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24 May 2020 22:40:26
Not impressed at all with the transfer names coming out you cannot win a league title with these players someone needs to step up at Rangers and bring back a team like Walter had or say bye bye to the league next season its early stages yes but these players we are linked with cornerns me.

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24 May 2020 23:01:56
rfc98, who would u like to see as signing targets?

24 May 2020 23:08:31
Rfc98,being honest mate hypothetically speaking if walter smith came back as rangers manager for this coming season, do you think he would find away to stop them getting 10 in a row? 🤔🤔.

24 May 2020 23:09:35
Bankie for me the ilk of adam lallana mate! How about you? 🤔.

25 May 2020 06:58:51
Bankie I'm not going to say who I'd want with particular names that could be pie in the sky but I'd like a Bougherra type in defence someone to that standard then a stronger spine like a younger Davis or mendes hard to knock off the ball players with a special one cutting open defences the standard of player needs to be a little higher then we already have I want to see 4-5M players getting signed at least 5 so yea I'm looking for 20M to be spent not joking either that's what it will take to win the league 5 quality signings with morelos barasic etc not sold on some may disagree but if I were manager that would be the plan.

25 May 2020 07:47:38
Rfc98, good morning, would it not be more feasible for a wealthy investor to come into our Club with a view to stabilising finances for our long term survival after this Virus ends. We have to come into the real world nowadays, we've been in this airy fairy world before of overspending, and look where that got us.

We need to get a tougher set of players with a good pedigree at their previous Clubs who will not cost the earth to sign, and play for that jersey, that I don't see happening from the restart after January, just my opinion folks.

25 May 2020 08:37:26
Rfc98 I wouldn’t worry too much. Historically most of the players we have signed were not touted on here beforehand. Similarly, most of the players touted on here are based on folks expert knowledge of a computer game.

SG will know what is needed (after two years of mainly mistakes surely! )

25 May 2020 09:56:26
SGL Interesting thought, Walter Smith spend around £50m on transfers in 6 years, and Gerrard has spent £20m in 2 years, if that continued for 6 years that equates to £60m i. e. more that Walter, yet the team is a shadow of the team that played under Smith. Admittedly Gerrard inherited a much weaker team.

24 May 2020 20:09:46
Leon game done now watching Leeds. What a team we had then. So much fight in the team.

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24 May 2020 20:51:28
Charlie, we did indeed have a great team then, great to watch. How many Rangers players now can look at themselves and say yes I played Tony potential and have no regrets? We have to many players who are more interested in their huge wage than winning games. I make no mistake in saying this but that falls back on Gerrard. I know that's not what you want to hear because he's Steven Gerrard, fantastic player but not a fantastic manager.

24 May 2020 21:00:19
People forget they had Juninho and Benzema etc anawl.

24 May 2020 21:08:35
Yeah but we had Dale Gordon 😂.

24 May 2020 21:31:44
Who would you like as rangers manager the stuck?

24 May 2020 21:59:00
Mrgrumpy, I'm only stating facts, Gerrard has won us SFA. I would obviously love him to succeed at Rangers, he's great presence, he speaks well when interviewed, he attracts some great names. But we need trophies, we need to win the league. he's had 2 failed seasons . he's probably on a great wage but has brought nothing to Rangers. We all want to look back on history and enjoy Rangers success but right now that ain't happening.

24 May 2020 22:00:20
Common The Stuck, who do you want to replace steven gerrard as rangers manager? let's have it my friend! 🤔.

24 May 2020 22:23:22
SGL, as I say I would love SG to succeed but that ain't happening. As for a replacement manager- I don't have the answer. It's tough because we would have to start from scratch again . We all want some glory again, some bragging rights, some enjoyable football to watch again.

24 May 2020 23:14:06
You don't have the answer pal because we just can't keep changing manager's continually! We have to persevere here with gerrard and if we do, i truly think he'll win the league as rangers manager! We just can't Continually rip it up and start again, progress under gerrard HAS been made, especially when you think of the mess he inherited! 🤔.

25 May 2020 01:45:48
I agree sgl . instant success is just not rational, considering our target is to oust an opponent who has had 20 times our resources for over 6 years .

We are getting there, but we need to show a little common sense and intelligence to be patient and not throw the toys out the pram like we usually do .

25 May 2020 08:51:28
Would you be so willing to stand bye a less known manager too many people seem to be in love with his name being rangers manager.

25 May 2020 09:54:56
The club seems to see SG as the long term answer (judging by the length of contract he got) I still have faith in him.
In saying that if we don't win anything next season I can see SG quitting.

24 May 2020 16:24:50
We have been flooded with the names of players supposedly on our wish list, and along with them (about 30 so far) we have the usual guesswork as to player wages etc. Let's just remind ourselves of average player wages in the 'cheaper' half of the EPL and try to remember them before we suggest that certain journeymen are earning £50k-£60k a week.

Sheffield United - £9,000
Norwich City - £12,000
Aston Villa - £25,000
Watford - £30,000
Brighton - £30,000
Burnley - £33,000
Bournemouth - £35,000
Wolverhampton Wanderers - £36,600
Newcastle - £38,000
Southampton - £49,000
There are an awful lot of players in there who earn less than £20k a week- guys like John Fleck earn less than £10k - and it's the same in the top half of the Championship.

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24 May 2020 16:43:13
Which journeymen are you referring to convenater?

24 May 2020 17:25:43
Covenanter our team can’t really afford 20 k players.

24 May 2020 18:45:27
John25 I think we have a few players on or over 20 k per week.

24 May 2020 18:52:03
Before anyone says we couldn't afford him i know that before i state a free agent i'd love at rangers and who undoubtedly is a game changer of a player we're all on about on here. I would love rangers to sign adam lallana! He would imo without question, turn close games in our favour including games against celtic! He's a very talented player and matchwinner!

24 May 2020 19:47:11
Tjbb my understanding is tav, Morelos and Kent.

24 May 2020 19:48:01
Sorry tjbb missed Defoe for next season.

24 May 2020 19:57:30

Not sure that Lallana is a game changer and player to be relied upon in big games. Good player though he is and no doubt better than we currently have, he is not as special as you make him out to be. His record shows that he scores 1 goal in 8 games and he averages about 18 games per season over the last 3 seasons. Sane and Sala are match winners and game changers and play 30 games a season.

I fear we would be signing him to sit in the treatment room. If wages were reasonable and he was truly on a free then he maybe worth a punt.

24 May 2020 20:29:33
McGregor would be on at least £20k a week.

24 May 2020 20:43:43
John25, we already have players at that level of earnings. My point is there are plenty of players who are well below that mark but on here people seem to multiply their earnings by two just to suit their point (he's not worth that, we can't afford that etc) . Even clubs in the top ten in the EPL have players earning less than £20k.

24 May 2020 21:19:11
Mr grumpy definitely not on 20 k.

24 May 2020 23:16:47
Mols, in scottish football adam lallana would be a game changer pal, of that IMO there's little doubt! He would cruise it up here with the talent he has pal!

25 May 2020 01:47:43
Unfortunately Everton want him and he is an Evertonian. Certainly he'd be a step up in our ambitions but while he would be one of the better players up here he certainly wouldn't 'cruise it'. Very good player, but now 32 and coming back down from the top of the hill and is also an injury worry.

25 May 2020 08:14:24
Lallana couldn't cope with the Scottish game, he's to soft. 1 wee tackle on him and that would be him crying all the way to the treatment room.

24 May 2020 14:12:39
Mcgregor of Ross County only belly aching bout possible truncated season next year because reduced matches means reduced revenue particularly if only playing Gers or Tic once. To hell with them. Would rather fight our way thru English leagues. Would rather play Burton Albion than equivalent of Stirling Albion.

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24 May 2020 16:02:12
Dream on my friend, I cannot see us in any English league. We have proposed over the years and been kicked into touch. I don't understand why though, with our following we could bring great revenue to other clubs.

24 May 2020 16:45:28
What might happen is a European league of some kind. Especially if domestic leagues go to sh*t with this C.V.. Something to think about.

24 May 2020 18:31:58
Doncaster and his merry men will never allow this to happen. Without the old firm Scottish football will collapse. They take our money but yet we get treated poorly.

25 May 2020 10:15:02
Agreed just sent in a post telling Macgregor to poke it.

24 May 2020 13:39:29
anyone having probs getting onto club website?

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24 May 2020 18:53:34
Site is down club gone into liquidation, receiver arriving tomorrow to distribute assets to creditors heard it from Michael Stewart.

24 May 2020 19:25:16
aye seems like it to me.

24 May 2020 11:38:25
Like a lot of Bears I speak to, I wonder if you could do me one of your polls Ed.

Now we know that you don't need to win this "league" by winning football matches on the field of play.

If it where to happen and The Rangers applied to the English FA to play in their league and we had to start at the bottom after our recent European run into the last 16 of the Europa league how many Bears would prefer to go to England's bottom tier? Rather than play in a league (and I use that term lightly) where the governing body hands teams the title?

{Ed033's Note -

E.F.L. or S.P.F.L. poll

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24 May 2020 12:53:35
Thanks for that Ed got the response I thought I would get.

I can but only dream.

24 May 2020 13:24:29
Not for 1 minute would I consider joking at the bottom tier of English football. I think we would need something like 10 consecutive promotions to be in the premiership. Fck that!

Might be a better idea to buy a club like Oldham and relocate them to Glasgow. I would think there will be rules against it though.

24 May 2020 15:54:13
The 'bottom tier' of English football wouldn't be the old Conference or lower, it would be League 2. These teams would love us to join them given the revenue their teams would receive. We'd be in the Championship within 3 years and then who knows? If things ever return the to normal, even the lower English leagues get decent TV money and I'm sure Sky, BT, Amazon and others would look closely at the English leagues if Rangers were admitted. We can but dream, but the Scottish game is so corrupt and tainted now, what would we have to lose? A new era. Celtic might well implode after a couple of years without us being there and Sky would not find it attractive to pay to screen Tims v Hamilton four times a year as opposed to four Old Firm games.

24 May 2020 16:55:21
DOIGER under no circumstances will Rangers, Celtic, or any other Scottish team be admitted to English football. I think over the years that it’s been suggested the FA have stated quite categorically that it’s a non starter.

24 May 2020 17:53:03
Doiger, the English football league is a pyramid system. You need to join at the bottom. Not sure exactly how many divisions there is but probably need about 10 years of consecutive Promotions to reach the top but probably realistically around 15 if you look at other huge clubs like, Leeds, Sunderland, Boro, Villa etc.

No thanks.

If by some Miracle we could join at the third tier then it would be a no brainier. The only challenge would be the race between us and Celtic to the Premiership because it would be a no brainier for them as well.

24 May 2020 20:25:53
The English system is a pyramid but who knows his many clubs will still be in that system at the end of this nightmare or how many in our do called pyramid system.

24 May 2020 21:41:57
After C.V. who knows what might be possible and to hell wih the unwashed, they can stay where they are.

24 May 2020 10:44:20
Doiger, the corruption is unbelievable, well unbelievable that they have got away with it for so long, if ever there was an inquiry we would see people jailed for corruption on such a grand scale, mate.

Angelos Postecoglou

24 May 2020 11:40:35
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new manager profile about, Angelos Postecoglou

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25 May 2020 10:08:16
How can you play in a league who move goalposts any time things aren't going to plan. time to aim for english premiership.


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