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25 Jan 2019 14:15:55
Gers sign andy firth goalie fae barrow on 18 month contract think big wes could be off.

1.) 25 Jan 2019 15:33:14
Maybe he's going to play at CB.

2.) 25 Jan 2019 15:49:13
Or it could even be Shagger Tryan.

News has it he has slipped compared to start of season.

3.) 25 Jan 2019 17:08:47
Dont be daft billy blue. this lad coming from barrowbwill be 3rd choice to let McCrorie go out onloan for game time. He was barrow sub goalie .

4.) 25 Jan 2019 17:16:02
He'd need to be pretty poor not to be no2. Unfortunately Fod will be with us until his contract runs out or we strike a deal to get rid. I'm sure I read he was on £10k a week. Nobody will touch him on these wages. He's rubbish.

5.) 25 Jan 2019 17:30:44
Have to disagree there, Fod has been a very good keeper for us and was unlucky to drop to 2nd choice.

6.) 25 Jan 2019 18:57:44
It’s not unlucky if you just aren’t as good as the number 1. Brilliant backup for McGregor and hopefully stays till the summer.

7.) 25 Jan 2019 19:32:48
Blue billy what planet you on why would it be Mcgregor and he’s been excellent for us this season.

8.) 25 Jan 2019 21:25:20
Thing I find strange is our new goalkeeper appears to be 5ft 8 in.

9.) 25 Jan 2019 22:04:46
Yeah Jboy21 he has been slotted into the under16s 😂😂😂.

10.) 25 Jan 2019 23:56:30
Fod is rubbish .

I shake my head at that comment!

Maybe not the best distribution but he done us well when he had to .

Short memories I say!

11.) 26 Jan 2019 16:57:09
Fod is a cracking goalkeeper done fantastic for us.

12.) 26 Jan 2019 19:38:19
Don't understand the Firth signing surely we should have kept Robbie McCrorie instead of sending him out on loan.



23 Nov 2018 13:31:03
According to talkspirt

Liverpool starlet Dominic Solanke set to join Rangers with Umar Sadiq facing Ibrox exit
The young England forward has not made a single senior appearance under Jurgen Klopp this season.

1.) 23 Nov 2018 13:35:45

2.) 23 Nov 2018 15:41:22
I would like to see Solanke sign but not Skrtel, the wages he would want would cause problems with some of the other players, only my view.

3.) 23 Nov 2018 15:42:21
If this is case where will solanke fit in our team as i assume he will won't to start most matches and morelos certainly doesn't deserve to be dropped.

4.) 23 Nov 2018 16:35:58
Good point Craig 8886, but Stevie G would have to worry about that, maybe he wants to play them in the same team? McCoust and Hately type,

5.) 23 Nov 2018 16:56:40
Whenever we’ve played two up from this season we haven’t looked as effective.

6.) 23 Nov 2018 21:02:11
Agreed gallant few. Gerrard has even said himself he now knows our formation. 4-3-3. Funnily enough same formation as last season that everybody was moaning about cause cummings was getting a game.



27 Aug 2018 16:05:23
Gers to sign eros grezda £2mill from osijek.

1.) 27 Aug 2018 17:10:11
I’d prefer Jordan jones to be honest are even Jamie walker.

2.) 27 Aug 2018 17:14:49
Jones looks far better than this guy and a lot cheaper and knows the league already. Weird decision.

3.) 27 Aug 2018 17:18:32
Grezda to rangers. Same media outlet that reported barasic on flight to Edinburgh reporting grezda to fly to Scotland tomorrow 2,7 million
Ulsterdivision this guy three times the player jones and Walker are.

4.) 27 Aug 2018 17:28:18
I would like to see Atakyi get some first team action before spending another 2m on an Albanian winger.

5.) 27 Aug 2018 17:32:07
Jboy what do you base that on as I’d guess you have never seen him play.

6.) 27 Aug 2018 17:53:55
Grezda is at least 5 times the player jamie walker is! Never wanted walker at any time. Not near good enough for us! Jordan jones however is better than walker but i agree with jboy, he's not better than grezda from what i've seen of him!

7.) 27 Aug 2018 17:55:35
seen jordan jones a few times don't rate him sorrry ulster can't say anything about the albanian guy but if he is being recommended by borna bear and katic then may well be worth a shout have you seen the albanian lad play?

8.) 27 Aug 2018 17:57:24
WAtched youtube there and looks a player very fast and direct. But I do recall watching joey Garner on YouTube and he looked like luis Suarez so I will reserve judgement lol.

9.) 27 Aug 2018 18:14:21
Have to admit that I have seen nothing of this lad but willing to take the punt on this type of player. One thing I do trust is the scouting dept who have found us good value and worked well within a tight budget. If we get this guy and a CH i’ll be delighted!

10.) 27 Aug 2018 18:15:05
I've seen clips of him with. Albania, we need to trust Mark Allen, I've nèver been impressed with jones.

11.) 27 Aug 2018 18:34:29
Grezda never played against us as he was injured, so who has seen him play🤔, some amount of shoite gets spouted on here👍.

12.) 27 Aug 2018 18:44:40
Agreed Coldo people judging him on a few YouTube clips.

13.) 27 Aug 2018 19:04:59
If deal is finalised it will be for much less than being quoted. Around 1.75M with potential for it to hit 2.5M with add ons. I ain’t ever saw the lad play so only hope the recruitment team are continuing with the standard been brought in so far.

14.) 27 Aug 2018 19:12:03
Agree 36th, but sorry jones is terrible, my mates are season ticket holders at killie and can't believe anyone would pay half million.

15.) 27 Aug 2018 19:14:06
I'm know nothing of him so have trust mark allen and gerrard, all their signings have been great so no reason to doubt them👍 I just find it hilarious that people claim that he is better than such and such with zero actual knowledge of grezda's ability. let's face it the only way to know grezda is if you follow osijek or albania, other than playing against us, show me someone who followed/ follows osijek or albania and I'll show you a liar👍.

16.) 27 Aug 2018 19:19:47
I thought he played well against us last week.

17.) 27 Aug 2018 19:24:25
Check out Grezda’s Wikipedia personal life section!

18.) 27 Aug 2018 19:28:03
Don’t think he played and hopefully he is still Vet his injury 👍.

19.) 27 Aug 2018 19:35:20
A very recent addition, bruisedbear!

20.) 27 Aug 2018 19:37:07
brilliant bruised bear! love it!

21.) 27 Aug 2018 19:38:23
Magic bruised bear😂👍.

22.) 27 Aug 2018 19:48:46
Bruisebear 😂😂😂.

23.) 27 Aug 2018 19:49:00
Tbh I think Bockaj looked good over the 2 legs and he was just back from injury as well. Osijek were a much better side than a lot of us gave them credit for and they were, by the looks of it, understrengthed. Massive well done to getting through that tie, didn’t think Maribor were overly impressive though one player I did like was the young lad Zahovic, 21 kept popping up in little pockets around our box just could get his chances away.

24.) 27 Aug 2018 20:28:29
Never heard of him never mind seen him play.

25.) 27 Aug 2018 20:51:16
Coldco what's up with looking at footage, his games history and international pedigree and forming an opinion.
I prefer that than reading the Sun or record view.
Our DoF to date has done well, remember killie quoted us one million for jones, that's why we go abroad.

26.) 27 Aug 2018 20:52:30
Lm1991 u r right zahovic looked quality.

27.) 27 Aug 2018 20:52:51
Supercooper where have you saw enough of him to put him at 5 x the player of anybody?

28.) 27 Aug 2018 21:46:41
I've never seen or heard of this boy Grezda but he does seem to have a decent scoring record from the wing!

We will just have to trust Mark Allen's judgement on this signing!

People all here don't have spout rubbish though Just because we have signed him. they've all come on here saying he's 10 times the player of Walker and Jones I don't think they even know this boy

Total funds!

29.) 27 Aug 2018 21:51:13
Well said COLDO the scary thing is some of them actually expect us to believe the tripe they right on here!

30.) 27 Aug 2018 22:17:46
rh9 when have you seen grezda playing.

31.) 27 Aug 2018 22:18:19
Jboy, watching youtube vids of a player does not give you enough info to give you the full picture of a player mate, I remember watching vids of pena and herrera and they looked quality, we all know how that worked out👍. If you read my previous posts you'll see that I have said that I will standby allen and gerrards judgement as they have been faultless, I don't know why your are bringing them into this? I said that its hilarious that people form an opinion that a player is 5x better than another player based on a 2min youtube video or claim that they know the player because they follow albania or croatian football. Its comical jboy👍.

32.) 27 Aug 2018 22:28:52
Joby is a cracker! Clueless!

33.) 27 Aug 2018 23:00:56
True Coldo 👍🏼.

34.) 28 Aug 2018 07:32:18
We r all entitled to form an opinion. As to clueless lax puts us in same boat then. Enjoy mate.

35.) 28 Aug 2018 08:08:16
U don't get croatian footall on tv here, and I find it hard to believe anybody would have went out of the way to stream croatian league games. He's only had 6 caps for Albania so no way anybody has saw much of him at that level. He may well be A cracking player but it also bugs me when ppeople come on claiming he's so much better than others when they know nothing about him.

36.) 28 Aug 2018 10:02:32
Fb what is wrong with people forming an opinion of there own by looking at limited videos.
I said same when we signed ejaria, got slaughtered, boy doing ok I'd say.

37.) 28 Aug 2018 10:53:44
My point is u said and I quote "he's 3 times the player of Jones". No way u have saw close to enough of him to form this opinion he's had 6 caps for Albania so he's nor a well known international name. your basing your opinion on a couple of YouTube clips, there not exactly going to put his worst bits on there pena loowed as good as Zidane on YouTube clips when we signed him. He may well turn out to be a cracking signing but there's no need for people to lie like they know who the gUK is and how good he will be.

38.) 28 Aug 2018 10:59:04
Jboy21 just because you said Ejaria looks world class on clips and he is doing ok

Ahh here's a wee gold star to you 👏.

39.) 28 Aug 2018 12:54:22
having watched a few videos, yes, they always make the players look great. but imagine he is that good. barisic and gredza on the left, tav and candeias on the right. kent, middleton, murphy fighting for places too. exciting times. going forward - a real force.

40.) 28 Aug 2018 13:12:23
Thanks kaz, why do people like u and coldco get off on slagging people and try to g them down, I expect that from tims not fellow blue noses.
I must remember not to form opinions in future.
How many on here would prefer Walker or jones, based on perceived pedigree.

41.) 28 Aug 2018 13:13:27
Kazmani Where did I say ejaria was world class. Is that u making up your crap again.

42.) 28 Aug 2018 13:15:01
Frustrated blue where is my lie as you refer too, I offered my opinion which I believe I am entitled to do on this site.

43.) 28 Aug 2018 16:47:54
Not meaning to fall out btw jboy as I appreciate your posts on here as they are always fair n ba lanced. Just think your wrong this time comparing 2 players by a few mins on YouTube mate.

44.) 28 Aug 2018 17:04:14
Gosh won’t fall out fb. U will be on here soon saying what a player.

45.) 28 Aug 2018 20:18:16
I may be well and I hope he is. Just canto agree with people saying 3x or 5x the player of others before we see him play. Not on a youtube clip. hope he lights it up tho obviously.

46.) 28 Aug 2018 22:00:34
Hold on a minute jboy, I'm not slagging anyone nor do I get off on it. There is nothing wrong with forming an opinion based on video clips, that's upto you👍. I'm saying that 2min video clips does not give you the full picture of a player nor does it give you enough info to state that a player is 5x or whatever better than another player. They only way to make such an informed assessment is to follow croatian or albanian football and with the greatest respect anyone on here that's says that they follow croatian or albanian football is talking shoite👍.



15 Aug 2018 22:10:57
Bordeax on talks for moralos 3.7m.

1.) 16 Aug 2018 10:03:24
Need to stick a 1 in front of that for me, and ONLY if we have someone lined up to come in and hit the ground running.

2.) 16 Aug 2018 10:32:54
Need to stick 6 million in front for me.

3.) 16 Aug 2018 12:27:33
No way should we sell him to any of the bigger leagues for less than the going rate = £10 million minimum for a prolific striker.



25 Jul 2018 14:24:06
Both Burnley and West Ham are thought to have an interest in Josh Windass, who is lining up a return to England as he fears he won't be pivotal to Steven Gerrard's plans at Rangers.

The 24-year-old is poised to be on the bench for Thursday's Europa League second round qualifier at NK Osijek and that has underlined his belief that he must leave.

1.) 25 Jul 2018 14:40:05
Waggy looks like going to Derby for 8 million so start the bidding at what?

2.) 25 Jul 2018 15:14:48
Surely we can't be looking to accept anything less than £7m. Celtic got £7m for Armstrong who scored 3 goals last year, windass got 13 in the league. The amount of abuse he gets is unbelievable from our fans.

3.) 25 Jul 2018 15:41:57
Windass is either hot, or not. He's not been helped by gerrard playing him in a terrible position though, but even when he plays in the 10, he's either scoring and assisting for fun and looking a £10M player, or he's staggeringly quiet/ terrible.

No middle ground with him.

4.) 25 Jul 2018 16:12:39
I’m not his biggest fan but I think Stevie G is nullified his assets by playing him on the right he should be a number ten all day long in my opinion. He is a good finisher as we seen last year. I think he gets stuck because we know he has ability he just seems like he can’t be bothered using it at times.

5.) 25 Jul 2018 16:32:47
Not sure how much truth there is in it but I remember Windass senior on twitter saying his sons £3m release clause is in his new improved contract.
I’d find that difficult to believe that he would be offered better terms with same release clause as his initial contract but just putting it out there.
£3m seems to be the figure Iv heard in tabloids also, if he actually wants to leave.

6.) 25 Jul 2018 17:05:48
Windlass has three million release clause, so not getting more.

7.) 25 Jul 2018 18:31:30
Wonder what Burnley and West Ham know about footballers when so many on here want rid of him as quickly as possible?

You’d think their scouts would be on here instead of watching him in action!

8.) 25 Jul 2018 19:03:23
The £3m release clause has already been shot down by the club.

9.) 25 Jul 2018 19:06:44
why would we not get more, the 3M only allows teams to talk to him, if more than one team wanted him they could outbid the 3M to become the preferred buyer.

10.) 25 Jul 2018 19:22:52
Jmasster hope your right. I’d push for 5 million. Crazy market down there if Waggy worth 8-10.
Despite what people say here boy can score.
How many remember before we signed him papers said wenger wanted him.
Let’s make good money if we can.

11.) 25 Jul 2018 19:22:54
That's not how it works geesadodothat. If there is a release clause and it is met we have no choice but to allow them to speak to the player. We are not able to demand more and give a club preferential treatment.

12.) 25 Jul 2018 19:29:54
If a team bids 3mil and a team bids 5mil, windass could go to the team that bids 3mil. His release clause would be met and it does not necessarily mean we could get more money if more teams are interested. Outbidding the 3mil means nothing if 3mil is the release clause. Have a think about it.

13.) 25 Jul 2018 20:18:34
Did Windass himself not confirm what his dad said about the £3 million release clause?

14.) 25 Jul 2018 20:34:43
in what way would they become the preferred buyer? If there is a release cause and two teams meet it, the decision lies solely with the player. We are obliged to accept both bids.

15.) 25 Jul 2018 21:44:59
No. they could all just bid the 3m release clause and then it would be down to the player as to where he wants to go.

16.) 25 Jul 2018 21:53:20
@ geesadodothat your missing the point if more than one team wanted him they would still only offer us £3m all they would do is offer him better terms than anyone else .

17.) 25 Jul 2018 22:23:50
Can’t compare Windass to Armstrong, Armstrong far more consistent and that’s what lead to the higher transfer fee.

18.) 25 Jul 2018 22:35:31
There is no way on earth the group of players Gerrard has brought in will challenge for the title! Anyone who thinks differently are diluted! Keep saying it, the midfield is rotten and we have nothing to offer up front!

19.) 26 Jul 2018 07:06:46
Ronnie, aye we are all diluted 😂 KEEP THE FAITH.

20.) 26 Jul 2018 09:51:21
Spelling misprint smart ar@e.




Tryanikian's banter posts with other poster's replies to Tryanikian's banter posts


06 May 2019 19:28:42
Gers young guns win league title.

1.) 06 May 2019 19:52:44
Let's hope we can develop several of the young guys into the senior squad, some good prospects.



25 Feb 2019 14:40:18
Running scared of gerrard
Oh aye your running scared of gerrard
Running scared of gerrard
Oh aye your running scared of gerrard.



06 Feb 2019 18:50:21
Mcgregor tav worrall goldson barsic mccrorie jack arfield candias kent morelos
Starting 11 v the sheep.

1.) 06 Feb 2019 18:58:47
Steven Gerrard is spot on IMO except i would have started katic in front of worrall for tonight.

2.) 06 Feb 2019 19:04:42
katic dropped once again for worral complete joke worral is half the player of katic.

3.) 06 Feb 2019 19:14:32
We all have an opinion on the centre half’s but who am I to question our a Management team! Come on the Teddy Bears🇬🇧.

4.) 06 Feb 2019 19:16:26
What is the deal with Worrall and Gerrard. So looking forward to the Katic Goldson pairing again and now it's out the window. Katic gives so much more including a set piece scoring ability. Let's hope we don't have to say "told you so"after the game.

5.) 06 Feb 2019 19:20:27
A must win tonight if we as a team are looking at moving forward this term.
We can not lose this game.
I want to come into this form tomorrow and have a feel good factor and comment on our win and not to condemn our team again.
We need this win and to show that we are the people and we are proud to be part of this world wide family.
So Rangers do us proud .
Come on the Gers.

6.) 06 Feb 2019 19:20:34
Got to be Katic evrytime, at least he is our player and we want him to improve.

7.) 06 Feb 2019 19:29:24
Agree totally Worrall better not screw up as it will reflect badly on Stevie G.

8.) 06 Feb 2019 19:33:54
Worrall must have dodgey pictures of gerrard, its getting embarrassing. Katic is twice the player worrall👍.

9.) 06 Feb 2019 22:27:17
Worrall played very well tonight.

10.) 06 Feb 2019 23:13:32
Katic dropped? For what? unless injured that's a shocker.



21 Dec 2018 12:28:48
ryan jack signs new deal till 2021.

1.) 21 Dec 2018 14:45:33
Good move for both.

2.) 21 Dec 2018 18:24:04
Make him captain.

3.) 22 Dec 2018 08:34:35
6 disagrees for a factual comment? How many timmy trolls do we have bow?

4.) 22 Dec 2018 23:19:02
I believe Ryan signing an extension is critical to our future, he is a player we should build our team around, along with mac, alfie and goldson!



18 Sep 2018 19:12:52
Rangers captain James Tavernier has signed a new contract with the Ibrox club until 2022.

1.) 19 Sep 2018 12:51:02
Remarkable 3 disagrees to tryanikian post why? What's the point if it's true?

2.) 19 Sep 2018 13:02:31
the disagrees are the work of timothy obsessed with the famous.

3.) 19 Sep 2018 15:29:13
I disagreed by accident, queens11!




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14 May 2019 16:14:05
A think clarke will go to smell. tic.



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12 May 2019 09:39:02
If hardie gets a chance and takes it scoreing goals etc all you knocking the lad before he kickes a ball owe the the young lad an apoligy and a drink lol

good luck to the lad as long as the gers win the title who cares who plays or who scores.



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06 May 2019 21:32:56
Think mexer from rennes is next in the door.



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30 Apr 2019 16:27:31
Hibs looking at doherty
Arfield will stay i think
Wallace holt fods etc will b off
Morelos will b sold.



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17 Apr 2019 10:08:53
wait what, sell two players to buy one, well that makes sense.

We would only be selling 1 player fods been sitting on his backside all season.




Tryanikian's banter replies


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20 Mar 2019 12:52:03
Would like to see big laff up front againt the tic rather than morelos.



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21 Dec 2018 12:33:25
he is a tic fam.



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19 Sep 2018 14:21:49
Never have and never will wear or support scotland in my 50 years of living.



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11 Sep 2018 21:17:10
Bent told talk sport 100% yes he love to join tbe gers.



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27 Aug 2018 10:22:04
Prob on russian tv hesgoal u get the game there on line.