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14 Dec 2017 12:18:52
Louis Moult to Preston. A bit of a sickener for me as I think he would have done a sterling job for us. He knows the league inside out and scores 1 in 2 for a very average Motherwell team.

£450k being the estimated figure that Preston have paid, I would have stumped up with that for a physical, pacey goal scorer.

Oh well.


1.) 14 Dec 2017 12:36:42
utter madness we haven't gone for him

2.) 14 Dec 2017 13:07:37
if we start signing players without any manager in charge then what happens if the new manager doesn't want them doesn't make sense to sign any players just now.
I do not expect to be many incomings this jan maybe loans but could be a few going out to get them off wage bill.

3.) 14 Dec 2017 16:47:15
It's not a given he would of come to us anyway by all accounts he wanted to leave Scotland and go back down south.

4.) 15 Dec 2017 09:02:04
He was always going back south! He was never a target for that reason!



02 Oct 2017 11:44:40
Whilst I am trying to maintain a level of composure - the amount of drivel written on here about Kenny Miller is nothing but absolute tosh.
He has achieved more in his Rangers career than the "manager" ever will.
For me, it is pretty plain to see that he has squandered a large sum of money on the two Mexican boys, Dalcio and Nemane.
Dorrans is being played out of position in order to accommodate Pena - making him look worse than he is.

I tried giving him time, but, a club of our stature should not be appointing managers with such a poor CV - it is that simple.

Look across the City. Brenda may be a lot of things, but he is far and ahead the best manager in the league for the last decade. They went out and made a statement with his appointment, whereas I feel that we were given a lucky dip.

Anyone who has been convinced by our performances during Pedros tenure needs examining in the head.

And back to my original point, the sheer volume of people so quickly to turn on people who have given so much to the club is shocking.

McCulloch, Miller, McCoist, Ferguson et al

Notice we aren't nominated for any fans awards. I wonder why.


1.) 02 Oct 2017 12:23:46
Dalcio and Nemane cost nothing both are loans Dalcio doesn't look much but has had limited time and Nemane needs some game time I reckon he's better than Windass just hasn't had a chance yet.

2.) 02 Oct 2017 13:04:04
I would hazard a guess that we are paying a bit of their salary though

3.) 02 Oct 2017 13:06:58
Good post mate, I usually come on here for the laff as its comical at times but everything u say makes sense.
Kenny Miller is respected even by Celtic fans as he always gives his all, to castigate 1 of your own like this is outrageous and I feel its just because the way your playing at the minute and all your frustrations are being heaped on him.
There is NO evidence whatsoever its him, and the 1 man who would know Keith Jackson (I no fan of by the way), says its not.
Now I know they can't reveal their sources but I have never seen a journalist (loosely) come out and say who its not, as he will have to back it up if it all come to wash.

4.) 02 Oct 2017 14:10:35

It's now at the stage that no one can say anything about the manager without some fans on here taking offence and having a go back. The players you mentioned are all Rangers greats and are only giving their opinions. Some people just can't handle the truth

5.) 02 Oct 2017 14:14:11
rayman not many will agree with you lol
It is one thing about being a football fan, we are a fickle bunch - but normally loyalty is one thing we can pride ourselves on. The last few years, unfortunately, this is the opposite toward some players that actually deserve it.

6.) 02 Oct 2017 14:28:52
Sparky, I just find it sad is all, that we are basically a premium brand, selling a sub par product with a salesman trying to suggest our FIAT Punto is a Porsche 911.

The thing is, its not just the likes of Sutton/ Hartson/ Stewart etc that like to put the boot in that are saying it, its people that I respect in the world of football going. wait a minute. this guy just isn't cut out for it.
I would still love to hear from the board as to why this man, with no real pedigree or track record, was deemed a suitable candidate to lead our team - and handed a large sum of money to spend when we are in financial difficulty at present.

7.) 02 Oct 2017 16:00:58
Your right mate some have a cheek to use the word loyal on here lol. 😁

8.) 02 Oct 2017 18:02:00
Kenny Miller, total professional, good guy, Rangers man. Just hope they can work it out. He is my top man. Dunbar Blue

9.) 02 Oct 2017 22:26:31
Ferguson, Boyd, Rae, Thomson, have to sniped from the sidelines and offer nothing but negative comments. I say support the manager. Yes he has made mistakes but clearly has passion for our club in its current predicament and has a desire and willingness to turn things around. Too many ex players now picking up a wage in the media are promoting their own self interest at expense of the club.

10.) 02 Oct 2017 22:30:00
Dalcio isn't Mexcian he's Portuguese and on loan. Hererra and Pena cost around 4 Million.

11.) 02 Oct 2017 22:39:02
@thebb - Celtic got lucky with Brenda in that he was available - do you think they would have got him if he was still employed with Liverpool.
And better men than those you stated above have been chased out the managerial hotseat so no sympathy from me for guys who are getting paid to slate our club.

12.) 03 Oct 2017 11:01:03
Many a good manager has been sacked onion jack. Morinho Ancellotti etc.
How come its ok for u to have a go at your club but not others.
Mate me thinks its not what they are saying but who they are.
If it wad big DJ your opionion would differ.

13.) 04 Oct 2017 00:38:07
@rayman99 - unlike your lot, I can form my own opinions. As soon as someone goes against the Celtic Family he's banished. I take it the great Lubo will get the same treatment now that he agrees with Dave King that it's no great achievement Celtic winning anything without Rangers being there?



18 Sep 2017 16:18:04
I do appreciate that it is early days in terms of the players that I am about to mention, but, so far.
Who would we rather have in our team going into Saturdays game.

Garner or Herrera
Halliday or Pena
Waghorn or Dalcio

For me. the choice is clear. I would have the three "duds" over Pedro's boys any time.
Whilst you can't argue with Bruno, Cardoso, Jack, Dorrans and Alfredo - I think the money wasted on the above players is nothing short of shambolic (so far)


1.) 18 Sep 2017 18:14:22
herrera n pena a would av kept waggie tho

2.) 18 Sep 2017 19:34:09
Herrera instead of Garner are you kidding? Garner was far more mobile and put himself about Herrera is a carthorse who is awful

3.) 18 Sep 2017 19:48:58
Cardoso hasn't impressed me.

4.) 18 Sep 2017 19:49:31
Utter tosh, they had their chance and didn't do it Waghorn wasn't even in Ipswich team on Sgive these guys a chance they have moved from another country to play here not all transfer will work same in any team but far to early to judge but the player you named had more than enough time but failed move on.

5.) 19 Sep 2017 05:56:07
Should have spent the Herrera/ Pena money incoming money from the sales on one really good player imo and used more of the youth team as cover, Jamie, Miles and Sergi for instance. I really hope Pena gets his confidence though as he's a midfielder we could all be raving about him in a few weeks that's how quickly opinions change but so far he just can't seem to get the weight of his passes right at all

6.) 19 Sep 2017 09:14:59
Id rather have Warburton's 3 duds in this case but I'd also rather have Alves n Cardoso than Hill and Kiernan. I'd rather have Morelos than any of our strikers last season, Rather Candeias than Forrester, Rather Jack n Dorrans than Halliday n Holt. should I go on?

7.) 19 Sep 2017 10:52:52
these boys especially dalcio have not had enough game time to be called shambollick infact "fellow supporter" they might still turn out to be very good aquisitions.

look at ally mccoist almost punted he was that poor and turned out to be one of the greatest rangers players of all timeso be patient and don't judge too quickly.

rangers have a long way to go but we are still on a journey and keep kalm because we will get back to the top

8.) 19 Sep 2017 15:25:39
Peds your either dogging the school or work cause your on here 24/ 7



15 Mar 2017 16:25:09
What I find slightly laughable, if not surprising, is the amount of posters now coming out slating MW, when some folk were shot down (most likely by the same sheep) that are now posting slating MW and DW.
Only interesting thing is no-one has used the much favoured term of "wage thief" to direct it at players - yet players like McCulloch, Boyd, MILLER et al were all labelled that way.


1.) 15 Mar 2017 17:21:23
I think that most people critising MW are referring to their attitude at the end and their apparent lack of commitment.

Of course most were unhappy with the results etc but it is the fans duty to get behind the club and offer support through thick and thin.

That has to be rewarded by the players and management doing their utmost to improve our situation - with hindsight MW was clearly not committed and so deserves to be slaughtered for his dishonesty

2.) 15 Mar 2017 17:28:00
I wanted MW to succeed here, I had some doubts on his lack of adaptability in our tactics last year, and he was found wanting. Some of his summer signings and their sheer number, after his lean squad comments last year, were alarming. All that can be forgiven but his actively seeking a new club after being given a big rise in salary here BITES. So no surprise to me he's being turned on.

3.) 15 Mar 2017 20:13:07
We were warned about Warburton from some of his ex players from Brentford. They said things like he wouldn't change or adapt to suit the teams strengths and not changing from short corners too.
I was wanting him to succeed but, I also think he was given too much time. He should have been shown the Door long before he did.
I hope that caxhinia proves to be a shrewd bit of business for the teddy bears.

4.) 16 Mar 2017 17:42:14
To be fair blueblazer most fans that slated warbs and weir had saw through their flawed tactics for a while and had been slating them for months before they were sacked. Where have you been?

5.) 16 Mar 2017 17:54:30
I was a Warbs fan right up to the Hearts result and even then i was hoping he could turn it around. The reality is he knew and DW knew it wasnt going to happen so they manipulated a way out that initially backfired on them resulting in their claims they hadnt resigned! At that point sorry Warbs you have done the dirty. Good luck at Forrest but Rangers forever.



29 Dec 2016 15:42:37
What is really more concerning than our pretty laughable points tally, goal difference, summer recruitment and overall performance is the lack of any desire or hunger.
Players are sauntering about and look half hearted at best - and at worst clueless.

To be this far behind Celtic is nothing short of embarrassing - and the worst part is, do any of the players actually look embarrassed - are they too mollycoddled, are they too used to playing at a level that it is acceptable, or are they being told the wrong things from management. Either way - its a shambles. There are no winners in that squad except Wallace and Miller - even Halliday you would expect to have that burning desire but aside flapping his arms like a cheerleader, I don't see much from him either.

I am literally dreading the OF and can see nothing short of a 3 goal margin between the teams.

Ack well. I'm sure it will get better.


1.) 29 Dec 2016 16:08:41
I think u need a reality check Blazer! Did u honestly expect us to put in a challenge this year? After where we have been? Yes we have a much bigger budget than everyone else outwith Celtic . second place was only ever going to be realistic target and I'm confident that will be achieved. I agree performances haven't been great and lessons need to be learned in terms of shape and starters. Winning last years semi lead to false expectations. MW will be given this year and next to try and shape a squad capable of challenging Celtic on a shoe string budget, whilst they will increase their spending. Next few years are going to be long unless big investment materialises.

2.) 29 Dec 2016 16:26:49
Hard to disagree Scotty, fantastic at the time but probably the worst thing that's happened to us on the pitch was beating Celtic in the semi last year, it gave them the boot up the backside to go and recruit sack Ronny and bring in Brenda.

3.) 29 Dec 2016 16:48:11
We all in our hearts wanted to come back win the league, win a cup and beat Celtic 4 times. However if we thought with our heads it's clear that them with more established players, better players and a bigger budget would win the league. We need better recruitment of players however this comes with money that unfortunately we don't have and whilst fat Ashley has his grip on merchandise we will struggle. European football won't help either as with this team we won't get past qualifiers.

Don't get me wrong I love my team and want nothing more than victories and trophies and it's painful to watch this team but we will support ever more.

4.) 30 Dec 2016 15:19:05
Guys I wasn't suggesting literally challenging Celtic for the title, but not being cannon fodder to them. I don't think I have been impressed with any performance as a team this season and that can't be polished over by saying oh we will get better, we will come in and go again etc

I just take exception to people mentioning Celtics vast superior budget when we are struggling to second place with the same superiority over Hearts and Aberdeen.

I don't expect to have Ferguson, Amoruso, Gough and de Boer strutting out there, but is Dodoo, Windass, Hodson, Halliday et al really deserving of playing for our club based solely on their ability? I wouldn't think so - but I will always support them. I never thought I would long for the days of Bob Malcolm, Dragan Mladenovic and Emerson again but my lord any of them could play in this team.

I believe that we have signed poorly this summer, and that has unfairly hindered the honest pros in our team. You can see players of better quality in our team struggling with the lack of other similar players around them.
I think there are players out there that are in our budget that are being missed. I will not call for the gaffers head, he got us here, but Celtic can't be allowed to get 9 or 10 in a row - as we will never eclipse that. The board needs to step up and do more financially to assist the manager.




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23 Oct 2017 08:21:04
So we should have stuck with the equally inept Le Guen back then as well? Gave him time, let him find his feet, never brought back Walter.

Pedro is, was and always will be a disastrous appointment. He has no discernible style, pattern or structure to his team. He is a constant side show and his signings are faring far worse than Sionko, Svensson, Clement, Papac, Sebo, Stanger and Letizi ever did.

It is not his fault though, it is the board who deemed this man a suitable custodian of the managers office. How he was appointed on his CV, I do not know.
It seems to me that the board were trying to be too clever, go for someone from left field and make him a shining star. He is undoubtedly out of his depth and I do feel sorry for him in some ways, but, it is plain to see that the team is spineless, rudderless and toothless. His constant desire to play Pena - who failed to touch the ball in the opening 35 minutes, staggers me. Not even to say Miller should be playing there, but certainly Dorrans, who is being played out of position. You look to the bench, let's change something up - there was no one.

You can not tell me that Herrera is a better option than Garner. That Nemane is a better option than Ohalloran, Dalcio better than Waghorn, Windass better than McKay.
A bench that could have included the above players, along with Halliday and Miller, and we can see that the transfer strategy is as watertight of a sieve.




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19 Oct 2017 09:13:08
I love how quickly our "loyal" fans and how quickly they make assumptions about someone's character.

The long and short of it is this. Kenny has maintained silence - until his agents outbursts which may, or may not be endorsed by Kenny. The club have done nothing to clear the situation up at all, smoke and mirrors from the manager with his press statements.

The team are playing slightly better, I doubt though that is due to Kenny's absence and more to do with how we are playing in terms of style and tempo. Would Kenny have put away the chances Pena did? Of course he would have.

Just another sorry mess to be splattered all over the world. the embarrassment continues




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02 Oct 2017 14:36:27

Ignore what?
As of yet, all he may be guilty of is questioning his authority
The leak thing is just smoke and mirrors, a few months back it was definitely Wallace - now its Miller.

As for leaks, during 9 in a row - there were numerous leaks to the press, it just so happened to be at a time when we were flying so no one cared.
Then Advocaat - a leak about the shorts being too short and tight, or the boot deals.
Under McLeish there was the Ricksen debacles that were leaked from the training ground as well.




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29 Sep 2017 14:37:57
Would you rather he sat on his hands and watched the ship sink - or go to the paymasters and tell them what's what from inside the dressing room?




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29 Sep 2017 08:44:22
CD - Could be the beginning of the end for Pedro. IF its true, it is nothing short of abysmal in my opinion.





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14 Dec 2017 12:22:49
I don't think Kenny should start every game, but it has largely been out of necessity this season due to a lack of options.
The injury allowed us to change formation and combat their width more effectively. I don't think it was Millers withdrawal, more the tactical re-jig that made us more effective.




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14 Dec 2017 12:21:12
Probably Baltic and wanted to get down the tunnel.
Or maybe not happy being left out. Who knows - maybe he is the mole!?!?!?!?




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14 Dec 2017 12:20:17
I agree that Wilson has come onto a game, and seems to relish the responsibility of the armband. However, Wallace is deservedly captain and I feel that talk of stripping him of the armband is completely disrespectful to him.




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20 Nov 2017 14:07:11
All this Hardie nonsense.
He has yet to show ANYTHING to suggest he is the answer, in our strip, or Raith, or Dumbarton or St Mirren.

Kenny shouldn't be playing every week, I agree, but the squad if so bereft of talent that he is playing, and we have to play with the cards that our former "manager" has dealt us.




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20 Nov 2017 14:03:17
Morelos cost us the 3 points with woeful finishing, to then sulk when being brought off and WALK off when we needed urgency - Windass and Jack were for me the only bright side of the game, especially in the first 45 - Windass gave them no end of problems making early runs beyond the CF.