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28 Nov 2017 18:15:25
Good evening . Slaven Bilic has been approached, informal chat with him.


1.) 28 Nov 2017 18:40:16
Goramgloves your last post 2 days ago stated your force said Walter had been approached and your post from the 14th November was as follows- Spoke to my source this morning and Murty will be the new manager if we beat Hamilton . He will be given until the end of the season I'm hearing are you just going to keep picking names out and hopefully when the manager is confirmed you can say told you so

2.) 28 Nov 2017 18:40:50
You have some wish list different name every other day are you on the board because your as indecisive as them?

3.) 28 Nov 2017 18:50:42
Gers man . Rangers never beat Hamilton reason Murty never got job. doh

Walter was spoken to / approached

4.) 28 Nov 2017 19:09:47
Goramsgloves you stated Walter was considering to take. 6 months or 18 month deal so did the board offer Iโ€™m the job and he knocked it back and going back to your post on the 05 Nov 2017 08:40:23
Moyes doing a U turn and not coming to Ibrox .
It's now McInnes with a few board members wanting Murty. It will be known by Thursday. so what happened here then whatโ€™s your source saying to this did the board have a change of heart and decided to offer it to Walter a week later then he knocked it back and then they all agreed to offer it to Murty if we beat Hamilton then had a change is heart again so decided to speak to Bilic if you have such a good reliable source who seems to have unlimited information is Bilic going to take the job or is he going decide if he want a 6 month deal or longer then when the board agree to this are they going to change there mind again and offfer it to someone else can you let us know what your source is saying or will we wait another couple days till you come up with someone else

5.) 28 Nov 2017 19:10:32
goram mate, your source changes as much as the name of the new gaffer ๐Ÿ˜‚ went from a mate of an ex manager to an ex player that you won't name. if you are that clued up any chance you can shed us any light on what this bad news on thursday you have warned us about is?

6.) 28 Nov 2017 20:48:05
Only passing on info from my insiders.

7.) 28 Nov 2017 21:36:48
Gg's. You've got more potential sources than the river Nile. Or is just you're addicted to talking absolute Rafael (Scheidt)?

8.) 28 Nov 2017 22:03:50
Not at all . only passing on info .
I saw King in the Princess Rose tonight. a quick chat . and good news is coming our way.

9.) 28 Nov 2017 22:29:22
well isn't that a spot of luck ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

10.) 28 Nov 2017 22:48:25
Think we can all head to the bookies and put money on nobody that goramgloves says as i have lost count know on the amount of people who are getting the job ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™„

11.) 28 Nov 2017 22:49:05
Did you not say expect the worse earlier today?

12.) 28 Nov 2017 22:57:01
Goramgloves. . what a guy! My wife knows more about football than you. But keep up the good work. its hilarious. Remember not to sniff the back of all the stamps !

13.) 28 Nov 2017 23:21:16
my inside source is saying the same as mark allen who i bumped into in the spar earlier. thursday is definitely going to bring news of some description and both have confirmed we will be appointing a new manager at some stage. exciting times lads!

14.) 28 Nov 2017 23:22:51
Knowger. I have not claimef to know who is getting the job

15.) 29 Nov 2017 02:52:11
My source says GORAM GLOVES is actally ALLY FOOTBALL BOOT

you don't half talk mince

cant wait till ftiday who is it going to be then mourinho?

16.) 29 Nov 2017 09:34:47
Goramsgloves mate you and your source talk complete balls my friend. Only a couple of weeks back you said david moyes would be named our manager. Your cource is the papers same as all lf ours. And how does your source know walter smith was approached? He came out and said mccinnes was the man! And you source said murty was grttin the job if we beat hamilton? Naw pal he was never getting never getting it. Your only repeating what murty said himsoef if the board wanted him until the season ends he would do it. Honestly pal you talk complete balls

17.) 29 Nov 2017 09:42:37
Another day another fairytale from Goramsgloves

18.) 29 Nov 2017 10:04:14
Good morning fans. Bilic getting offered the job if get share issue.

19.) 29 Nov 2017 10:11:37
Bilic swithering as he intended on break from football

20.) 29 Nov 2017 11:42:53
Are you for real goramgloves or are you just a walking contradiction?

21.) 29 Nov 2017 11:54:53
Contradiction . why you say that?

22.) 29 Nov 2017 13:26:34
I think your "inside sources " goram probably think your quite gullible and tell you anything to stop you annoying them

23.) 29 Nov 2017 16:40:44
The joy of the internet jack union thinking you know someone.

24.) 29 Nov 2017 17:21:51
Because you have contradicted yourself at least once on here that's why

25.) 29 Nov 2017 17:36:57
Knowger . I don't accept that.

26.) 29 Nov 2017 18:16:03
Cโ€™mon lads donโ€™t take the bait ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚a wee timmy fishing there.

27.) 29 Nov 2017 18:28:46
Timmy lol first match versus hearts in 1976 4.2 victory.

28.) 29 Nov 2017 19:19:07
was that where you met your brilliant sources? ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚

29.) 29 Nov 2017 19:35:41
No it was in the late eighties my friend :)

30.) 30 Nov 2017 00:10:38
Were you on the hearts end goram?



26 Nov 2017 12:29:49
Spoke to an insider from Rangers last night.
The delay is we are still paying Pedro Caixinha and can't come to an agreement with him. Walter has been asked.


1.) 26 Nov 2017 12:45:59
Here we go again with Goramsgloves more single fish

2.) 26 Nov 2017 13:32:41
An insider ha ha ha. Walloper.

3.) 26 Nov 2017 14:00:30
I spoke to God last night and he told me to be patient as all things will be good again. He also made me promise to never kill again.

4.) 26 Nov 2017 14:20:35
It's the west of Scotland. walloper? . it's quite a small place . you come on with info . and get insults.

5.) 26 Nov 2017 15:30:45
Stop coming on with and spouting crap then

6.) 26 Nov 2017 15:33:04
A think you have been smelling the glove

7.) 26 Nov 2017 15:52:40
Only passing on info . Is that not what this is all about.
Oh and administration is a real possibility.

8.) 26 Nov 2017 17:06:44
Sad fact is no one has any idea whatโ€™s happening just now and leads to folk making up complete nonsense like goramsgloves

9.) 26 Nov 2017 17:15:06
Not ' making it up ' only passing on from what I was told by an ex player .

10.) 26 Nov 2017 18:24:32
Why don't you tell us who this ex player is then? Then I'll decide if you're talking single fish or are on to something mate.

11.) 26 Nov 2017 18:39:18
Goramsgloves won us 9 in a row it missed have pissed you off that much you gave yourself the name ha ha ya walloper

12.) 26 Nov 2017 18:39:24
No names not fair on him. By the sounds of it you have got your mind made up anyway.

13.) 26 Nov 2017 18:57:29
Hammersleeg is calling me a walloper I'm sooooo upset lol

14.) 26 Nov 2017 18:58:48
How can you say sounds like my mind is already made up? Reason I was saying name him is because there are that many ex players who talk a pile of you know what just to stay relevant.

15.) 26 Nov 2017 19:07:01
One thing is for sure after watching Friday nights piss we are in a really bad shape and wish we had someone in just to get us going again

16.) 26 Nov 2017 20:30:03
insults are a bit harsh goram and i do chuckle that your name changes every week ๐Ÿ˜‚ your administration point might be accurate though, i have a niggling worry that's the reason for lack of the transperancy the board promised us

17.) 26 Nov 2017 20:57:31
even if they do owe money to pedro. doesn't stop them putting someone new in place

18.) 26 Nov 2017 21:29:17
It's all about pounds

19.) 26 Nov 2017 22:49:31
think dk and the others would be avoiding admin, then they lose their mony all iver again

20.) 27 Nov 2017 10:59:35
We could keep paying Pedro until the end of his contract and still get a manager in.

21.) 27 Nov 2017 12:31:55
Allygee what would we pay the new manager with?




14 Nov 2017 13:00:40
Spoke to my source this morning and Murty will be the new manager if we beat Hamilton . He will be given until the end of the season I'm hearing.


1.) 14 Nov 2017 13:26:00
Financially it would make sense but also from a footballing perspective he has galvanised the squad who want to play for him.
Hopefully this saga will be concluded soon but the board need to get this appointment right.

2.) 14 Nov 2017 13:30:29
My source? More like my horse!
Murty will not be manager period!

3.) 14 Nov 2017 14:24:12
I think it would make sense in the absence of an outstanding candidate, however I donโ€™t think the process is that far along yet.

I do believe that if it is to be McInnes then it will be done soon. If itโ€™s not him selected then we may need to wait for the choice but we have a safe pair of hands with Murty!

4-0 Rangers on Saturday!

4.) 14 Nov 2017 15:23:24
I would be more excited with a Dutch coach taking over.
Van Bronkhorst
F De Boer
R Koeman
All gettable

5.) 14 Nov 2017 16:24:01
FdB - sacked within 3 months of both his last jobs

DA - great football but overspent so much in 2.5yrs we are still feeling effects 15yrs later

RK - spent 140m at Everton and cldnt win so got the dan mack

Gio - young manager just making his way in Holland not been involved in SPL for over 15yrs

no thanks lads Mcinnes for me

6.) 14 Nov 2017 17:57:07
Gio has won something in a harder, more competitive league than ours. My only concern with him would be whether or not he could work on a limited budget. Donโ€™t for a minute think heโ€™s interested anyway.

7.) 15 Nov 2017 07:52:41
Van Bronkhorst had nothing of a budget at Feyenoord either. They've had terrible financial difficulties the last few years. He won the title mostly by bringing through youth players.

8.) 15 Nov 2017 10:47:04
i wouldn't say its a harder league than ours not these days anyway.

the standard of football is shocking over there just now and that's just my opionion from what I've seen over the last few years



05 Nov 2017 08:40:23
Moyes doing a U turn and not coming to Ibrox .
It's now McInnes with a few board members wanting Murty. It will be known by Thursday.


1.) 05 Nov 2017 08:58:48
Moyes to take the upcoming West Ham job. Murty has done well so far but How would he react under pressure losing with 20 mins remaining? We need a more experienced tactical astute coach like DM or SM

2.) 05 Nov 2017 09:27:54
lego if you think dm or sm will take rangers forward you are clearly in denial there are far better coaches out there than that pair

3.) 05 Nov 2017 10:19:18
Not in denial just being realistic. I would love a bigger name but they would more than likely require compo and/ or big budget which as far as I know we donโ€™t have atm
Who are you suggesting then?

4.) 05 Nov 2017 11:14:17
Goram stop reading the papers then come on here spouting rubbish and pretending you are in the know

5.) 05 Nov 2017 11:39:22
Steve McLaren would be chewed up and spat out up here, IF that tit gets anywhere near Ibrox that mob will ride off into the sunset

6.) 06 Nov 2017 08:24:03
Whereas if we appoint McInnes they will be celebrating double time as their two nearest rivals have just been badly weakened.

7.) 06 Nov 2017 08:25:12
Goram: 'This is my final post on the subject, Moyes will get the gig'. Who said that less than 48 hours ago? Remember?

8.) 06 Nov 2017 10:39:46
It was me yes I know . not my fault Moyes done a U turn .

9.) 07 Nov 2017 02:15:49
Lego, not disagreeing with your comment but remember we were 1-0 behind in the east end for two thirds of the game and equalised with 3 minutes to go during Murty's final game before Caixinha took over.



03 Nov 2017 17:39:12
Hearing now from a source its getting offered to Moyes early next week.


1.) 03 Nov 2017 19:15:14
You've said about 5 different managers in the past couple of days. Is the source the newspapers by any chance?

2.) 03 Nov 2017 19:20:19
I hope not. The guy no good for us But I think the fans should have a big say on the next manager because without us fans there would be no rangers. ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

3.) 03 Nov 2017 19:22:19
No . My source is a close friend of an ex manager.

4.) 03 Nov 2017 19:24:27
That is my final post on the subject Moyes will get the gig.

5.) 03 Nov 2017 20:45:01
Well for me it's not just a gig its one of the biggest jobs in the world in it should be taken seriously especially since what we've been through the past few of years. Until we get the right man I've got no probs with murty. But moyes is definitely a no no.

6.) 03 Nov 2017 21:30:03
Goran, will you take a bet for charity with me that Moyes does not get the job?

7.) 03 Nov 2017 22:09:30
Who do you reckon will become our new manager then, jyf?

8.) 03 Nov 2017 23:44:18
Goram. utter rubbish. Moyes will not be our next manager

9.) 04 Nov 2017 03:47:52
Basel Faulty was also mentioned, but the offer of a guest house in Coatsbridge and a part time management slot be enough to swing it .

10.) 04 Nov 2017 07:33:12
Super, I know whos it is to accept or turn down.

11.) 04 Nov 2017 10:54:58
Said it for months mcleish as manage er barry ferguson no 2. Investment coming from china and a new 100,000 seat stadium with 4 hotels and heli pad in the car park.

12.) 04 Nov 2017 11:23:57
6 hotels it is

13.) 04 Nov 2017 12:17:25
Jyf, please put our minds at rest if you actually have info. All i want to know if you know is that it is not going to be Steve Mclaren. Papers reckon he is the DoF's preferred choice. God help us.

14.) 04 Nov 2017 13:21:24
Big cliff who do you actually want? Every single name mentioned you go way over the top and make out as if the world is ending. Do you realise we play in an utter tinpot league mate aye? Belarus, Cyrus, Slovenia and now even Ireland have more success in Europe than Scottish teams.

MacLaine is an odd choice and wouldnโ€™t be my pick, but heโ€™s won trophies, took FC Twente to the title in Holland, a far superior league to ours. Stop looking down your nose at every manager named.

15.) 04 Nov 2017 13:38:29

16.) 04 Nov 2017 14:47:51
BearMode91 newbie, slow your role. Pedro won honors in Mexico. Wind your neck in.

17.) 04 Nov 2017 16:30:28
Hardly a newbie. However, il take comfort in the fact Iโ€™m not the only one who can see you are talking dung.

People rarely agree with you, Iโ€™m not the one who needs to wind their neck in.

18.) 05 Nov 2017 09:46:24
goram u have mention nearly everyone on the list of candidates lol i'm sure u will be on here next week saying i told he would be get the job lol

19.) 05 Nov 2017 09:47:37
The board have interviewed no one yet so they aren't going to be appointing anyone at the start of next week. Don't get why some people on here claim to have sources, if you did you wouldn't be scrolling through rumours pages for info.

20.) 05 Nov 2017 09:52:59
Mcinnes will get it

21.) 05 Nov 2017 11:35:21
Goram gloves

Don't know we're u get your info from or how correct it is. but I will guarantee u that moyes will not be the manager. This is absolute nonsense. I'm not saying I know who it is but I can definitely tell u that moyes is no were near the job

My guess is mcinnes with Stuart mccall being part of the team but still think murty should be given a chance after all he could get 3 wins in a row?




Goramsgloves's banter posts with other poster's replies to Goramsgloves's banter posts


27 Nov 2017 17:17:25
Be prepared for the worst on Thursday . not good.


1.) 27 Nov 2017 17:46:12
statement like that you must be bricking yourself



24 Nov 2017 10:59:51
Walter Smith is deciding whether to come back on a 6 or 18 month deal . The reason as to why it's taking so long.


1.) 24 Nov 2017 12:12:17
that above the sixth guy you have said mate! haha

2.) 24 Nov 2017 12:41:59
We all love sir walter would love to see him back at gers see if he still got the old spark and souness in the background with boxing gloves on who. s first lol

3.) 24 Nov 2017 13:51:49
Think it's the 2nd or 3rd. Moyes knocked us back .

4.) 24 Nov 2017 15:20:26
Mad goramsgloves back with more crackpottery




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29 Nov 2017 19:35:41
No it was in the late eighties my friend :)




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29 Nov 2017 18:28:46
Timmy lol first match versus hearts in 1976 4.2 victory.




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29 Nov 2017 17:36:57
Knowger . I don't accept that.




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29 Nov 2017 16:40:44
The joy of the internet jack union thinking you know someone.




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29 Nov 2017 11:54:53
Contradiction . why you say that?





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24 Nov 2017 13:51:49
Think it's the 2nd or 3rd. Moyes knocked us back .