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07 Jan 2017 16:25:27
SuperCooper were are you?
What's happening with yer pall O'Halloran since this story broke you've been posted missing, I mean you were quick enough to tell us all over and over that you told us he was signing come on buddy what's happening!


1.) 07 Jan 2017 16:48:29
He's just filling up his car. We should have some news soon!

2.) 07 Jan 2017 21:00:19
Probably away to change his name again and speak to his 'sources'



04 Jan 2017 19:48:31
My companies HQ is about a mile from Elland Road one of my English mates who just got back to work today and follows Leeds has told me, Leeds are looking at a bid of £1.5 to £2.5 million for Barry MaKay with possible add on, they were really impressed with him on Saturday!


1.) 04 Jan 2017 20:46:38
I think rangers would want a lot more than that.

2.) 04 Jan 2017 21:03:18
I agree mate and I for one don't want him to go, why sell your best players but I'm just passing on what he was told by someone inside Leeds, these things also depend on what the player wants and we know they have been scouting him for a wee while, ide build a team around him personally!

3.) 04 Jan 2017 21:39:46
He is worth a lot more than £2.5m but given that there is unlikely to be much if any investment forthcoming from King I wouldn't be too surprised if we sell him. We should be looking to sell others well ahead of McKay but we also have to remember that he has yet to sign a new contract.

4.) 04 Jan 2017 23:20:34
We would get more than that if he was out of contract, through a tribunal for his development.

The board should quit if the accept under £6m.
Players with Barry's pace don't come cheaply. Especially on a long term contract.
If he does get sold, it will blatantly show lack of ambition from the board.

It's players like Barry is our future. He's been doing well recently. And is only going to get better.

5.) 05 Jan 2017 00:18:27
Don't know how much we would get for McKay's development. He came through killie ranks and we signed him in 2011. Good prospect though. One we should be trying to keep.

6.) 05 Jan 2017 00:43:29
He doesn't have great pace. He doesn't have much of an end product. He doesn't have much of a delivery. He's worth £3m at the very most and I would bite anybody's hand off for that. It's not lack of ambition to cash in on a player who cost us nothing and who can easily be replaced for nothing.

7.) 05 Jan 2017 09:45:30
Glasgow is Blue Perhaps a lack of ambition by one particular member of the Board, King!

8.) 05 Jan 2017 16:00:03
Can i just add that his name is Barrie and not Barry.

9.) 05 Jan 2017 20:31:14
Wee-ecky I agree wae u about 3 million just now but only because he's pretty untested, got to disagree when u say he doesn't have great pace the boys rapid do u not see him at games he goes past folk like they're not moving.

10.) 05 Jan 2017 20:56:26
Wee ecky. Take it the Swedish international lustig is slow given he couldn't get near mckay at any time in the match? Can throw in celtic's three midfielders too since they couldn't catch him either when he ran 70 yards with the ball and they were sprinting flat out without it. he's got pace, and plenty of it. Honestly, some of the drivel on here about the lad boils my urine. He's ten assists already for the season in a team that clearly doesn't score enough goals. Wallace is next with 7 and for 6 of those barrie played Wallace in to cut it back for the goals. No end product? Are you actually being serious or just blinded to his attributes because he doesn't thunder into a tackle etc? As for delivery, at the risk of repeating myself ad infinatum, he isn't there to cross it into the box (even when we actually have anyone in the box which is rare), he's there to play through balls, retain possession or cut inside the full back and play Wallace in down the line. He's our best outfield player by a country mile. You're entitled to your opinion obviously but you've picked three attributes that you can't back up with evidence whatsoever. Try supporting the kid.

11.) 05 Jan 2017 21:28:50
When the "kid" (he's 22) first came into the team, nobody was more vociferous in his defence than me. I've been around Ibrox long enough to know that local lads are often made scapegoats by the fans and I thought I saw something in this boy. But that was in the third division, and while he has made some progress from then (no thanks to McCoist) there are many limitations to his game. That's why he's not been snapped up already, he's playing at his level and as we hopefully improve he will be left behind. However, I'll bow to your superior tactical nous, spart7, you clearly have the ear of the manager when he's telling players what he wants from them.

12.) 05 Jan 2017 22:45:56
I'm actually a certified sfa coach ecky so I do know a little bit about tactics etc, but it's pretty obvious to me and tbh wouldn't take much 'nous' to work out even if I wasn't. He's a right footed player playing (mostly) on the left wing. He's been chosen by his manager to play there instead of on the right where even I would expect him to whip balls in from if that was his position. If and when he does get to the left by-line he cuts back onto his right anyway and looks for a pass on the deck. He's not as 1 footed as waggy for example but he's not just going to swing at it with his left peg either, nor should he. Both full backs have licence to get forward at every opportunity and, to generate space for Wallace, mackay takes the full back inside then slides the ball through (that's the theory anyway and will be a managerial instruction) . However, our game plan is obvious to most teams we've faced and he's normally doubled up on (celtic had three on him a few times if you watch the game back) which affects both Wallace's runs (I know he wasn't playing but is the normal pairing) and limits mackay's forward options. Warburton has mentioned many times we have a focus on ball retention so at the start of the season he played square or backwards passes in that instance in order to follow his managers instruction and keep the ball. The 'get it up the park and play the second ball' fans amongst our support then gave him pelters for it. He lost his confidence and became far less effective. He's clearly learnt from that (remember it's only his first full season in the top league) and now instead of square passes he's taking on the two markers or pinging diagonal passes (BTW there isn't a better or more accurate passer in the league imho) to the right wing more often than not and has become far more effective again. He is the only player we have I'd be confident wouldn't be 'left behind' when better players eventually arrive. Krankjaer highlighted his potential when he was interviewed after his second day of training and I think he'd know a lot more about his ability than you or I. He's got an unbelievable first touch, great range of passing and the vision to go with it, excellent close control and blistering pace. He would absolutely thrive in a better team, not vanish within it. He's exactly the type of player I pay my money to see. We can agree to disagree though, one man's aguero can be another man's sebo etc. :-)

13.) 06 Jan 2017 14:19:18
Waggy's right leg is a dead stump! Even for the goal against Inverness he had to cut the ball back with the outside of his left foot - embarrassing for a pro footballer

14.) 06 Jan 2017 22:05:34
Spart7, that is probably one of the most enjoyable posts I have read on this site and I agree that he is the only 'fit' quality player that would thrive with better players around him. Unfortunately I fear that McKay will move on to bigger and better things before we have that level of quality that you refer to since we clearly have neither the funding, or as far as some of the current Board are concerned, the parent ambition to take the club back to where we belong!



07 Jun 2016 23:05:09
What happened to Taylor supposed to be coming up for a look around and talks nothing about it in any posts!


1.) 08 Jun 2016 03:35:15
Hopefully it was a load of nonsense. The guy's ****.

2.) 08 Jun 2016 08:35:12
He stated before coming he was going to Turkey to discuss other moves so we were never going to know anything straight away! We can do better anyway!

3.) 08 Jun 2016 09:04:53
You don't spend your career at NUFC in the Premiership (granted they got relegated) , and have stacks of England caps at u21 level if you are ****! The guys a proven CB, exactly what we need! The same things were said about Davie Weir and look how that panned out!

4.) 08 Jun 2016 13:20:02
You're wrong! Being a Geordie is enough to get you a place in this farce of a Newcastle team. Even then all their fans think he's pish! I'm sorry but that just doesn't qualify you as good enough, I wouldn't want Jack Colback either! Taylor is also injury prone which makes him an even bigger risk!



14 Mar 2016 17:57:52
Maciej Gostomski to leave Rangers without playing a first team match

source: stv. tv.


1.) 14 Mar 2016 22:50:18
Strange signing in the 1st place if bell wasn't going anywhere.

2.) 15 Mar 2016 10:10:50
Supposibly left because of family reason strange one though now the Hamilton goalkeepers Roumers becomes clear!

3.) 15 Mar 2016 11:17:03
I reckon Warbs has decided to take him on and let Bell and Gostomski fight it out for the chance at a longer contract. looks like Bell has beat Gostomski.
However it remains to be seen whether he has earned a new deal?

4.) 17 Mar 2016 13:17:48
I think he was signed to let Kelly go on loan and bell was injured?



08 Mar 2016 18:49:11
Mark Warburton says he was scouting a player in Northern Ireland when he heard about the cup draw any idea what team and what player guys and any good!


1.) 08 Mar 2016 19:03:06
Heard its a young boy of fourteen apparently there's a few epl teams after him Warburton thought it would be good to go over and see him personally just a rumour though don't know the boys name.




Bongo's banter posts with other poster's replies to Bongo's banter posts


21 May 2017 18:14:06
Is it just me or does anyone else think the last min sub of Mr Andrew Halliday was just a farewell jesture for Mr One of Us. I hope so!




29 Apr 2017 19:22:20
Did you see Forrester and ohalloron having a wee chuckle again in the dugout when we were getting pumped and trying to cover there mouths with there hands gentlemen GTF.


1.) 29 Apr 2017 19:27:40
They won't be chuckling when they are playing with Stirling albion

2.) 29 Apr 2017 19:40:27
Hopefully they will be playing EFL one next year with forest

3.) 29 Apr 2017 20:03:50
I think we have bigger issues to address than 2 players laughing in the dugout. Are you not more concerned more about some of the jokers who played today?

4.) 29 Apr 2017 20:16:23
Of course I'm more concerned about other thing I'm just mentioning some thing that nobody has mentioned, don't see any point in repeating stuff as for Andrew Halliday mr one of us he can GTF as well

5.) 29 Apr 2017 20:50:09
I'm concerned about the antics of some of our support today. The guy who made gesture to Sinclair and the guy who tried to get on park have set us back 30 years. Its time they morons were weeded out of our support.

6.) 29 Apr 2017 20:50:41
They are both a disgrace to the blue shirt

7.) 29 Apr 2017 21:50:04

Your right the actions of those 2 was unacceptable and both should be banned for life. I do however think there was no need for Sinclair to celebrate the way he did in front of the support.



23 Apr 2017 14:18:09
There debating if Halliday should have been sent off after 3 min.
I'll start another debate why was Andy Halliday on in the first place utter mince and he's not the only one, but the unwashed didn't look as amazing as the think they are!


1.) 23 Apr 2017 14:24:11
Halliday has been poor all season and shouldn't have been anywhere near the team for such a vital game. He could have been sent off for that challenge but I just don't understand why Toral was dropped for Halliday. Also don't understand why Waghorn and Garner got picked neither can score and it was obvious they were going to do nothing today

2.) 23 Apr 2017 14:27:47
Lol, never happy.

3.) 23 Apr 2017 14:28:16
They were the better team on the day but the second half I thot we had good chances and if waghorn could score we would be winning games against Celtic. I think Pedro is good for us as he changes things and we improve with it. Fingers crossed we take our chances next week and beat these persons

4.) 23 Apr 2017 14:32:22
The minute I seen Halliday I thought we were in for a bad day.

Celtic were better in every position, I hope Pedro assesses the lads he's keeping and axing based on games like this.

5.) 23 Apr 2017 14:33:20
They totally dominated us from first minute till last minute and our chances came from their complacency. They looked like a team who are going to go unbeaten and win a treble. We look like a team with no trophies, no spirit and a 3rd place finish.

6.) 23 Apr 2017 14:54:11
So what you saying your happy to accept thus we were poor but they Celtic weren't that great better than us yes and that's all that matter to the Manky Mob!

7.) 23 Apr 2017 15:19:54
we never played great but we made you look as good as you are

8.) 23 Apr 2017 17:24:56
Pedro lost a lot of my respect today by playing Halliday. Halliday is a joke. He is a massively limited football player, and is sadly lacking in commitment. He should be the first one out the door in the summer, quickly followed by Garner and Waghorn

9.) 23 Apr 2017 18:08:53
You mistook what I said Bongo, I mean it to say the pundits and Celtic fans are never happy.

In my second response I mean what I say. 👍



14 Apr 2017 18:09:14
So were Barry's selling his stotry to the papers today about why he thinks he didn't get the job. Possibly this is one of the reasons, Pedro possibly noted he is always in the papers about Rangers and his previous with Another manager.
He could have kept this all quite you've not herd the other candidates go in about it.


1.) 14 Apr 2017 18:32:55
Bongo, that assumes that Pedro understood a word he was saying! One thing about Ferguson, he is deluded if he thinks he will ever be Rangers manager, he is not even in the same class as a manager as McCoist.

2.) 14 Apr 2017 19:27:06
Totally disagree I think its almost a cert Barry will manage rangers one day and I think in time he will be a success

3.) 14 Apr 2017 19:32:44
Exactly. Did you notice lovenkrands and Thomson thanked rangers for their interviews and the chance to be interviewed. Whereas Barry runs to the papers as usual to give "his side of the story". If he truly loves rangers that much why does he go to a media that hate rangers?

4.) 14 Apr 2017 19:35:57
Hard to imagine anyone being worse than McCoist

5.) 14 Apr 2017 20:53:46
U are well named 2017

6.) 14 Apr 2017 23:25:57
There will never be anyone worse than that lying money grabber McCoist.

7.) 15 Apr 2017 08:17:11
aye McCoist was in it for the cash, but who else would of really managed us? ruined their football reputation, no one really.

there are very few rangers men out there who would act like Walter, Celtic seem to have got a gem in a real Celtic man in Rodgers.

For me Graeme Soony
Andy Goram ( if he could manage)
Bazza Ferg ( In future)

These are the types of guys I want influencing the club. Ally packed shipped to sunderland am sure when the money was there. And the gulf wasnt the same as it is now!

8.) 15 Apr 2017 09:50:58
Leaving clyde 7th in the 3rd division is garbage end off. There's no way he should be a future rangers manager.

9.) 15 Apr 2017 09:56:00
Run to the paper? he's got a column with the Daily Record and he was only saying what he said in his meeting with Pedro, hardly crime of the century

10.) 15 Apr 2017 10:12:28

All I'm saying is he could have kept it to himself and his previous did him no favours, I don't think he showed any class in this incident and believe he will be mixing it in the papers in the future cause he never got the job watch this space!

11.) 15 Apr 2017 13:57:16

Why should he have kept it to himself? There was nothing controversial in the article and I'm at a loss as to why so many Rangers fans have such animosity to a Rangers great. Fans always want to know what's going on and then when a former player comes out and says he gets slated.

12.) 15 Apr 2017 15:27:06
What a laughable thread. a Rangers legend explained in his colum why he felt he never got the no.3 job, wished JJ well in the position and praised the managers winning attitude and some fans are jumping up n dowm. get a grip!

Also, I hope Ferguson does succeed in management and one day manages us. All you fans writing his managerial career off at the grand auld age of 39 is ridiculous!

13.) 15 Apr 2017 22:41:22
A former captain and club legend will always have my support. A stint at Clyde isn't enough to judge Barry on and anyome writing him off as a manager at the age of 39 is laughable. So he goes in the press and does a piece on why he thought he'd not been selected. big deal, talk about an overreaction gents!

14.) 16 Apr 2017 14:42:17
Bang on Bengy, i think to many fans are getting there knickers in a twist over something so trivial.



22 Mar 2017 14:10:43
Reading again about ex players coming back so Bears if you could bring back 1 player still playing and i'm not really for bringing anybody back but just to get some feelers out who would it be 1 player only?

Steven Davis : Southampton.


1.) 22 Mar 2017 14:19:06
What about young jamie ness

2.) 22 Mar 2017 14:28:18
Jamie Ness? is that the boy who plays at Scunthorpe? injury prone too? Think i'll pass on that one.

Steven Davis - YES!

3.) 22 Mar 2017 14:46:32
Not a huge fan of players returning but I would love to see Nikica Jelavic return. He was outstanding and I can't remember him having a poor game for us.


4.) 22 Mar 2017 14:49:16
Would love Steven Davis back. What a footballer and gentlemen.

5.) 22 Mar 2017 15:27:20
Would take any of Davis, Adam, Jelavic, Weiss back in a heartbeat. Would also consider Boughy or Bartley purely because we're desperate for a CB, but hope PC has a better shortlist!

6.) 22 Mar 2017 15:494:19
Davis all day long for me too. Very underrated player in the EPL. A class act.

7.) 22 Mar 2017 15:58:30
I agree with your choice totally bongo! Stevie davis for me (if only)! We can but dream mate! He's a smashing midfielder!

8.) 22 Mar 2017 16:25:16
Bougherra has retired, superb tho


9.) 22 Mar 2017 16:58:56
Aluko and Steven Davis

10.) 22 Mar 2017 17:37:45
Agree bongo Steve Davis class act.

11.) 22 Mar 2017 18:18:57
Aluko and Davis

12.) 22 Mar 2017 18:27:07
Steve Davis all day long, class midfielder

13.) 22 Mar 2017 19:50:31

14.) 22 Mar 2017 21:00:55
What about Ross McCormack?

15.) 22 Mar 2017 21:07:40
Phil Bardsley

16.) 23 Mar 2017 00:28:52
Butcher and Gough for me. even now they would probably be better than what we currently have 🙏
They were two amazing players.

17.) 22 Mar 2017 23:25:25
At a push aluko but generally wouldn't be a fan of taking any back. Purely on basis that your talking about players from pre five years ago. Most will either be in thirties or too expensive or both. Re weiss i am undecided. His debut came on as a sub v hibs i think and looked brilliant and created two late goals.

Beyond that his only real effective contribute was quick free kick for winner v celtic in league cup final. I fear his love for rangers is what attracts fans to him. Bulk of his career since has been spent in big last pay day pre retirement leagues. Question . helliday is a fan . does that make him a player? He certainly is not. We need players that do it on the park not social media

18.) 23 Mar 2017 05:14:03
I wouldn't have jelavic his head dropped in the last few months he was with us he wasn't interested and pushed for a move away

Would take Davis back due too the fact he pushed Southampton into paying a fee for him and aluko as this guy payed his own money too come play for us

19.) 23 Mar 2017 13:33:43
Im with you on that 1 mate. i don't think weiss was half as good as a lot of fans think. i think its the way he took to the club that the fans love about him.

20.) 23 Mar 2017 15:30:22
ross mcormack, steven davis, naisy, weiss and aluko would all improve our team. none of whom we could afford




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22 May 2017 23:07:31
Why oh why when we're trying to look forward we can never do this for looking back at past players Lafferty no thanks mercenery GTF not welcome by mist fans.




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02 May 2017 20:19:32
When did Halliday become a player?




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28 Apr 2017 22:04:36
If your post is correct then Pedro will be looking for the mole within and yer mates job will be on a shoogly nail as he is looking for the person informing the media about unrest!




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01 Apr 2017 23:29:52
Terrable comments on here it's not official yet and the lads getting pelters yer no doing him any favours if he's thinking about staying!




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24 Mar 2017 20:07:48
Been following rangers for 55 years trust me he's Rank Rotten excuses being made for him about having a good eye you can say that about anybody that can't pass a ball to were they meant to put it. Lol





Bongo's banter replies


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07 May 2017 21:57:14
McKay was from Kilmarnock but I get what you mean.




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01 May 2017 17:34:12
I'm thinking you've been playing championship manager to long!




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30 Apr 2017 09:29:44
You failed to mention our super subs Halliday and Gardner both hopeless causes against that lot




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29 Apr 2017 20:16:23
Of course I'm more concerned about other thing I'm just mentioning some thing that nobody has mentioned, don't see any point in repeating stuff as for Andrew Halliday mr one of us he can GTF as well




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29 Apr 2017 19:19:16
He did loads of things including getting craig Gordon back to fitness and letting him go to them. Lee McCulloch must play contract and much much more.