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Top 10 Goalkeepers

10 Nov 2019 13:09:29
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Top 10 Goalkeepers

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10 Nov 2019 09:23:46
Likely to be a tough game today on a surface that we have not played well on.

We should be on a high after Porto but we have been hungover after recent Euro matches.

Let's hear encouragement from the fans to help the team if we are not as free flowing as we'd like.

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10 Nov 2019 10:09:10
Think your right DK, toughie ahead we need to keep pressure up. No slip up.

10 Nov 2019 10:18:46
I agree DK19 it will be tough but I think SG should have kept his powder dry and just let the players deal with livi. More than confident we'll do this. Holt getting his 2 Bob's worth in the paper, they're a team of cluggers but we should have more than enough to deal with them. 55 on the way. W. A. T. P πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§.

10 Nov 2019 13:10:24
Will be disastrous for us today if we let Livi do to us what they did to them .

10 Nov 2019 13:41:52
No doubt about it, Livingston will make it tough for us but we have the skill, experience and fitness to win 3 -0.

10 Nov 2019 13:52:09
Lets hope your right Stuck an hopefully even better for goal difference.

10 Nov 2019 14:08:35
Keep 11 on he park and rangers will win. 1 or 2 nil.

10 Nov 2019 14:17:19
Any win will do me.

10 Nov 2019 08:53:25
About six weeks ago I posed the question, who are our top three players in terms of ability and top three in terms of value?
The name Barisic appeared in just two replies to either option from about 20 replies. I didn't include him either, but I would now.

Just six weeks and what a turnaround. As fans, we really don't show much patience with our players, do we? Quick to criticise, quick to condemn, quick to demoralise. We're our own worst enemy at times.

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10 Nov 2019 10:09:56
100% Daisy, we are always on their back, don't know how many times i have said when someone is low in confidence the worst thing that we can do is boo or moan is it causes moral to sink further and players start hiding from the ball in fear of making another bad pass. all i got was come on these are top professionals rather than looking at the human factors of the game.

10 Nov 2019 08:23:02
Edd. Over time on this site I've noticed a few posters being offensive to the people who live up north. Just the other day it was, didn't know they had telly up there, now its cheuchter. i'm no snow flake far from it i'm X armed forces from Paisley. However, I've lived up North for decades and take offence to the perceived impression some have in the Glasgow bubble have of anybody up here. There is a large loyal following in this area with thousands of x forces and home grown support. Just because you live a mile from Ibrox does not give you ownership. My son and I live and breath Rangers like any other so let's burst the bubble Bears and move away from this small mindedness.

{Ed033's Note - It's possible that you have now caused some offence somewhere in the world using "Glasgow bubble". Is that a new gender? I'm Glasgow bubble gender and my wife is Attack helicopter gender. Have i just offended someone somewhere in the world who thinks there are genders other than male and female?

How crazy is this getting offended over anything going to become? The answer is, we haven't seen anything yet!

If you use a search engine to try to figure out what "cheuchter" means; could it mean anyone from Scotland? What's the problem with that?

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10 Nov 2019 08:37:09
You've summed it up Ed. People can't say anything these days for fear of offending some section of society, whether they be LGBT, Trans, vegans, extinction rebellion, blah, blah. I've lived in England for 35 years and have had good-natured banter, being called a Jock or a sweaty and have never taken offence. It is a crazy world we live in now. Enjoy banter without being offensive and get over yourselves!

{Ed033's Note - Yes, it's the old 'divide and conquer' routine being used against us.

10 Nov 2019 09:09:04
You do come across very snowflakish haha.

10 Nov 2019 09:35:10
Best course of action is to get on with your life, live by your own values and ignore those seeking to be offended.

Live and let live.

10 Nov 2019 09:54:20
What army were you in? The salvation army?

10 Nov 2019 10:28:29
Dad's army.

10 Nov 2019 10:43:35
This is something that won't change, I live 160 miles North of Inverness and tell people my motor is a tractor. What I don't tell them is I don't have a motor but have a pony to get around!

10 Nov 2019 10:43:46
FFS - JYF, I’m sure some offence will be taken there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

10 Nov 2019 11:10:46
Rather be a teuchter than a weegie. At least we know how to wash ourselves. Soapflakes not snowflakes.

10 Nov 2019 12:17:28
Jyf- πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

10 Nov 2019 12:18:12
Aye thanks edd. My point was a proportion of folks in the central belt appear to think of us up north are sort of dim witted last century people that live in some sort of back water. Thought Scotland had moved on from that, obviously not.

{Ed033's Note - Is "x forces", Special forces or X-Men (genetically modified soldier) forces? :)

10 Nov 2019 13:00:43
It was me that said about the telly. Come on mate. Obviously I was joking and I am well aware there are TV sets North of the A9. Serious question though, are they in colour?

10 Nov 2019 13:47:21
C of ibrox, my question is - do they still have round plugs up north for their black and white televisions? I'm joking by the way !

10 Nov 2019 14:02:36
I now live in England! you're all sheep people πŸ˜‰.

10 Nov 2019 14:51:09
TJBB, I know I used word cheuchter other day in post regarding Inverness. If offensive to Northern bluenoses I shall refrain and in future remember worldwide support of our great team.

10 Nov 2019 15:38:10
Now now children, behave! We're all Teddy Bears at the end of the day. The unwashed are in the east end of Glasgow.

10 Nov 2019 15:41:16
Kiss my clean hairy weegie ass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚joke.

10 Nov 2019 16:23:08
ed people πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

{Ed033's Note - Sounds better than Ruminants. :)

10 Nov 2019 20:37:02
ed you make me sound posh! how dare you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Review Of The Day 10th November 2019

10 Nov 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 10th November 2019

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09 Nov 2019 18:32:45
Just seen English Woman's football, exact same coverage on TWO separate channels. Woman's football bad enough, not top notch, but having to watch on two separate channels would make you want even Germany to win. If this was Scotland Lucky to make cheuchter channel.

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09 Nov 2019 19:47:01
Why on earth did bbc scotland show it. it was already on bbc2? Just weird.

10 Nov 2019 08:51:46
MBW, I am surprised Ed’s let you away with that comment about women’s football in this world nowadays. Any time I commented on a horrendous women’s World Cup the post was binned and I was only being honest ✌️.

{Ed033's Note - I would imagine they will keep promoting women's football and as more money goes into it, more males will pretend to be females and join women's football. So we'll end up with all men women's football teams (at the higher levels of women's football), which will improve the football.

Not joking or trying to offend, but what other scenario do people see with the future of women's football?

10 Nov 2019 09:37:18
Have to admit that I can’t be doing with the constant promotion of the women’s game especially by the BBC.

Women’s matches get more attention than SPL matches on their website.

I’m not interested but feel it is being thrust in our faces.

10 Nov 2019 09:11:52
Careful Millerbrandwilson, you might affect our friends in the north!

10 Nov 2019 10:15:05
maybe the will allow 2 male players in each team. i mean after all is it right in this day and age to have totally seclusion just because of your gender. and i would say yes if someone who was good enough to play in the first team regardless of sex/ gender then why not but they need to be good enough not just allowed because it is the correct thing to do.

10 Nov 2019 10:15:28
and before i get hammered a lot of that was said tongue in cheek.

09 Nov 2019 18:23:38
A few rumours doing the rounds that Arsenal are looking at Gerard should Emery lose his job. Now, hopefully they are just rumours, however what do you folks think, should Gerard stay us with us or does he view doing a good job with Arsenal over a couple of seasons as a quicker route back to Liverpool? He must be looking at Lampard who, after a decent job with Derby now has his dream job at Chelsea. As I said, hopefully their only rumours.

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09 Nov 2019 20:17:05
What if SG did go to arsenal and it all went pete tong? It would probably ruin his chance to manage Liverpool. I heard klopp was going to leave Liverpool in a couple of years. SG wins the league, cup, manage gers into the champions league. Leave when Liverpool come calling.

10 Nov 2019 08:52:06
As you say, they are just rumours, and not very believable ones at that. Klopp is at Liverpool for as long as he wants to be, never mind leaving in 'a couple of years'. If it does happen sooner rather than later, they will replace him with a manager with a great European pedigree, which will NOT be Stevie G. He'd become the next but one.

If (most likely scenario) Klopp gives them another three or four years and Gerrard has a good measure of success with us, then he'll be in line for the Liverpool job. Nothing to do with looking wistfully at Lampard, just that Liverpool are now back to where they believe they belong and will be planning to stay there, and apart from a couple of other teams in England, none are bigger than Rangers, are not guaranteed European football like Rangers, and don't have the fan base of Rangers.

If Klopp looks like he's there for the long haul, I'd be more concerned about losing Gerrard to a top European team for a couple of seasons before Anfield calls.

10 Nov 2019 09:42:38
By the time klopp does leave SG could well have a 'european pedigree' managing gers. Not sure your 'likely scenario' is any true/ valid than rumours πŸ˜‰.

10 Nov 2019 15:42:48
That's exactly what I said, if, in three or four years he develops that sort of pedigree, he will be in line for the Liverpool job. Thank you for agreeing with me, mrgrumpy.

09 Nov 2019 16:28:13

Still waiting on his triumphant return!

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10 Nov 2019 00:49:00
On a serious note
Come back coops.
I genuinely miss reading your posts.
Don't always agree with them but you wear your heart on your sleeve and rangers through and through. πŸ”΄βšͺπŸ”΅.

10 Nov 2019 06:33:28
#Come back SGL/ Supercoop, you know you want too.


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