Katic. 1st goal the ball came from Flanagan side, both Candeias and Tav lost their men. 2nd goal Goldson scored an OG because he tried to clear it with the wrong foot, 3rd goal Flanagan should have got rid of it instead chose to play the ball inside and Ejaria didn't help matters. 4th goal took a deflection off Goldson, so I don't see why your blaming Katic to be honest, Flanagan was by miles the worst player on the park for me closely followed by all 3 cms. The defending in general was very poor, if you concede 4 goals in 1 game you don't deserve anything.

2.) 09 Nov 2018 06:32:17
Katic was crap jordy, surely you saw that.

3.) 09 Nov 2018 07:31:25
I am not saying katic played well, the whole defence was shocking but for me Goldson and Flanagan were the main culprits.

4.) 09 Nov 2018 08:45:37
Defence was a disgrace👍.

5.) 09 Nov 2018 16:54:09
Goldson and Flanagan both extremely poor last night and cost us the match.

6.) 09 Nov 2018 17:34:19
I don't get why flanagan keeps getting a game. like jordy says culpable for 3 goals imo.



07 Sep 2018 11:35:52
Just read Grezda has been sent home from Albania training camp because of concerns over an ankle injury which has kept him out from may! How could he have passed his medical if there was a problem, bit concerning.


1.) 07 Sep 2018 12:02:48
Attention grabbing headline that's all. He just isn't match fit according to the smaller detail. Which obviously he won't be.

2.) 07 Sep 2018 12:06:23
Free him and cut our losses.

3.) 07 Sep 2018 12:09:46
@jboy21 😂😂😂😂.

4.) 07 Sep 2018 14:38:27
Brian1987 surprised the rossiter gang are not on wanting grezda paid off.

5.) 07 Sep 2018 15:56:30
jboy21 is the rossiter / grezda gang the same as the tav gang?

6.) 07 Sep 2018 18:13:11
No I'd say different.

7.) 07 Sep 2018 19:31:22
As a club we seem to love taking on injured or unfit players.

8.) 07 Sep 2018 19:32:30
Class @jboy21😂👍😂.

9.) 07 Sep 2018 19:34:56
You mean the same Jordan Rossiter who’s hardly played in 2 full seasons and getting paid pretty well, that one?

10.) 07 Sep 2018 19:53:38
Rick witter he was fine when we got him and I later him.

11.) 07 Sep 2018 21:02:06
Jordan who?

12.) 07 Sep 2018 21:32:51
I've never known a club to have this kind of bad luck rgearing new signings and injurys even from the days of Daniel Prodan.

13.) 08 Sep 2018 17:40:58
Jboy21, I don’t even know what that means.




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11 Nov 2018 20:03:00
I have to say Gareth McAuley done well when he came in even though Motherwell didn’t offer much in 2nd half he was a calming presence in the back line which we probably need at the minute, I’d like to see him Goldson together are could Gerrard try the 3cbs again with mcauley included.


1.) 12 Nov 2018 08:06:43
McAuley has loads of experience in the EPL and is also a seasoned international so he will be a quality addition to the team when required.



09 Nov 2018 08:33:39
I think we are starting to see why A 2nd rate french team we’re prepared to let Coulibaly go on loan for me is doesn’t do anything particularly well. Midfield is definitely the problem I don’t see how Docherty can’t get in that team, we need a creative midfielder in January and dare I say it a Scott brown type player that we haven’t had in years and certainty a left back because Halliday and Flanagan certainly aren’t the answer. Current squad probably assembled for around 7million that’s not good enough if we want to challenge for the title considering Celtic went out and got a striker for more than that.


1.) 09 Nov 2018 10:17:36
I agree with the Scott Brown type. We are still desperately lacking a leader for a captain. Should have made McGregor captain.

2.) 10 Nov 2018 16:16:51
When doc went on loan Coulibaly was on fire . his injury against st Mirren has set him well back.

3.) 10 Nov 2018 16:22:39
36 u and others go on about how we need a left back, Flanagan and Halliday not good enough. All about opinions but we have a two million left back Barisic.



05 Nov 2018 08:49:02
Some difference between the reaction towards Lennon and moroles getting hit with coins, when it happened to Lennon I was expecting a day of mourning in Scotland for him, barely a word from the same people when it happened to Fredo. But like I said last week it’s hardly a surprise.


1.) 05 Nov 2018 11:19:22
The man could have lost an eye mate. It's totally unacceptable!

2.) 05 Nov 2018 11:34:48
I'm not saying what happened to lennon was right, but maybe next time he will think twice about goading fans, he has to accept that his behaviour was part of the reason why the incident happened in the first place👍.

3.) 05 Nov 2018 12:08:42
there should be no coin throwing, but the Lennon incident has been blown out of all proportion, he felt the coin on his face but looked skyword as if he thought it was a birds droppings, but then he saw the coin on the ground and then made a right mug of himself by proceeding to fall down as if he had been shot or even hurt, a right dumplin.

4.) 05 Nov 2018 12:23:27
We’re did I say it was acceptable? I said the difference in the reaction is what I have a problem with, there’s a tweet on Rangers observer we’re it shows you who tweeted about Lennon but haven’t tweeted about moroles the usual suspects.

5.) 05 Nov 2018 13:13:33
So Coldo Lennon goading fans is unacceptable but Morelos goading fans is!?

6.) 05 Nov 2018 14:05:30
Did I say that tompo? When you goad you encourage a reaction regardless of who you are. Doesn't make the reaction justified. Take responsibility for your own actions👍. Sympathy is non existent though when you constantly play the victim card👍.

7.) 05 Nov 2018 14:44:23
Morelos didn't goad anybody. Celebrated a goal in his usual way. Lennon celebrated a disallowed goal gesturing to the hearts fans what did morelos do that you class as goading?

8.) 05 Nov 2018 18:03:05
Wtf did Morelos do apart from celebrate his goal? Lemmon has previous regarding inciting opposition fans (especially ours), but there seems to be one rule for him and another for everybody else. Unless he has a face the size of a coffee table that coin hit him on the chest. Embarrassing to say the least.

9.) 05 Nov 2018 18:19:08
unfortunately your last sentence isn't true Coldo. All his mates in the press big it up and make him out to be such an unfortunate victim. every. single. time 😕.

10.) 05 Nov 2018 18:21:13
Ok I think we mostly all agree that anyone from any club throwing objects that may hurt or injure should be banned from matches. My first thoughts, when Lennon got hit, with what looked like a pound coin, was outrage on his behalf, when he through himself on the floor embarassment. When Morelos got hit with what looked like a 50p was what cheapskates St. mirren supporters are. No seriously its unacceptable.

11.) 05 Nov 2018 19:53:08
Tompo88 hardly the same can't actually believe you posted that it's always the victim with Lennon 9 times out of 10 if hibs get beat it's a dive it's the ref it's always something but never his fault.

12.) 05 Nov 2018 20:36:31
Tompo that's part of the game look at Boyd against the sheep .

13.) 05 Nov 2018 21:08:08
It’s a wonder collum never booked Morelos for his tongue coming out more than the regulation 2 inches 👅.

14.) 06 Nov 2018 20:46:06
36. We show the right reaction to what is unacceptable behaviour. Courts need to jail theses people even for 14 days.
Let's be honest our fans havè let us down before.

15.) 06 Nov 2018 20:47:24
No candlelight vigil for Morelos. Wonder if the media will condemn the Saints fan as a person? Double standards as expected.

16.) 05 Nov 2018 20:52:54
Coldo its not really about the coin throwing incident tho is it, if this was the first time like Morelos then no reaction but this is prob the 100th or 1000th Lennon has had to put up with it.
Letter bombs, threats to himself and family, death threats, vile abuse daily, all because he is an irish catholic.
Now if this was Morelos and because he is black there would be an absolute uproar and would a been stopped years ago.
Look at UEFA they ban fans at grounds where there has been racial abuse, but here its been going on 20 years and nothing done, the man has been assaulted twice on the pitch and nothing done.

I should be amazed that you lot are not condemning this but then again i not surprised, u choose to criticise lennon it shows u up for what u are.

17.) 06 Nov 2018 21:01:56
Lennon got hit in the chest with padded jackets and over clothes on then realised it was a coin held his face and was hitting the deck like he had been shot . Of course coin throwing is unacceptable but so is the clown antics of Lennon. Alfredo was hit with the same force and shrugged it off whereas Lennon as usual unashamedly milks the situation.

18.) 06 Nov 2018 21:05:13
Most supporters/ fans, (bar the coin throwers) are disgusted with this behaviour, but I must agree Lenny milked that incident to try an get sympathy. Every fan not associated with timco knows he is a trouble maker when thing don't go his way.



04 Nov 2018 13:11:27
Have to say I enjoyed the players celebrating with the fans after the 1st goal especially big Goldson giving out big bear hugs nice to see it means a lot to the players.


1.) 04 Nov 2018 16:18:39
Love to see that lads celebrating as well but any excuse for a yellow card and the Refs cannot get them out quick enough.

Suspensions of the needless type will and have cost us dearly.

2.) 04 Nov 2018 20:44:02
Let’s not turn into Celtic. We beat st Mirren who haven’t won in 10 games. Celebrations were over the top. Fans running onto park . Really? Get a grip.

And what about Steven Thompson comments tonight? Morelos gets hit with a coin and he gets asks to comment.

His response? The st Mirren keeper got hit by 3. What a complete .



31 Oct 2018 10:32:35
I had to laugh when I read a certain rangers fans page criticising Gerrard for publicly slamming the team and how it’s was unacceptable blah blah blah! The greatest manager of all time Alex Ferguson slammed his team in numerous occasions and said it was fine as long as you don’t single out individual players Gerrard didn’t single out a player, what he said was spot on. There’s obviously a few bottlers in that team that need replacing.


1.) 31 Oct 2018 10:45:58
My problem with that is he signed most of these “bottlers “ tho.

2.) 31 Oct 2018 10:52:36
The biggest bottlers in that team are Tavernier and Candias and he didn’t sign them. All of his signings apart from Sadiq have been a success.

3.) 31 Oct 2018 11:22:05
36 I think some of our fans want to go back to murty they really don’t know how to support our team when the going gets tough.

4.) 31 Oct 2018 13:31:09
I honestly can't get my head round some fans wanting rid of the manager. Surely even his harshest critic must see a vast improvement from last few seasons. Time for everybody to stay calm and get behind the man.

5.) 31 Oct 2018 13:50:26
Candeias could run a marathon before every game, can't fault him for effort, but effort is all you get, very few quality crosses, with very few shots on target.

Tav is a poor defender and costs us points including the scottish cup v hivs where hivs and every other team know he is the weak link in defence.

He also offers very few crosses and corners as he can't whip the ball in past the first defender.
Never a captain and will never play for England
I would drive Tav to West Brom myself as I think his level is somewhere like Burton with ex SP Liam Boyce, Scott Fraser, and David Templeton.
Sell both in January SG and bite WBA hand off if they offer 3m for Tav.

6.) 31 Oct 2018 19:21:56
Jaws, most of his critics on hear are tims, either that or they are youngsters that have not followed the team very long, most proper thinking people know the score, other kave never seen our bad times, imo.

7.) 31 Oct 2018 23:35:03
Spot on @jboy21.




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13 Nov 2018 09:31:39
Rangers players past and present including the manager have done a lot worse than send a picture of there dick to some bird. he certainly won’t be leaving rangers over it.




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09 Nov 2018 11:27:57
If we’re looking to challenge Celtic we need better than cadden in my opinion.




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06 Nov 2018 18:40:56
If he was good enough he would be playing, Gerrard sees him every day in training.




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28 Oct 2018 15:33:43
Fair play billyboy I thought u we’re talking nonsense.




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27 Oct 2018 10:12:05
Best team should start so that includes worral and Mcgregor, if fit I think Rossiter will start.





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14 Nov 2018 13:53:52
Why would he not just buy of the rangers online store so the club gets money.




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13 Nov 2018 10:40:00
He came across as an absolute numpty.




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11 Nov 2018 14:41:43
Nowhere near good enough.




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10 Nov 2018 14:24:59
Can’t think of to many players we haven’t brought through to the 1st team that left us and succeeded somewhere else. People on here used to go on about Charlie telfer and more recently Ryan hardie they obviously were not good enough, if your good enough you will break into 1st team, I’d say the only youngster we have had recently who was a quality player was the kid Brentford got of us for a steal and obviously billy Gilmour who probably would of played games this season. I have to say Mccrorie never stood out for me but I hope I’m proved wrong.




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10 Nov 2018 13:16:09
U watched many matches DEEB? if the rest of the team were as consistent as Goldson we would be top of the league far and away our best player. Unfortunately Mccrorie probably isn’t good enough for anything other than what he is now and that’s a sub.