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19 Apr 2020 14:18:28
so according to les gray dave cormack is a liar, gray was privy to the conversations on two separate occasions, the spfl, are quite happy to have an independant investigation to be held by two non executive directors, namely mclelland and mcluskey, and it will be discussed with no bias whatsoever, you could not make these people up for ineptitude and collusion, rangers have only mentioned once about bullying and coercion, all the yes voters are starting to squabble amongst themselves, its becoming pitiful listening to them now blaming each other, everyone of these club members want to have a good look at themselves and come out into the open and declare where they stand, their greed and self interest is beginning to make me puke, and it is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.


1.) 19 Apr 2020 15:33:33
TBST - profuse apologies.

Les Gray states that there was no wrongdoing but when asked about coercion and bullying he stated that there is a fine line depending on where you are standing - he also said that he phoned round clubs to encourage voting yes but not coercing or bullying.

Think he was hinting at perception. Remember, a bully always states that he never EVER bullied, and always sounds indignant - which Les certainly was.

It seem as though he was saying that everybody was wrong and he was right - his perception but not any one else's.

Wish they would have asked why Neil was phoning Peter?

2.) 19 Apr 2020 17:47:36
you will never get to the bottom of this true blue, i can only surmise why neil was phoning peter, it was to give him the report that they has swung it their way, if you actually look closely at grays take on this with his reply there is more holes in his than there is in mcormacks, i wonder if anyone kept stewart robertson in the loop as to what was going on. trueblue thanks for the apology much appreciated.

3.) 19 Apr 2020 18:11:58
The question is what has Les Gray been offered to come out and make that statement? Couple of friendlies maybe a tim or 2 on loan next or a stone wall guarantee not to be relegated season who knows but it seems very odd he would come out and say what he did.

4.) 19 Apr 2020 19:02:10
Agreed HighlandBear, Les Gray has been sent out to do a bit of damage limitation and buy them some time,
Why haven't Neil Doncaster or Murdoch McLennan actually been willing to be interviewed on TV and either admit or deny any wrongdoing, the fact that they are keeping their heads down and hope that it blows over points to the fact that they have something to hide,
Also don't think for a moment that they wouldn't throw the book at Rangers for wrongful allegations, it all point to a cover up!

5.) 19 Apr 2020 20:00:40
Trueblue, who is this les gray guy, i tried looking him up on online, and it doesn't say much, has les gray ever played football, who gave him his stripes, he thinks he counts, he is just trying to do the sfa dirty work imo.

6.) 19 Apr 2020 20:02:44
True blue, i think neillybhoy was trying to get an appointment to get his nails done mate, either that or it was his eyebrows, you know what like these women are, once they get started, before we know it they will have slept together, oh wait, lol.

7.) 19 Apr 2020 22:11:21
Les Gray is director at Hamilton and member of the SPFL Board - he is from Maryhill, Glasgow and a self-confessed Partick Thistle supporter.

8.) 19 Apr 2020 22:14:35
Neil Doncaster must clear up why he was phoning Peter (? )

Rangers should give us all an inkling as to what the whistleblower divulged otherwise this will all blow over and they will look really stupid.

9.) 19 Apr 2020 23:47:39
See u jimmy, i'm sure mr parks is getting good legal advice on this subject mate, paperwork will be shown to the right people, at the right time.

10.) 20 Apr 2020 01:29:18
didn't Cormack say Aberdeen did not want to commit to a less than complete or comprehensive affirmation from Scottish football with regards to the yes vote and doncaster called him at 4.40pm to say his yes vote was "not needed" to sway the outcome. says it all really.

11.) 20 Apr 2020 21:09:02
SeeUJimmy, Gray is a Celtic supporter, always has been. Plastic Whistle is just a flag of convenience, same as Billy Connolly.

12.) 21 Apr 2020 23:06:35
Heatd that as well covenanter. Jungle Jim, without a doubt. The one thing I would like to know is why the mhedia is not asking the mhanks about their stance on bullying and coersion and whether or not they would back an independent enquiry into Doncaster and the rest. Then again would the mhedia ever do that? I wonder if some hack would have contacted Rangers had the roles been reversed? I think we all know the answer tbh.

13.) 24 Apr 2020 12:03:47
Seeker, scottish football is full of them mate, all the yes men, all after the same thing, keeping you know who happy, conflict of interest is going to be a saying we are going to hear a lot of shortly, how can we win anything when all important s.f.a. Employees where put in place, in whose watch? can never be a fair league, until its cleaned out, top, to bottom.



06 Jan 2018 10:09:20
looks like the murphy deal is about to collapse


1.) 06 Jan 2018 10:51:26
Brighton holding up things with paperwork supposedly where does it say it’s about to collapse



30 Dec 2017 22:29:42
tommy wright says ohalloren can't come back to us if he can't get a game, bit of a cheek considering he is not their player


1.) 31 Dec 2017 00:03:06
He doesn’t have a say

2.) 31 Dec 2017 05:27:55
Loan deal was only ever till January

3.) 31 Dec 2017 17:27:29
To be fair he is only giving his opinion about what he feels is best for O’Halloran. It would be pointless to take him back and not play him and if that was the case he would be better at St Johnstone. Really don’t think Wright has said anything wrong

4.) 31 Dec 2017 18:45:33
dont think he is thinking about MOH best interests, more like we wouldn't mind keeping a first teamer that we are still paying most of the salary of and they most likely couldn't afford!



07 Dec 2017 19:17:38
rumour doing the rounds it was rangers who pulled the plug because of dm statement last week after the 2-1 defeat making out rangers as a scapegoat


1.) 07 Dec 2017 19:40:28
No chance or we wouldn’t have approached Aberdeen on Tuesday.

2.) 07 Dec 2017 19:43:23
Nonsense. Why did they wait until after approaching Aberdeen then?

3.) 07 Dec 2017 19:52:13
He had my backing but Weve dodged a bullet as a real rangers man would not have knocked us back i'm for murty getting a chance to end of season

4.) 07 Dec 2017 20:37:24
the question now is who's next? My pick would be MacLeish till the end of the season then Gary Monk, currently at Middlesborough.

5.) 07 Dec 2017 20:59:23
I would give it to murty until the end of the season at this point. Then reassess

6.) 08 Dec 2017 00:05:49

What kind of planning is that if you give it to Murty till the end of the season? What about potential targets? Who decides who we go for in January? How can you sign people on bosmans not knowing if the manager that signs them will be there when they finally move? That’s not the way to run any football club especially not Rangers. You either give him the job now full time or you get another full time manager in. This isn’t a trial and error job

7.) 08 Dec 2017 00:22:50
Apparently, Walter warned dm off the job because of the financial situation. Didn't believe it at the time but seems legit now. If we were in any semi reasonable state mcinnes would've walked away from his contact at Pittodrie in a heartbeat.

8.) 08 Dec 2017 02:26:56
I'm pretty surprised that DM never took the job or whatever stopped it from happening, but that statement the board put out is embarrassing! They approached Aberdeen to speak to him, he knocks it back and then the board basically say yeah he's not ready to manage a massive club like us. but Pedro Caixinha was?!

I really wanted DM in and if I had heard right Barry Ferguson in as no.3 because the would've made this squad realise what it takes and what it means to play for our club.

Can't think who else they will go for but I know it's coming into winter and the board better not be flying down to the shop and panic buying some mediocre ex-prem manager Just to look the part.

Their is a lot of work to be done aside from just getting a manager and I sincerely hope we are back on top before they get anywhere near 10 in a row

9.) 08 Dec 2017 07:12:01
DM was not my 1st choice to be manager, but I am embarrassed by the statement our board issued last night. It is totally lacking in class and is not the Rangers way. PETTY and CLASSLESS.

10.) 08 Dec 2017 08:40:52
petty embarrassing tasteless? really? jeeze lads calm down the board said it the way it was and is they said that at the time they looked at the few who applied! no one suitable . so they decided to look at managers working . went for mcinnes turned it down . rangers say that the fully agree with him staying at aberdeen and know that whoever comes to manage our team must be able and willing to take on everything (a big risk) that comes with it (concomitant) . so if you want to read it a certain way that's up to you but i think as usual the press are just making a mountain out of a molehill once again. from the word go since pedro went they have tried and tried to make stuff up as to who the new manager might be . they got it wrong simple as and now all the are doing is searching through the crumbs that have been left after mcinnes turned us down! rile the rangers and aberdeen supports with crap as usual if the wasnt enough bad blood already they will make sure there is more!

11.) 08 Dec 2017 08:53:59
Unless Rangers are incredibly naïve, good business sense dictates that they surely must have sounded McInnes out and received a positive response prior to going public? This would suggest McInnes has changed his mind and hung Rangers out to dry. No loss there then, he was never my preferred option and I believe Murty deserves to continue until the end of the season. This might just galvanize the team to give him a 110% every week. Re the Rangers Board and its lack of business nonce and credibility, not sure we can fix that quickly but a good start would be to get well rid of James Traynor - Walter Smith would have already kicked his arse all the way down Edmiston Drive if he was still our Manager. The man is both poison and inept.

12.) 08 Dec 2017 10:37:48
" from the word go since pedro went they have tried and tried to make stuff up as to who the new manager might be . they got it wrong simple as. "

Seems to me they said the number 1 target was McInnes. To me they got it spot on. No one expected him to knock it back, though. Can't say I'm surprised by his decision, though. He's enjoying a good spell at Aberdeen with a three year contract. If he'd come to us he could be looking for a new job before the end of next year going on how we currently operate. Where would he end up? He would certainly be on less than he is on at Aberdeen at the moment. The guy made a decision about his future, similar to Billy Gilmour, except he chose not to chase the big bucks.

13.) 08 Dec 2017 11:26:01
McInnes had verbally agreed to join and everything was sorted out, except the signature on contract. He changed his mind at the last minute and didn’t want to leave Aberdeen by resigning, if permission had been granted by Aberdeen he wouldn’t have had second thoughts on it. This has been one big **** up all round and I don’t think anyone comes out of it looking good. Rangers are back to square 1 in manager search and if Aberdeen don’t finish 2nd where does that leave McInnes? He’s knocked back Sunderland and Rangers only way Is Down.

14.) 08 Dec 2017 14:03:24
Eldersliebear, your post hits every nail squarely on the head - that's exactly what happened. McInnes knew when and how the approach would be made, he had already indicated through intermediaries that he wanted to speak to Rangers (a close family member and a former player were involved), he then bottled it and left Rangers hanging out to dry. Bye bye McInnes, your moment has come and gone.



07 Dec 2017 12:35:15
jacks appeal dismissed out for 3 games


1.) 07 Dec 2017 12:55:32
Didn't have much hope that he would have won appeal, a bit unlucky tbh if may had kept his momentum they would be no card just a hard 50 / 50 ball!

2.) 07 Dec 2017 15:29:15
Del will come in and have a quiet word in his ear




truebluesotrue's banter posts with other poster's replies to truebluesotrue's banter posts


03 Jun 2020 17:26:00
according to reports i read dave cormack of the sheep has said that supporters will be allowed back to watch football in november, since when has he become the man in the know, and while we are on the subject of reconstruction i read that doncaster has written to the top two divisions to ask if they would be open to reconstruction for 5 years, so much for there being no strings attached to the philanthropists magical good deed to help the struggling clubs, t doncaster has no morals an absolute lowlife.


1.) 03 Jun 2020 17:42:10
I would that thought the country would be phase 3 by August as it’s it’s highly likely the schools will be back. On phrase 3 there is some spectators allowed to attend live events.

2.) 03 Jun 2020 18:27:35
Watch the utter desperation to play out the Scottish cup, they can’t wait, it’s so sickening watching them do everything they possibly could to hand their paymasters everything they want, only the spell could get everything so very wrong.

3.) 03 Jun 2020 19:20:06
Tommy how can you play out the Scottish Cup when the teams don’t have the same players. Sporting integrity is very important to Septic😡🇬🇧.

4.) 03 Jun 2020 20:05:24
How can you play the Leagues?

5.) 03 Jun 2020 21:18:27
Eh? What leagues?

6.) 04 Jun 2020 13:26:15
I think the rules state no large gatherings so Aberdeen should be absolutely fine to allow their season ticket holders back into the ground 👍🏻.



22 May 2020 10:15:18
morning guys, see old mumpty micky stewart questioning our finances again as to why we can afford hagi, no doubt he will be asking for an investigation, can't believe he thinks any football club would furnish that plonker with information, beggars belief.


1.) 22 May 2020 10:44:15
Have we actually signed Hagi?

2.) 22 May 2020 10:50:54
Hey true blue, yeah Stewart an ass but he knows our recent financial issues under Fat Mick, Murray et al will allow his crap credence. Simply don't, respond because he's a nobody outside Scottish football.

3.) 22 May 2020 11:14:55
MillerBrand Wilson, I would suggest that Stewart is equally a nothing inside Scottish Football! The level of Sports Journalism in Scotland is chronic!

4.) 22 May 2020 11:21:27
millerbrandwilson, what's fat mick got to do with my post, you me and that plonker stewart does not know what's going on at our club as regards financial comings and goings, only what comes from rangers do i believe, but even giving him any credence sounds like he is in the know, he is a rangers hater and nothing else.

5.) 22 May 2020 11:44:02
millarbrandwilson he is also a nobody inside scottish football. Just ignore the wee pr#ck, he will soon go away.

6.) 22 May 2020 12:51:10
Stewart is a failed Rangers trialist and a Rangers hater, He kens f all what’s happening at Ibrox, Gutter press comes to mind 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇦🇺⚽️😎👍.

7.) 22 May 2020 13:29:39
No true blue he's only getting credence because of recent Rangers shortcomings. Nothing to do with what you know, because Christ been highlighted in every journal in UK. EVERYBODY in UK know what we went thru and who to blame.

8.) 22 May 2020 16:00:06
He isn't much more of a somebody within Scottish football either 🤣.

9.) 22 May 2020 16:03:03
Millerwilson, was stewart not the guy that signed on at unemployment office and got himself a y. t. s. Scheeme type job, he got his giro as long as he turned up for training, sanctioned if he never trained &, one of a few signing that signed for his giro.



25 Apr 2020 17:45:43
see michael stewart bumping his gums again, at least willie miller is backing rangers at their attempt to get an unbiasd investigation, stewarts hatred of everything rangers is disgusting, he says hand the evidence to the spfl and they will do the right thing aye right, can't believe this guy actually thinks he is intelligent, at least sutton is only a moron but you know where his coat hangs.


1.) 25 Apr 2020 18:11:59
Truebluesotrue, quite simply michael stewart is a bitter, twisted, poltis of a man! Pay him no attention, as that's what this sewer rat wants.

2.) 25 Apr 2020 19:52:13
SGL, is that all you can do on this site, is criticize everyone. Just because we don't all agree with you! Everyone is different my friend so therefore have different opinions. Wether that's right or wrong is up for debate not criticism. Get a grip my man as we are all getting a bit bored of your moaning.

3.) 25 Apr 2020 21:32:40
As far as I know Michael Stewart doesn't read this page mate 🤣 coop wasn't bashing anyone on here, was just his opinion. If you need to see him speaking about someone positively just remember his many Lyndon dykes posts!

4.) 25 Apr 2020 21:36:07
The Stuck, don't know where that came. You can't speak for everybody on this site. You are entitled to your own opinion however replace WE with I. I personally don't mind what anybody posts and if I disagree I might reply with a counter argument or just agree/ shake my head. SGL is a dedicated Ger and poster with unoffensive opinions. Keep your powder dry Stuck.

5.) 25 Apr 2020 22:26:47
The stuck what are you on about? I'm being critical of michael stewart . Get a grip of yourself!

6.) 25 Apr 2020 22:29:35
TGBB, everyone one here is a dedicated Rangers fan/ supporter, that I agree with . I'm a positive person and can't be bothered with negativity and people trying to belittle others. Again, everyone is different.

7.) 25 Apr 2020 23:01:41
I'm having a go at michael stewart,
what are you on about the stuck? Why do you see my post about that a******e michael stewart belittling any rangers fan? Explain pal, i'm waiting! 🤔🤔.

8.) 25 Apr 2020 23:09:49
Not picking fight bears just thought it was a bit unfair on SGL. As far as everybody is a dedicated Gers fan on this site, disagree LOL, Buzz, Leon etc come on Bhoys where are you when we need you.

9.) 25 Apr 2020 23:18:55
Coops, there have been people on here saying exactly the same thing as Stewart said. I do believe he is anti rangers but if we have information then let's stop f%$#$£g about and get it on the table. Never mind 42 clubs having a vote or a meeting let's get it out and take some people down.

10.) 25 Apr 2020 23:54:43
SGL, don't bite my loyal friend. Michael Stewart is a relation of mine, so it's pretty hard to listen to negative criticism about him. I personally don't agree with everything he says and sometimes I do have a chuckle at some of his reports.

11.) 26 Apr 2020 01:14:06
My take is if we put it out there . it gives them a great chance to cover their tracks and gives them time to come up with every excuse under the sun.

12.) 26 Apr 2020 08:36:11
Molsgoals, if our evidence is as damning as we're led to believe, there would be no room for a cover up. The longer this goes on the less credible our information becomes, there must be a time limit for them to agree/ disagree to the request made by us, Aberdeen and Hearts, and, if they disagree, where does that leave us. You can be sure they will be canvassing their supporters behind the scenes as we speak.

13.) 26 Apr 2020 08:52:34
If you're going to spend time and energy defending that fud stewart then you're going to be a very busy man the stuck, he deliberately prints inaccurate and divisive statements to make himself look relevant, even the bbc censored him for crying out loud, and you turn on a Rangers man for saying what a lot of posters on here think, you'll be defending sutton next.

14.) 26 Apr 2020 09:04:21
Must admit, I like listening to Michael Stewart. don't think he's anti Rangers, he's a bit pro hearts but that's ok and he shoots from the hips a bit but he speaks as he sees it regardless of the consequences.

15.) 26 Apr 2020 10:56:25
Michael Stewart is bitter and twisted towards our club because after a trial he got turned away, as he was deemed not good enough, simple as that! Don't take this the wrong way The Stuck, because i honestly don't care if he's related to you or not. The main thing for me is he makes continual, very stupid untrue comments about the club i love and that's why i can't stand the slevering imbocile! Its rangers over him any day for me as he never has a good word to say about rangers. Sorry The Stuck, I make no apologies for my take on him, end of story mate!

16.) 26 Apr 2020 11:59:03
Well said SGL👏.

17.) 26 Apr 2020 12:11:28
SGL, get over it mate, your taking his comments far to seriously. By the sounds of it your taking life to seriously. Lighten up and chill out, lifes to short. If you haven't anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

18.) 26 Apr 2020 12:33:14
So you think Stewart is a solid upstanding citizen with no axe to grind when it comes to Rangers, The Stuck? I agree 100% with Coops, the man is a bitter trialist who was shown the door by big Eck and as a result can't find anything good to say about us. Sewer rat sums it up for me 👍.

19.) 26 Apr 2020 13:17:28
Seeker, if you read my post properly then you'll know that I'm not in agreement with Michael Stewart all the time but on occasion I do have a chuckle to myself. It's the same as Sutton. I don't take them seriously, instead I just have a wee laugh.

20.) 26 Apr 2020 14:14:11
coop is right. a good footballer has to be a baseline intelligent one and he has proven time and time again he is not. sorry he is your relative man. sucks. but there it is. himself. irrefutable.

21.) 26 Apr 2020 14:28:02
The Stuck 👍.

22.) 26 Apr 2020 14:50:50

23.) 26 Apr 2020 22:02:21
Michael Stewart had sterling career with Manchester United Reserves.

24.) 27 Apr 2020 00:27:04
Nae luck the stuck, I'm related to a few proper twits myself, if it makes u feel any better 👍.

25.) 27 Apr 2020 08:42:12
Nobody likes us, everybody hates us. Why is that. because we are Rangers

26.) 27 Apr 2020 08:44:16
Truebluesotrue, i just read ms and his shyte in the newspaper, i say don't give this guy any time to annoy us, after all who was he? , the first guy to go on an unemployment scheme in footie i think, but he has never won a medal or gong in all his life as a professional football player, don't give people like him the time of day, a yts prog while unemployed, that's all he is known for, he got travel expenses right enough.

27.) 27 Apr 2020 08:48:44
Mick stewart, a pudit with no medals, lol.



24 Apr 2020 15:44:25
another whitewash carried out by an spfl independant investigation, carried out by deloittes, informaton supplied by mcluskey, noted that rangers evidence was not supplied, these people have no shame.


1.) 24 Apr 2020 16:52:43
Truebluesotrue. rangers evidence not supplied. surely it is up to Rangers to supply said evidence as they say they are the only ones that have it. maybe there wasn't any to start with.

2.) 24 Apr 2020 18:16:17
johnny. g, rangers have said they will hand evidence in to an independent investigation, that one divulged today was in no way independent, it was made up from spfl directors ie mcluskey and probably mclelland, they fed deloittes with what they wanted to hear, this sham is just as bad as the original rigged vote the only way to the bottom of this is going legal through the courts.

3.) 24 Apr 2020 18:48:55
True blue, it’s all about perception, wonder where Celtic’s sporting director worked for 15 years.

4.) 24 Apr 2020 20:01:44
I'm not sure what we can do now, they have a leading company looking at what they want to them to see. Think it time to put up or shut up. On the independent thing hope we remember we did something similar when the SFA were going to hold one into the connections between Whyte and Green, we got a company in and they didn't find anything.

5.) 24 Apr 2020 20:53:27
Sorry true blue should read finance director.

6.) 24 Apr 2020 20:54:26
U r right iom. We put up or shut up.

7.) 24 Apr 2020 22:41:43
If we don't put it up we're finished in Scotland, that's how serious this is. And, again, what a flaming awful time for this matter to be getting the light of day, football is irrelevant and will be for some considerable time, we need to show some credibility now as we've pushed for this.



13 Apr 2020 23:15:11
dundee rumoured to be changing their vote to yes.


1.) 14 Apr 2020 07:15:05
yea they have the other mob have gone into over drive looks like football next season now think the scottish is to be played in January as it has a sponsor as well.

2.) 14 Apr 2020 08:06:37
Where are you seeing this truebluesotrue, I wouldn't be surprised mind you. This farce has no credibility any more, Dundee FC and the SPFL Board will I hope be held to task, no matter what the result is, the clear attempt here is to do the sweeping job again.

3.) 14 Apr 2020 10:01:49
well when you have 28 days to work on it and started at 3.30pm Friday I think liewell would have a good chance of making that happen for the emergency meeting that he's been invited to despite not being on that board.

4.) 14 Apr 2020 10:47:40
cant believe a no vote is allowed to be changed and a yes vote is not, very democratic that, if stewart robertson is on the spfl board how come these things were not pointed out to him before, he had a legal adviser with him at the video vote to point this failure out, looks like another rangers legal slip up, hope they have something up their sleeve to bring a halt to this mess, papers also reporting dundee being offered bribes of lucrative matches against spl big hitters, and nelmes trying to get deals done with an spfl chief executive, its getting filthier by the day, nice easter holiday, talk about judas and the 30 pieces of silver comes to mind.

5.) 14 Apr 2020 12:18:54
I wonder if Dundee had voted yes and tried to change it after deadline would it been allowed. Nah me neither.

6.) 14 Apr 2020 13:12:16
truebluesotrue, you make an excellent point my friend, if and when this 'Yes' vote is received and Rangers Board don't act immediately on it, by providing all of the evidence they hold to every Club in Scotland, then, I will be at a loss for words, surely not a bluff.

7.) 14 Apr 2020 14:31:04
I would hope rangers would act now and present them with an interdict preventing anything happening untill investigated
True blue I have been made aware that it is company law that a yes vote at board level cannot be changed but a no vote can .
The big prob with that as I see . ( maybe someone can correct me ) is that the spfl are not a registered company governed by company house . but an independent governing body . ie they cannot be taken to court by any associated member . so the yes vote rule should surely not apply in this case.




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01 Jul 2020 18:29:52
absolute snide rumour from the cesspit.




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30 Jun 2020 18:43:06
dream on pal your having a laugh.




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24 Jun 2020 15:47:14
who told you that, or where did you read it.




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16 Jun 2020 01:43:59
funny how every other clubs players hold their value or increase in these sad times, but our players prices are plummeting daily in the rags we read, its getting to the stage where we are actually starting to believe it.




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14 Jun 2020 09:36:16
fifer, i can't believe you actually wasted your time writing that drivel at that time in the morning, you got insomnia or something, pure utter drivel.





truebluesotrue's banter replies


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01 Jul 2020 18:03:45
good luck mate the tic will probably get a percentage, no difference between them and sports direct.




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29 Jun 2020 19:39:24
poor old frank, did he ever get the 100,000 they took off him at dover.




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28 Jun 2020 09:58:40
i doubt it he is just a run of the mill manager, all he knows is roughouse tactics.




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28 Jun 2020 09:52:25
the sfa are as corrupt as the spfl, you will never get rid of doncaster because he is backed by too many of his cohorts, hearts will not win the case in court the judges will throw it back to the league as he won't have any jurisdiction to interfere in the leagues rules it is a football matter to be dealt with nothing else, don't get me wrong here sgl i would like nothing more than to see that creep doncaster and his motley crue booted out on their arses, i really hope i am wrong here but i won't hold my breath.




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25 Jun 2020 18:47:51
bluebluesea, that plum don't know what planet he lives on, wheresraburds, his face looks like a street map.