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01 May 2015 18:45:44
SPFL have released their teams of the season and what a sorry indictment on Rangers that we have no players worthy of that team. This reinforces my point that no player deserves to be named club player of the year. See Scot Allan made it considered not good enough by Ally and ex Ger Rory Loy in as well. 2nd highest wage bill on the county yet no one good enough for championship team of the year. We really are plunging new depths


1.) 01 May 2015 19:14:58
Even Broxi Bear out voted by The Falkirk Fox!!Actually pathetic how a club with the second highest budget in the land can't have a single player nominated in the second tier.That Entitlement attitude has bit yous big time on the A$$. Reality is it will take 1 or 2 years to make the top 6 position.

2.) 01 May 2015 19:57:42
Titsup Broxi is the greatest mascot ever wash your mouth out with soap!



16 Mar 2015 20:28:10
Does any think that it might be better not to go up this season? That way whoever becomes manager can build a team which hopefully will be ready for the top league the following season. Is there any point going up and starting to build a team in the top league?


1.) 16 Mar 2015 20:31:51
I asked myself this question the other day. Go up and get pumped every game or build a winning team in the championship.

The answer my friend is to have faith in the board to provide said funds and fans to back this said board.

2.) 16 Mar 2015 20:56:16
OP you mean something like what should have happened during the last 2 and a half wasted years? I suspect we won't go back up unless fortunes at Ibrox and Easter Road dramatically change. They quite simply look a far better team.
Hopefully someone will write a biography entitled "McCoist the wasted years " - would a true legend continue to pick up £14,000 per week especially when he looks in on the shambling expensive mess he left?

I agree with Lani on McCulloch - time to go please god.

Have been away for a few weeks and surprised to see the most prolific poster is that well known Bear Martybhoy.

Still there is nothing like wit and repartee and his posts are nothing like wit and repartee.

Didn't banter used to to mean light hearted humour / friendly verbal interaction?

If it was meant that way and not to read as a wee angry man who has had decades of anger and bile building up and suddenly letting rip at the "enemy" then please forgive me.

If there was no humour and the only motive was revenge on a desperately wounded football club and its suffering fans then I hope these pages help lower your blood pressure and give you more pleasure than your readers.

Get well soon lad.

3.) 16 Mar 2015 21:32:46

Exactly that should have happened 3 years ago and it's shocking that it didn't. As you say McCoist has totally ruined the team and to me is as culpable as Whyte, Green and the previous board for the shocking state of the club. I agree about Hibs I can't see how we can beat them over 2 legs even assuming we get that far. Time to clear the decks during the close season and it's better to do it in the championship rather than the premiership. I don't think I coukd stomach 4 pumpings off that mob not to mention regular beatings from Aberdeen and Dundee Utd

4.) 17 Mar 2015 02:58:37
Mannering I have implored fans on here not to reply to him, ure correct in his hatefilled posts, every single day, he must have a very lonely life, he gets very excited when he spouts some more rubbish I suspect, very excited indeed!!

5.) 17 Mar 2015 09:01:16
"The answer my friend is to have faith in the board to provide said funds "

Look, a flying pig.

6.) 17 Mar 2015 12:12:45
Stewie you forgot to mention hibs and hearts in the getting pumped next season, if we went up lol.



01 Jan 2015 12:41:01
Can anyone please explain the logic in bringing back Robbie Crawford who can't get a game for Morton and leaving Barrie McKay on loan who is starring for Raith Rovers? If Crawford can't cut it at a league 1 side then what does McDowall expect from him to contribute? McKay on the other hand is playing extremely well in the championship but isn't considered good enough by McDowall for Rangers. To me it just highlights how inept McDowall is and shouldn't be anywhere near the job.


1.) 01 Jan 2015 13:26:00
Stewie:I totally agree with you re McKay, its a no brainer,he should be back.
McDowall is going to keep playing Law and Black,who have chucked it.Crawford at least would give his all.

2.) 01 Jan 2015 14:16:07
Is it McDowell. or is it lambias

3.) Crawford may not be the most talented player but he is a trier and will run all day for the club, and imo mcausland should be back before any other loan player, solid aggressive vocal great positioning best of the lot

4.) Mackay probs kept at Raith to keep wage bill down, He'll be staying at rabgers anyway don't worry.

5.) Les

How would it be down to Lambias? I doubt he knows anything about McKay and I'm sure his wages wouldn't make much difference to the wage bill. It would have been better not to recall Crawford and recall McKay however what I thought was a no brainer seems to be above McDowall

6.) The later me thinks.

7.) 01 Jan 2015 16:43:21
Maybe there's a loan deal coming from Newcastle in McKay's position. and we can't have that now can we. . do you not see what's coming stewie?

8.) @3
He is a trier? What sort of qualification is that to play for us. He can't get a game at Morton is why would he make a difference

9.) Maybe Morton don't want to keep him. Why should they keep paying if he is not good enough to get a game?

10.) Les

And maybe there isn't? And even if there was do would u not rather still have a player who is playing well in the championship as opposed to some of the current team masquerading as players at the moment. Or would u rather not half an exciting Young winger challenging for a first team place

11.) @9

It does say that he has been recalled rather than being sent back

12.) 01 Jan 2015 21:30:54
Stewie, we are going to be left cut back to the bone, we ain't getting promoted. .lambias said at the agm he will make decisions that people won't like. . Aberdeen will take Boyd. Killie will take shield,hearts will take black,someone will take Daly,law to Huddersfield. . Ashley does not give a monkeys about rangers. .the worse we are the better for him . . think of this stewie. . Ashley likes to buy distressed company's. . don't you think it strange no one adressed our over spending. . making us distressed

13.) Les

Your indulging in fantasy football if u think these players will go there. Why would any of these clubs take any of these players u mention? They won't pay the wages and even if they did it proves my point about getting McKay back. You seem to think you know a lot about who is going where. If these moves don't happen will you come on this site and apologise?

14.) 01 Jan 2015 23:10:58
Hearts will take Black? **** I hope not! Seriously though Hearts have a sustainable wage structure now and Black won't fit.

15.) Bizarre and lazy transfer suggestions there

16.) 02 Jan 2015 00:42:29
Hearts won't touch black with a bargepole, anyway they're all pish, this season is almost gone, we got to wait and hope for the bears to take over, we must resist Ashley at all costs, even demonstrating if need be, he will rape our club,

17.) Robbie crawford plays nearly every game for Morton so what are you talking about!? The boy is a central midfielder who will run all day for the club much rather see that than law and black but that's the mentality of some fans eh we are Glasgow rangers we do not accept player unless they have a fancy name or are a rangers man. McKay is a forward we already have too many what was the point in bringing another one back.

18.) 02 Jan 2015 09:56:25
McLeod money goes to pay the lekkie bill. yes these players will stay stewie. Belt up its going to get nasty

19.) @17

That's simply not true he hasn't been playing week in week out for Morton and in a lot of the games he has started he has been subbed. Know a few Morton fans and they aren't impressed with him. The fact you mention he runs all day as being a positive really sums it up. Is that your criteria of a good player?



29 Dec 2014 17:00:52
A lot of guys have been on here recently and have still classed McCoist as a Rangers legend but is that really what he is? It would be interesting to see how the fans perceive him after his tenure as manager. For me he isn't a legend and his lack of managerial skills have been breath taking. Why has this so called legend persisted in a transfer policy of picking players well beyond their sell by date like Miller, Boyd, Simonsen, Smith and McCulloch. Picking players like Foster who is awful even by the low standards currently at the club


{Ed039's Note - Stewie I have said for a while that there had to be the ability to differentiate between McCoist the player and McCoist the manager, many of the McCoist backers couldnt do that and were backing him to as a manager because of his legend as a player, but if you can seperate it, he is a legendary player and goalscorer but ultimately a very poor manager)

1.) Ed039

I feel this reputation has been tarnished among the supporters now. It's not just he was a bad manager he will dreadful and the Hibs result and performance was a testament to his years of startling mis management. This could take a few years to recover from and we could find ourselves in a similar situation to Leeds Utd.

2.) Absolutely agree. As a player he was a legend. They kept trying to phase him out by keeping him on the bench. put him on and he scored goals. What would he Be worth nowadays? Good poll topic Ed? Compare SuperAlly to Ronaldo and Messi.

{Ed039's Note - Did I just read that right?)

3.) Password

I am going to give the benefit of the doubt that you are on the wind up about comparing Ally to Messi or Ronaldo

{Ed039's Note - Me too)

4.) Mccoist is no legend he's just another spiv he will have been having a great laugh after the hibs game

5.) OP " i'm bored and want to post something on Rangers banter, now what will I post, I know I'll have a go at the manager that left last week just like I've been doing for the last two years " change the record, Ally has left the building and for the record some of us looked beyond the football and seen what Ally was doing to hold us together. If there's to be a protest then don't wait for someone else do it just go to Ibrox and stand outside if that's you choice and let rip.

6.) 29 Dec 2014 18:49:12
Still don't know why super salary never just told them to poke the money he was due then sold his story to the papers or write a book surely there would be just as much cash in that option or has he been involved in thing's with the spivs over the years

7.) To me as a player he IS a legend you can't wipe out the goals he scored just because his time as manager didn't work out look at Greig he was a legend as a player but as a manager no but he was voted the best ever Ranger and we have a statue for him rightly so on here its Ally this and Ally that but we need to look upstairs we should have been bringing in young players vwith potential but that would have involved a transfer fee which they didn't want to pay we had lost all our young decent players when we went into liquidation no scouting system so it was older pros out of contract paying a bit more in wages but no transfer fee involved we had close to £70 mill then but where has it gone?? yes Ally was vastly overpaid but playing staff wages was down to about 35% of turnover which is better than a lot of clubs so until we get a change upstairs men who support and care about our club we will stagger along personally I did renew my season ticket lost my seat of over thirty years along with two of my friends we decided last week we won't be back not a boycott just after attending the AGM and witnessing the way Somers and his board talked down to the fans told us they didn't care about our club but what was best for them and their backers we must all stand together and try to change what is happening upstairs and hope b2015 can bring some form of joy for us

8.) @6

Ally is going to get his years salary first, works his notice to keep his contractual obligations, while contracted they keep him quiet, when it expires he is free to write his story and cash in. So unfortunately we will see that Ally wants both his 15000 a week and book royalties, one thing though he is consistent lol

9.) @5

Can you please explain exactly what he did to hold us together? All he has done as manager is pick up a ridiculous wage, lie to the support about this contract, sign has been players and stifle any youth development. He may have left the club but unfortunately his legacy was there for all to see on Saturday. May I suggest if u don't like the posts on here u don't read them

10.) Cooperboy, ally is not worthy of being mentioned in the same league as John Greig. In my lifetime nobody, as a player, has given as much to our club as he did. His place in our history will never be tarnished. On the other hand, ally gave us great memories and deserves credit for that, but any comparison with captain courageous is not worthy of consideration.

11.) 29 Dec 2014 20:31:06
Under Greig there was no lack of desire, like this mob.I guarantee at least 8 of them from the weekend would never wear the Jersey again.We played some amazing stuff in Greigs early days too, including beating Juve at Ibrox in one of my greatest memories ever.Consistency was the problem.I wish we had him in that dressing room just now.

12.) Totally agree with no. 7 cooperboy

13.) @9 stewie, I don't know if I like the post until AFTER i've read it so don't post on here if you can't take someone disagreeing with your one post that you have. I've asked if anyone who knows or has met Ally if they really believe he would do anything to the detriment to Rangers and there have not been anyone who says they do. stewie Allys gone he was not in charge of that shambles on Saturday but still you put the blame on him which is typical, blaming the wrong people for our woes.

14.) Jyf, As far as I am concerned, I have no doubts that ally would not, intentionally, do anything detrimental against our club. However, what we seen on Saturday is the legacy of his poor management ability. Forget hiding behind his 'legend' status as a manager and all the failings of the board, he was pure and simply, a rubbish manager and is being commented on accordingly.

15.) I was not trying to compare Ally to John Greig I was trying to point out that Greig was turned on by the fans at the time because of the results on the pitch I sat through some terrible games with under 20000 inside Ibrox is easy to pick out one game we all remember the good ones Ted McMinn tearing Celtic apart in a 3-1 victory at Ibrox but their was some howlers but in time we forgot and he is now been voted the greatest ever Ranger and I don't disagree with that and I believe Ally in the future will be remembered as our greatest ever goal scorer and I don't disagree with that either but as a manager no

16.) @14 billyb Ally won his last game in charge 2-0 Mcdowell put out the exact same team and got nothing out of them that's not Allys fault, he even got slaughtered on here for smiling at a rugby match. Ally has left the building the mantle has passed to others let's see where this takes us but I fear the worst.

17.) ". Greig was turned on by the fans. "
There's a revelation.

18.) Styab, Yes he won his last game and has had the highest %age of wins than any Rangers manager in history, but is by far the worst manager that has held that office. Yes, he did hold things together, for a while, but for that he was well and truly rewarded. However, as far as a playing unit we are at the bottom of the barrel. Forget off the field matters and concentrate on that. If you are honest, we are a dis-jointed outfit wearing the same strips with no tactical awareness, put together by a man that had a job that he could not do, who blundered on while receiving a big fat cheque every month. Yes, we must try and move on but let's not forget, one of the main reasons why we are, where we are---------amcc.

19.) @18 WHAAAT!!, the reason we are where we are is White, Green, ashley etc where have you been for the last 3 years.

20.) 19] Read the post. I don't think any of the 3 you mention, picked the team or took training. Quite clearly it states ''forget off the field matters'', unless they instructed the punt from the back, no width and play players out of position.

21.) 30 Dec 2014 15:04:58
@19 agree totally m8 billy u lost it there pal, these other bxxxxxxs have taken us here, not ally, who admittedly is a poor manager, he cannot be blamed for everything, by doing that you are handing the who ripped our club every reason to blame the manager,



26 Dec 2013 20:40:26
Can anyone please tell me what Peralta brings to the team playing wide? It seems everytime he plays there he is subbed but the manager obviously can't see it! Total shambles today team didn't look interested and no one wanted the ball. The players and the manager cheated the fans today and if Ally is going to ask fans to keep going then at least put out a team that's interested


1.) And maybe try playing them in their proper positions go on ally I dare you to try it lol




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19 Mar 2015 23:05:03
Time to bring in young players not ex players who are nearly at the end of their careers.




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If anyone team is interested in any of our players then the chances are they will go




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R. f

Why sign another keeper when money is as tight as it is? Seems baffling to have 4 keepers on the books however most of what the inept one does is baffling




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Agree with the above posts that boy was taken all over Europe by Rangers to get to the bottom of his injury problems. Had it not been for the club he might have had to chuck the game and he rewarded us by jumping ship. Like the others he should never be welcomed back




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Not a chance





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11 Jul 2015 18:13:24
Is that what's it's come to now? Having a go about pre season kickabouts? You would think Dh88 would have better things to do rather than come on a Rangers site and have a juvenile go about a kickabout. Apparently not though




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08 Jul 2015 09:21:51




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07 Jul 2015 20:11:21
PLG was really ill prepared and has admitted himself he didn't do his homework regarding Rangers. I also think it's unfair to blame Ferguson for his exit too. Got the feeling he was quite happy to walk and had already had PSG lined up. Ally was by far a worse manager than him and the only reason why he isn't the worst manager ever at the club is only because McDowall took over




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07 Jul 2015 17:53:00

There is no way Eustace will play against Hibs




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07 Jul 2015 17:52:18

How can u possibly say what the team will be to face Hibs? You then go on to say we have a few weeks left and could get players in. Would also disagree with your assumption that the dross has left. Still plenty of dross left there