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18 May 2014 09:25:26
i think sales are poor (if strong board would be crowing the numbers and not meeting with uof)

fan base is split, we have murdo and his cabal backing green, mather, stockbridge and any board that does not have real rangers men in it, mcmurdo now claims board read his blog, why would board do that unless board feeding him spin?

silent majority is winning, and hope fans will get big real stake in club and its future, not debentures, and stock certs on wall that are worthless.

we fans are heart of this club and need real stake in it


1.) I let my heart rule my head on Fri went to renew at 16:30hrs it was dead, 6 people serving and nobody to serve. Last year I knew I could no longer sit in the family section as my son was too old and he now had a job that meant he can't always go on a Sat, so I asked t e moved, they said I could stay there if I knew pers. So I payed and left, this year I went with a wad of cash (£600) in case they went to move me and the guy wouldn't let me renew, I offered him my money he never tried to move me so I walked. If that is how you treat people trying to buy season tickets you don't deserve my money and that guy doesn't deserve to be in a job. There is a serious lack of moral within the club.

2.) Starve the company of cash but love the club. ironnic innit. club company myth will destroy from within. all cateting with TRIFC tied up for years. same with some players contracts. all going to end in tears again. a summer with huge blacl clouds gatherinh



24 Dec 2013 09:20:23
quick xmas poll:

who do you think really is the private company/person ruling rangers at present?

pick one from:

sdm, whyte, green, ticketus, zeus, asian betting syndicate, asian money launderers, masons, asian catholic brotherhood, the hood, dick dasterly, multey, a true ger


1.) Anotherger - a quick look at the voting from the agm tells you exactly who is in control of rangers, its the same consortium who bought the assets and formed TRFC Ltd

they floated a new company RIFC and sold 31. 5M shares but they kept control with 33.5m shares, sandy easdale has since bought about 3m shares and has sided with the original consortium

Look at the voting
37m shares for stockbridge and 19. 5 against

Murray Murdoch and Wilson all 37m votes against, not a coincidence!

resolutions 9 and 10
36m votes for again no coincidence

Wallace, somers and crighton however were different, they had an overwhelming majority with 85% 79. 9% and 79. 5% of votes respectively, meaning they had the backing of many of those who bought their shares in the IPO


2.) I think it be the Jesuits who got control of the club. Still trying to break up the UK and the US. Got to be them, if not it must be wee eck and wee nic.

3.) None of them. It's quite clearly the joker. The reason for my thinking is this is one big bad joke at all us rangers fans expense. But my next guess after that is Peter lawell now that's one sick joke.

4.) My vote is asian betting syndicate, only thing that makes real sense, they not interested in losing ipo money. but getting to cl with control of a major team. imagine the bets they could control.

jg - you say folks who bought shares in ipo, but they lost 50% of value and would not vote 65% for fd, unless something is no right. look in mirror are you getting too much sun. as you don't make any sense.

bloggs supporting irvine states before vote agm vote 70-80% wins for board and they were spot on. this too much of a cooincidence. vote was allways planned to be won by board. , anyboard

5.) JG, I take it you mean Bluechip etc. because no matter what or who buy ie Easdales they can not outvote or change anything without these big players share issue.
As for the votes at AGM it just goes to show how fickle we the support are if we can back peple like Wallace and Crichton without actually knowing who's camp they are actually in.? Can only believe Bluechip etc brought them in so why did some of our fan/ share holders back them so readily? Intresting times ahead, with lots to be cut and trimmed in next few weeks. and a manager who still can't to grips with the cost of running a club. don't spend what you don't have Ally, it only leads to debt. We lossing 1million Ally, a month can you understand that? we are not making it we are losing it? what's hard to understand? no new players no big contracts make-do with what you have? or we go bust again? what a waste of tiem the last 3yrs have been if you can't understand that? we must spend to keep up with the other lot? no we dont. are you Murray in disguise Ally.

6.) Op I think its got crag shtyes name all over it but he is working with a few others people that know how its done because they have done it to hundreds of other businesses though normal ly small firms they landed on there feet by getting there gruby paws on rangers I also think david murray could be involved if not involved he knew what was happening



24 Dec 2013 09:16:03
real question is why 65% of shares happy to back fd in first role who looses £14m, and whose accounts mask further £12m trading lose. ?

furthermore shares plummeted from ipo launch, peak and after account published. fd goes if any of these occur in real business, yet with rifc all 3 happen and our unknown investors are happy to back fd? crazy

something clearly wrong, and meanwhile a spin campaign continues, in last year we seen our rangers man thru and thru, hounded from his post, with videos of drunk behaviour used against him. false claims about our opponents land deals posted on ger bloggs ( foi does not cover land deals! ) with claims now that gers fans are raising questions in parliment and to uefa about dodgy bank deals to celtic?

days of honesty and glory are behind us.


1.) 24 Dec 2013 15:08:33
# furthermore shares plummeted from ipo launch, peak and after account published. fd goes if any of these occur in real business, yet with rifc all 3 happen and our unknown investors are happy to back fd? crazy

Absolutely spot on. At best Brian Stockbridge has been financially utterly incompetent and his forecast figures were totally laughable, in fact, I could have did a few calculations on the back of a fag packet and been more accurate.

Only at the joke that Ibrox is becoming would he be allowed to stay and yet Ally and Jack Irvine's pals in the media are telling us to not even think about boycotts for at least another 120 days and to concentrate our efforts in supporting the team against plumbers and joiners.

And still a majority of fans are prepared to go happily along with this and sleepwalk into another major crisis.

2.) Op I agree with all you say except I believe the land part I believe questions have been asked in parliment and the guy that posts about these matters tellsus we will see results in the new year

3.) Op I have just checked the question was asked in houses of parliment on 16 of this month

4.) Thanks ed for posting my n3 post very quickly may I also wish you and other eds and indeed everybody that posts a merry xmas

5.) Tmwnn, so silly dublin mp asks about celtic and cheap bank loan from coop? silly point scoring?

one year ago george galloway asked in prime ministers questions about rfc and failure to pay £50m in taxes.

we don't have good record here, so wy listen to jack irivne raising falses rumours about celtic getting loans at just 1. 5%. when we here ipo costs were 5x normal, and we seeing green and whyte negociate loans at 8 and 16%

tables turned for every £5 celtic make in profit, we. now loose £10m in loses.

fear 2014 will see us back in div 3

6.) N5 its not silly point scoring the op tells us we should live within our means like celtic have done well not on my cards mate if they are only paying overdraft they are strugling if they where living within their means they wouldn't be in 36million bebt especialy with the money they gained in euro if op had not mentioned celtic his post would have been ideal imo




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JG. more to point is can we afford him, if we losing £14m /year according to fd in first financial role, who missed £12m is actual accountable loses, you urge fans to invest

in a share that's lost 50% for its opening, 70% from its height.

fans can't win control by buying shares, there is 30% of shares that can be sold at any time, to anyone directors choose for any price!!

rfc is now cash cow for real owners, and our club will owe £30m to rifc before end of this season with our only assets ibrox and murray park to fill that void, our next 100 years will be bleak in comparison. to the 55 titles we won before.

no money, no ibrox, no future!





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Rangers, Hibs, Hearts. only 2 can go up

someone will be bitterly dissapointed next year. and we may face 25pts deduction

thats to mr green, was this always the plan?




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Even with full st money, we will most likely hit admin, then what relegation?

we owe £1.5m in loans, its costs 0.5m to be on Aim each year, we could looose £600,000 to ahmed plus costs.

this before any games. and ally will dump us out of some cups, and still needs to buy more players.

were all doomed




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JG do you really think king that stupid he will buy shares to take us over, if there are onerous contracts, doubts on deeds.

green set up a honey trap, will cost up to £15m got get paper shares with no potential value.

king saving funds for our recovery, not to line yur pals stables




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And yet we score more than any other team in uk.




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Lob the cash you mean.