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17 Feb 2014 19:55:04
Whyte has allowed CharlotteFakers information (posts and voicerecordings) to entered in court case.

So its not made up then, and can be covered by press now.


{Ed039's Note - Whyte hasnt allowed it to be entered, the liquidators of RFC 2012 are using it as "evidence" against Whyte and his lawyers as they are suing for negligence in the administration and liquidation of oldco and a judge has allowed the liquidators of oldco to enter this AGAINST whyte. Judge has probably opened up a can of worms right enough)

1.) The mind boggles no good will come out of it

2.) Right on cue, DR print a sensational headline, Sammy is all over it (there will the usual suspects to follow no doubt)

Sammy you didn't even bother to read what was printed under the headline

i am surprised that tapes from an anon source on an internet site can be used as evidence though,

who is going to say they are genuine or not edited?


3.) This should settle the argument at long last.

Jack the lad

4.) 18 Feb 2014 13:48:20
Sorry not upto speed on this story what if there is any truth or credibility to these tapes would the ramifications be to us. W. a. t. p. Bluebear.

5.) As jg says how do u know tapes genuine because nothing else abot the whole shooting is case of ganster v gangster

6.) Court reports state that whyte had sent court email allowing tapes to be submitted as evidence, defence claimed private and confidential, but was shown web bloggs discussing content.

judge ruled its in the public domain already, and whyte did not object, so he his helping to win possilbe £28m case, where he would gain the £18m he needs to pay off ticketus.

whyte is not part of defense, as its his ex-lawyers. year before comes to court. so expect payoff well before then.

{Ed039's Note - He would not get the money to pay off Ticketus, the money would go to the liquidators and would go to the creditors pot, but in reality would probably just put Whytes lawyers into insolvency themselves and the money would never change hands)

7.) I may be wrong Ed but the case is only against the lawyers, I am sure I read CW gave permission for the tapes use which is effectively confirming their veracity.

I think most of CF's material has a big data protection question mark over it, can't see that stuff ever being accepted, it has to be illegal, maybe the chats between CW and CG/IA.

8.) Ed in reply to you post in op I hope its a can of worms that will let us fans know a bit nearer the truth about this whole feckin shambles of a mess

9.) Sorry to burst your bubble JG. but I got my feed from the court reporter via twitter.

DR is dross, so don't know what you talking about as ever.

I have listened to tapes and docs, and courts don't allow false evidence to be presented as that would be illegal.

Your defense of Green falls apart, given what green caught on tape saying.

Lets see what happens, but do fear for genuine fans who invested in debentures originally, and the lastest IPO.

10.) JG. "i am surprised that tapes from an anon source on an internet site can be used as evidence though"

yet both sides in court case, and even police all aware of this evidence. and Whyte AGREED to its submission in this case.

So its not anonymous.

11.) Sammy - my bad, I forgot that you rely on the net and the bloggers for your info

but reading your posts above;

you have listened to the tapes! that makes them genuine then?

My defense of Green! did I mention Green in my post?, do you automatically assume if someone has a different opinion from you or your bloggers, then they are defending Green?

both sides aware of the tapes! yes along with thousands of others, still doesn't gaurantee them to be authentic. tapes can be edited any way you like,
dont you remember how BBC tried to stich up McCoist with their editing

Not anonymous! ok name the source of the the tapes on the internet then

I have never heard the tapes as I don't rely on anonymous info but has whyte ever made claim that he is the owner of the tapes or even that the tapes are genuine? if he has please show me his statement


12.) Lol JG. more that I willing to research variety of sites and not take my briefing from one person.

You seem to have historically supported Greens positions over time, pre-IPO, post-IPO etc etc.

PS: I know you in angola where legal courts may be more lack, but UK courts don't allow false and anonymous information, and lies in court leads to perjury and off to jail.

Name the source - CharlotteFakes (that was easy). and if this person got stuff illegally tweeting is illegal and off the jail - police investigate and no court cases - so not illegally obtained then.

Also - you a ranger fan and not listens to the tape. odd that!

A chance to here what Green really planned, rather than PR?? odd that

Go listen to tapes then, they genuine, could be edited. but so what - all sides want them because they help show what really happened.

court is about judgements, and facts so much easier if Green says x on a tape.

PS: There is even tape with Green saying how rangers will get back into Europe. and its so painful to here Rangers CEO talking that way.

Also tapes and docs, make Whyte look better, and Green worse.


{Ed039's Note - You think they have £28m worth of indemnity insurance?)

14.) Ed039 whytes debentures would have highest claim should he win this case, but fear that's very doubtful.

but whyte needs to find £18m for tickets or go bankrupt. and he would still not have the £5m+ green supposed to have got

why else is whyte still mentioned and making claims and helping legal cases. unless he still looking for payment or has stake in the action.

tapes showed his debentures would not be handed over to green for nothing. as. he clealy saw thier value even after admin/liquidation as they the crown jewels.

15.) Sorry ed but I am quite certain there pi will cover a lot more than 28million

{Ed039's Note - I am not so certain)

16.) Ed £280 cover offers a director up to £5 m public liability insurance, so all lawyer firms will have £100 m cover or won't be allowed to do business.

whyte said in tape he was personally on hook to ticketus for £18m as he personally gaurenteed it, he tried to legally wriggle out but that route failed, he slimy but has lots of bases covered in case, so he smart

tapes back up his approach to clear debts, ipo and emerge in spl.

tapes undermine green as what he said in public and private differ and don't match up, sure green conman but who he conning whyte only or whyte and fans and investors.

green claim he conned whyte, seems greens last line of defense and even that looks dodgy.




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Whole of Scottish football is downsizing tmwnn.

several 100+year old clubs suffering, seems sky make 1/10 of their money is Scotland, but only put 1/30 into Scottish football.

So less for all. Given we struggled to make money in to good years, it does not bode well, in the lean years to come.




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UOF hold first rally with 5-600 fans.

They can ramp this up, and boycot first games.

Board (who don't own our club) in dire straights, and accounts statement due.




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Celtic were at worst £32m in debt, but year by year they paying that off. After next years CL money, they can build warchest.

Meanwhile we have CEO who WONT tell fan who loaned club £1m how many STs sold.

Payroll this month, sounds like commenwealth games money pays for that, but what about next month?




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" but while we are at it why did letham not just say he would give credit facility for a no fee no interest and no security? "

you unreal JG

you ask where do you criticise a fan offering much better deal for club than hedge fund.

then post asking why he did not offer £1m for no fee and unsecured?

no one else offered that deal?

He beat Laxleys - if you real bear you would say this is a better deal, not nit pick Lethans offer and undermine it on every occasion.

Lethans is a far better deal than Laxleys, its 50% of the interest, it offers the interest back for future investment, and does not leave our asset and a dilution event in hedge funds hands.

can see why you criticise gers fan making this offer and supporting board and Laxley deal are better?

unless you paid to say so.




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"So after 140 years, we have two of the toughest years in our history and you want to pack it all in and start a junior team" - JG

Yes, this would have been good start, its what Hearts are doing (lost big stars, regroup with youth) and also what DAFC ( admin cost main team players ).

We would still have two major advantages from this strategy:

a) Murray Park - developing young stars

b) 50,000 crowds

when we get back to top, then we could have warchest to buy some stars if needed.

Your plan is spend £22m in year1-2, only get to championship and got bust and back to div 3 again. ?

We scoring more goals than any other team. you don't win leagues and promotions by most goals scored!

we only need to win promotion by 1 pt.